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Emotional Support Cat Letter

Can a Cat Get An Emotional Support Letter?

Even though dogs are often considered ideal ESA’s, their feline counterparts are amazing as an emotional support animal. They are silly, majestic, and adorable but they are often overlooked for not being as cuddly as their doggy counterparts.

An Emotional support letter however is given to you the human, not the animal in question. So, yes you can get a cat as your emotional support animal. Here are some benefits of getting a cat as an emotional support animal.

They are Low Maintenance

Cats are by their very nature extremely independent creatures, They require a lot less time, effort, and attention. If you are someone who has never been a pet parent and has no idea about how to navigate the whole thing, you don’t have to worry about all of that with cats.

This is not to say that they do not require love and attention, they do but in a much more concentrated number than a dog. They just don’t get as lonely or bored in their own company very fast. So, if you are someone who stays out of the house a lot then a cat is a great option.

Additionally, they are pretty good at taking care of their own needs. All you need to do is keep a litter box somewhere and your cat will use it. A dog requires you to take care of all its needs. Unlike what the internet will have you believe, cats do have a personality beyond the scary, aloof beings. They are curious creatures, the kind that will keep you amused and entertained along with providing you with the emotional support that is required to help you get through the day.

They Are Travel Buddies

They are a lot more portable than dogs. Apart from the toy breeds, which are at times even smaller than cats. So, if you are someone who travels a lot owing to your job or general wanderlust,  a cat is the best travel companion to have. Their carrier can easily fit in the car and even in the seat in front of you during a flight. You do still need to register your animal before you go take a flight but a cat is usually a fuss-free addition to any flight. Ever since the Air Carrier Access Act has been modified to no longer include ESAs it has become important that you check up with the airline in question before traveling.

Cats Are Great Tenants

They make absolutely amazing tenants. If you have an emotional support letter, you as it is won’t have much trouble with getting a house. But cats even generally don’t run into much trouble with landlords. They are clean, behave themselves and most of the time remain quiet. So, as your chosen ESA they will make your life a lot more stress-free.

They Love The Indoors

If it is a house ESA that you want, a cat is a great addition. They most of the time live indoors. There are of course certain breeds that are more suited to the home life than the other ones. So, you will have to see the temperament of your cat before bringing them into the house.

What Cat Should You Get?

There are plenty of cats out there but if you are planning to get one to help you navigate your emotional or mental disability, there are certain types that are better than others. You can always adopt from the shelter, but that is again a personal choice.


As the name suggests these animals are very passive and just love being carried around everywhere. They also love being petted making them the perfect feline who acts like a canine. They are gentle in nature and make an amazing emotional support animal.


These are the cats with a larger-than-life personalities. Vocal and demanding they demand perfection time and time again. They are slightly high maintenance but they are extremely loyal and if you stay alone these are the cats for you. They are one-person cats, which makes them great emotional support animals.


This is a favorite for a reason. This classic cat makes a great companion. They are regal, beautiful, and quiet and are considered amongst the most classy of the cats. They love attention and love being petted as well. The only thing that one needs to be careful about is the amount of grooming that they require which is quite a bit. If you are open to taking care of their coat they make really great emotional support animals.

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Cats do make great companions. They are always around to give you the reassurance you need to get through the day. Your cat does not even have to come from a special place. As long as they are compatible with you nothing else matters.

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