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United Airlines ESA Policy

Emotional support animals are great companions when traveling, especially if you have a mental condition. They will provide you the support you need during the journey. And that is why United Airlines welcome emotional support animals to travel with their guests in-cabin without any hassles. But as you are carrying an animal into the flight, there are some rules and regulations placed to safeguard the comfort of other passengers. You must understand the United Airlines ESA policy before you book a flight. One thing is for sure, having your Emotional Support Animal with you on the flight will help you manage your condition effectively.

United Airlines ESA Policy

United Airlines Emotional Support Animal Forms

United Airlines allow emotional support animals to accompany people suffering from mental health conditions. But for that, you need to adhere to United Airlines’ emotional support animal rules. Most importantly, you need to carry certain documents during your flight. These include medical/mental health professional form, emotional support animal behavior form, and veterinary health form. You need to fill these and submit them at least 48 hours before the departure of your flight.

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Also, to fly with your pet in-cabin on United Airlines emotional support animal letter is essential. The letter should be signed by a certified health professional and should also mention his license number. If you have all these documents with you, you will have a hassle-free flying experience with United Airlines.

One of the most important things to take care of when flying with your emotional support animal is to keep its behavior in check. It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure that his/her animal is at its best behavior when at the airport and on the flight. You must make sure that the ESA does not endanger or cause discomfort to your fellow passengers or staff members. Although emotional support animals do not require any training, it is preferred that you provide necessary training to your animal. That will only help you control it when traveling with the animal. Mostly the emotional support animal is either a cat or a dog and if not the airlines might evaluate the safety of the passengers, the animal, and the accommodation concerns before allowing you to board on the flight with it. So, yes they may allow you to carry an ESA other than the usual cat and dog, but that is subject to further evaluation. Also, some places may require additional documentation. So, when traveling to those, you should make sure you carry everything because the airlines won’t be liable if you don’t meet the required criteria of the place. Refer United Airlines ESA policy and book your flight with your emotional support animal today. It is an experience you don’t want to miss.

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