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Alaska Airlines ESA Pet Policy

Alaska Airlines ESA (Pet) Policy

Traveling in-cabin with your pet can improve your flight experience considerably. If you have a mental condition and possess an emotional support animal letter, you can fly with your ESA, but you will be required to pay an additional fee. Alaska Airlines is the fifth largest airline in the country in terms of fleet size, destinations covered, and the number of passengers traveling. They welcome emotional support animals as normal pets on their flight subject to certain rules and requirements. Some people face difficulty in traveling on flights due to their mental health condition. And having your pet with you during the flight helps provide the support you need. So, next time don’t cancel your trip because you feel anxious about traveling alone, you have an ESA to support you throughout the journey.

Alaska Airlines Emotional Support Animal Laws

To ensure the safety and comfort of passengers and staff, pet owners need to adhere to the Alaska Airlines ESA rules. These rules and guidelines are subject to amendment. We will keep you updated regarding the new rules and policies. As of, March 2021, the following rules apply to flying with an ESA:

  1. First-class guests are limited to carry one pet per flight. Normal cabins can accommodate up to five carriers per flight.

  2. Dogs, cats, household birds, and rabbits can travel as cabin pets. Dogs and cats are subject to at least 8-weeks-old vaccination.

  3. Emotional support animals can travel in-cabin as normal pets with an additional fee of $100.

  4. The size of the ESA should not exceed the personal space of the guest’s seat or the foot area.

  5. The guest must keep his/her ESA in control at all times onboard the aircraft and at the airport.

  6. To ensure the safety of fellow passengers, the guest should carry his/her ESA in an approved carrier that fits under the seat.

  7. Preferably, the guest should not overfeed or overwater his/her ESA before the flight.

  8. The guest must make sure that his/her ESA behaves appropriately at the airport and on the flight.

  9. For safety concerns, the guest will not be permitted to sit in an emergency exit row when with an emotional support animal.

  10. It is recommended that the guest sits on a window seat.

  11. The ESA must not sit on a tray table at any point or obstruct the areas or aisles that should remain clear for emergency evacuation.

  12. Alaska Airlines accepts small domesticated animals. Pets that have no issue traveling inside a carrier and adjust with the temperature of the cargo or kennel easily.

  13. Pets that are allowed on Alaska Airlines include cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, household birds, ferrets, hamsters, dogs, rabbits, tropical fish, non-poisonous reptiles, and pot-bellied pigs.

However, it must be noted that flying availability will be determined by the Alaska Airline officials.

Alaska Airlines Documentation Required

According to the guidelines issued by Alaska Airlines, emotional support animals can fly under their normal pet policies subject to a fee structure we have already mentioned above. Rest assured, cabin passengers traveling with a pet inside a carrier do not require to present a health certificate before the airline staff. Only cargo traveling pets need a health certificate dated within 10 days of outgoing and 30 days of return travel.

In addition to this, the cabin passenger must keep in mind that vaccination requirements vary from state to state. So, we recommend that you check-in with the airline authorities before making a reservation. This way you can accordingly submit or show health certificates to the concerned officials. If you fail to get a health certificate, Alaska Airlines will not accept your booking and reject the reservation on the spot. So, make sure that you visit your pet’s vet before scheduling a flight. The veterinarian will be able to suggest whether your dog or cat is fit to fly with Alaska Airlines or not.

Alaska Airlines ESA Rules: Documents You Need to Carry

Hawaii Travel Rules for Alaska Airlines

The Alaska Airlines ESA rules mentioned above apply to domestic flights. The only exception, in this case, is Hawaii. Though most provisions and parts of the policy remain the same, there are some more conditions that one has to adhere to when traveling with ESA to Hawaii. Hawaii is the only state in the country that is rabies-free. And to remain that way, the state has a strict policy regarding any animal entering their borders. For instance, an emotional arriving in the state without appropriate documentation may be quarantined up to 120 days at your expense. Also, the airlines hold no responsibility for any extra cost that may incur should you arrive in the state without proper documentation. Also, when traveling with Alaska Airlines to Hawaii, you must be extra careful and make sure that your emotional support animal is at its best behavior. You need to ensure that your pet does not.

  • Barks excessively during the flight

  • Jumps on employees and other passengers seated in the same cabin as you.

  • Eat off or damage seats, tray tables, etc.

  • Do not respond to the commands given by the owner.

  • Behaves aggressively, even when kept inside the kennel.



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