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Can I Take My Emotional Support Animal to a Store or Restaurant in Texas?

Do you have an emotional support animal in Texas? Or are you looking to have a furry friend by your side? If yes, then you couldn’t have chosen a better time. Today, emotional support animals are widely accepted as an effective way to deal with mental health issues and emotional distress. Millions across the country have certified emotional support animals to help them in their daily life. 

Considering the immensely positive impact of ESAs on the mental health of patients, the federal government and the government of Texas has been lenient enough to let you live with your ESA in all types of rental properties. But, with easy living, a lot of ESA owners or the to be ESA owners wonder if they are allowed to take their pets to public places like department stores and restaurants as well. Let’s a deeper look into this. 

Emotional Support Animal Laws in Texas

In addition to their own laws regarding emotional support animals, the state of Texas abides by all the ESA laws of the federal government. This includes the Federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

As per the FHA, a tenant cannot be discriminated against or denied a property on the basis of a disability, physical or mental. This includes all those patients with a legit emotional support animal. So, even if you are interested in a property with no-pet policies, you can use your emotional support animal letter in Texas and live with your ESA in that property without paying any pet fees. 

Now the main question is whether the same laws give you the liberty to take your pet in public places or not. Let me elaborate.

Are Emotional Support Animals Allowed in Restaurants and Stores of Texas?

A simple answer is, not really. 

The Fair Housing Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act only covers housing spaces. These laws do not apply to public places like cafes, restaurants, hotels or department stores. So if you take your emotional support animal with you to the restaurants and stores in Texas, remember that they are not obliged to accommodate your ESA. 

However, the good news, in this case, is that while the public places are not obliged to accommodate an ESA, they are also free to allow emotional support animals if they want to. That’s right, there are several restaurants, stores, hotels and cafes in Texas that have pet-friendly policies and allow you to take your emotional support animals with you. 

Here’s a list of some of the restaurants, cafes and stores in Texas that allow emotional support animals:

  • Petco

  • Yard Bar- Austin, TX

  • The Cone- San Antonio TX

  • Mozart’s Coffee Roasters- Austin TX

  • Yaga's Cafe- Galveston, TX

  • TJ Maxx

In any case, it’s always the best idea to contact the store or restaurant beforehand. Sometimes, stores may have different pet policies in different locations. So, unless you want to end up in an argument, it’s best to inquire in advance. 

In addition to this, you should also have a legit emotional support letter in Texas. In some public places, you may be required to show your doctor’s letter to be able to take your ESA inside the premises. Wondering how to get your pet certified as an ESA to take advantage of this privilege? Look no further. 

How to Get an Emotional Support Animal Letter in Texas?

Getting an emotional support letter in Texas is fairly easy now, thanks to telemedicine. You don’t have to worry about finding a clinic, booking an appointment or waiting in line. You can bypass all the hassle and get a legit ESA letter online. It only takes 10 minutes to connect with the right mental health professional for a consultation. All you have to do is register, fill the form and wait for your call. 

If the mental health professional deems you eligible for an ESA letter, you’ll receive yours in less than a day. Or else, you get a 100% refund. That’s a win-win situation for you. 

So, if you are someone who takes their ESA everywhere around Texas then getting an emotional support animal letter is only a smart choice to make.

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