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How to Fly with your Pet without Extra Hassle and Fees

Meet Adam! Adam is the owner of Biscuit, a golden retriever that helps him deal with his mental health condition. One day, he has to fly from New York to Miami for work, and he wants to take Biscuit along. But, the aviation security officer says, as per the airline's guidelines, Adam can’t take his pet along with. Distressed and worried, Adam keeps thinking about his loveable dog during the three-hour flight. Like Adam, there are


Avoid Pet Deposit Fees & No Pet Policies with an ESA Letter

Maria was playing with her pet, Allie. She was extremely concerned thinking about how will she be able to pay her next month’s rent on time. The deposit for having a pet costs her $250 along with an added $50 monthly pet rent. She discussed these issues with her colleagues and friends and got to know that they were facing similar issues. Some of her friends were paying even higher pet deposits. They started looking online for a


How to Fly with Your Pet with Delta United and American Airlines

Having an emotional support animal could actually add years to your life. Taking your pet along when travelling for holidays can make life much easier for you. Flying with your ESA isn’t impossible anymore, just that you need to prepare well in advance. You can still make it home with your ESA just in time for the holidays. Here are major airline requirements for bringing along an ESA on board a flight. 1. Delta Airlines Passengers tr