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You have completed the pre-qualification questionaire for an ESA Letter.

Please note this is a verification charge, it will not be finalized unless you are approved by the doctor. There is absolutely no charge if you are not approved.

Also, please be ready to receive a call from our doctor at the phone number you provided. Our doctor will be calling you shortly, usually within 30-60 minutes after reviewing the pre-qualification information.

Charlie S.

Manhattan, New York, NY

  • 12/28/2018

I called my esa doctor before signing up to ask some questions and make sure that this was a bona fide company- I was impressed on the call and immediately signed up.

Throughout every step of the process, the my esa doctor staff was reliable, supportive, and professional. I really appreciate how they handled everything quickly and efficiently and would absolutely recommend them to others that need ESA documentation.

Thank you!

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