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Best Dog Breeds For Women Suffering From Postpartum Depression

When it comes to pets and pregnancy, superstition, common wisdom and science seem to be on different ends. Is having a dog around a pregnant woman not good for her health? Can raising a dog prepare for the coming baby? Will your pet help manage anxiety and stress once the baby arrives? Should you consider getting rid of your ESA after the baby is born?  We are here to help


Having an Emotional Support Dog During Pregnancy

Having a dog as a companion to help live you through troubled times is wonderful.  No wonder people consider them as part of their families. They are known to help people pull through emotionally difficult times. However, a lot of pregnant women are concerned with the potential safety and health risks that pets may pose during this period.  While some may argue that pets


Beat The Holiday Blues With Your Emotional Support Animal

Soon the holiday season will come to an end. The containers full of Thanksgiving leftovers will finally be empty, the decorative lights will come off and the Christmas trees will get back in storage. Friends and family will return to work and the entire landscape will become dull again. For people who have been in isolation during the holidays, the view out of the window will lack the cheerfulness of the last few w


Does Emotional Support Dogs Add Value to Treatment For Sleeping Disorders?

37% sleeping during the day. 50 out of every 100,000 people have obstructive sleep apnea. 40% report to have a short sleep duration. And approximately 70 million American adults have one or the other type of sleep disorder. Whether we agree or not, it is apparent that there are a lot of sleep issues growing in our society. Sleep specialists work on a combination of treatments that’s not precisely dependent on just medications. Ra