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How an Emotional Support Cat Letter Can Help you Manage Your Mental Condition?

Cats! What animals are these? Sometimes I think they are some aliens which are on this planet just to rule over us. They definitely rule over us. I have a cat so I know. But everything aside, the love and care they give are beyond a human’s capacity. That is probably why the concept of treatment with an animal came. So, yes I have an Emotional Support cat letter.


What You Should Know About ESA Registration And Your Legal Rights?

Animals have proven to be more than just a pet that rolls over or fetches you things. Experts agree that animals can reduce stress and the feeling of loneliness while boosting endorphins (happy hormones) in humans. Further investigation reveals that emotional support animals also offer various other health-related benefits. This is especially true for people with debilitating disabilities like mental illnesses. “A pet often provide


What are the best dog breeds to have as family pets?

So your close-knit gang is about to get bigger with the addition of a new family member - a dog. Dogs are adorable and make great pets. In America alone, more than 50% households have dogs as their pets. Dogs are great to teach your kids about cooperation, compassion and responsibility - needless to say they are the best companions anyone could ever ask for. Moreover, these days service dogs and emotional support d


Can I have two cats for emotional support?

Meow!..Meoow!Anyone listening? I bet you can’t ignore this innocent purr! There is a certain tinge of cuteness that you can’t help but adore. Cats are one of the most adorable species on this planet. Also, the intelligence and affection makes them one of the most preferred emotional support animal.Now, if you already have an ESA cat or are planning to have one, you might have pondered over the question that ‘Can I have 2 cats for em


How you should approach your landlord about an Emotional Support Pet Letter?

According to a 2017-2018 survey performed by the American Pet Products Association, more than 68 percent of American households own a pet. This accounts for around 84.6 millions households. Many pet owners go the extra mile to ensure that their pet lives with them. But this doesn’t always happen especially if you rent a house, condo or an apartment. This is where an ESA letter can be of help.Many landlords have a no-pet pol


How an emotional support animal can help you with stress?

As per the 2010 Stress in America survey by the American Psychological Association, stress is becoming a public health crisis countrywide. And, about 44 percent people reported increased stress levels over the past five years.Animals provide companionship and emotional support to help people deal with their mental health conditions. These animal companions (also called emotional support animals) have been getting popular as natural s