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Emotional Support Animal for Anxiety – How Can They Help?

The concept of using an emotional support animal for anxiety is not new. Animals, especially social animals like dogs, cats, rabbits and pigs are known to relieve stress, improve heart rate, and provide emotional support to people who need it. Naturally, patients suffering from anxiety and having such symptoms can find relief in the presence of a furry dog or cat. Research suggests there are more than 200,000 identified emotio


Here is How You Can Manage Anxiety With an ESA Letter

In October 2019, San Francisco 49ers adopted the NFL’s first-ever emotional support animal—Zoë. It’s a great decision to help players manage anxiety and stress related to the game. Researchers have found that living with an emotional support animal can help patients with mental illnesses such as anxiety. As a result, the number of mental health patients applying for an ESA letter has increased over the


3 Benefits of Living With Cats Backed by Science

The relationship between humans and animals goes back centuries. Over time the basis of relationship has evolved from that of utility to love and care. Today, more than ever, we keep pets for companionship over anything else. Cats and dogs have moved past living outside the house to next to our beds.    Through scientific research and anecdotal evidence associated


Best Dog Breeds For Women Suffering From Postpartum Depression

When it comes to pets and pregnancy, superstition, common wisdom and science seem to be on different ends. Is having a dog around a pregnant woman not good for her health? Can raising a dog prepare for the coming baby? Will your pet help manage anxiety and stress once the baby arrives? Should you consider getting rid of your ESA after the baby is born?  We are here to help


Having an Emotional Support Dog During Pregnancy

Having a dog as a companion to help live you through troubled times is wonderful.  No wonder people consider them as part of their families. They are known to help people pull through emotionally difficult times. However, a lot of pregnant women are concerned with the potential safety and health risks that pets may pose during this period.  While some may argue that pets


Are Felines an Ideal Candidate for Emotional Support Cat Letter?

Emotional support animals have always been a topic of interest for those who suffer from mental ailments. And why shouldn't they be? After all, an ESA helps mental health patients mitigate negative symptoms associated with either depression or anxiety. The only exception, in this case, is that ESAs are not service animals, and as such, do not require specific training.    view More


ESA and Mental Health: How Are They Connected?

Have you ever been around a fluffy dog or cat? I bet your talking voice suddenly changes to a baby voice at the sight of them. I’m guilty of doing it all the time. You might have also observed that no matter the state of mind you are in, a wagging tail and a purring ball of fur takes you into a different world. At that moment, all you want to do is give it a rub and call it a good boy or girl. Ah! I feel happy ju


4 Ways to Stay at Home & Celebrate Thanksgiving With Your ESA This Season

The holiday season has finally reached one of my favorite festivals- Thanksgiving. It’s time for all the friends and family to meet and enjoy the moment with good food and a deliciously cooked turkey. Most importantly, it’s time to show your thanks to people for being a part of your life. Since we are being thankful, why not celebrate Thanksgiving a little differently this year and include our Emotional support animal in the celebration. I