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Best Dog Breeds For Women Suffering From Postpartum Depression

When it comes to pets and pregnancy, superstition, common wisdom and science seem to be on different ends. Is having a dog around a pregnant woman not good for her health? Can raising a dog prepare for the coming baby? Will your pet help manage anxiety and stress once the baby arrives? Should you consider getting rid of your ESA after the baby is born?  We are here to help


7 Top Breeds of Dogs to Consider When Choosing Your ESA

Bradley Cooper, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Ryan Gosling, and even Britany Spears. Do you know apart from a huge fan base, what they all have in common? It is their affection for the ESAs. They acknowledge their loving pets as the key to true happiness and constant support throughout their journey. This is just one random example. In a complete overview, dogs are always cons