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How to Register a Cat as an Emotional Support Animal?

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Why Choose Cat as an Emotional Support Animal?

Cats are amazing animals. They can sleep all day unperturbed by what is going on in the world and ignore you of their own free will. They are the owners of themselves. Though they can be the best ignorers at times when you need them, when you feel lonely, and when you are sad, they will always be there to provide you with comfort and support. Yes, they do come with some tantrums but get to know them and you will feel the improvement in your life. Having an emotional support cat in your life could be the bliss you are looking for.

You need to register your cat as an emotional support animal to live or fly hassle-free. With all the benefits it provides, it is a deal you must not miss. And even its effectiveness has been medically proven. Mental conditions like depression, anxiety, stress, and PTSD can be managed effectively with an emotional support cat. No matter how lazy or ignorant they can be, these cuddle puffs are the best medications you can have.

An emotional support cat letter is a recommendation signed by a certified doctor. The letter mentions that the person has a mental condition and requires support from an emotional support animal to help improve his mental health. The letter should also mention the license number of the doctor as well. Once you’ve got emotional support cat certification, you can live in a no-pet policy rental apartment without paying any extra charges to landlord. Living with an emotional support animal cat is an experience you don’t want to miss.

The Know-Hows of Emotional Support Cat

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How does your emotional support cat help your condition?

Cats are the cute little four-legged creatures that will mesmerize you every day where their antics. They are one of the most loving animals in the world. And that might just be the reason for their popularity as emotional support animals in the country. Life is just less complicated with an emotional support cat. Just pet them and experience your stress melting away. So if you are suffering from any mental condition, getting an emotional support cat letter could be the bet you want to make.

How to get an emotional support cat certification?

Cats are clever, they show affection and are the perfect emotional support animals. So, if you are looking to get an emotional support cat certification, you can get it from a shelter, rescue it from the streets, adopt it, or simply buy it from a pet store. All it takes for a cat to become an emotional support cat is an emotional support cat registration. Get it an emotional support cat letter to designate your very own four-legged therapist as an emotional support animal.

How to register my cat as an Emotional Support Animal?

ESA registration has become really easy with the advent of telemedicine. Why look for a clinic near you when you can just go online and apply your application within minutes. We have been able to make this process easier and faster. Emotional support cat registration takes just a few minutes. Visit the website, fill in an easy free prequalification form and our ESA doctor will contact you via video call. If he approves, you will receive the recommendation letter within minutes via email. Yes, emotional support cat registration is this easy.

Thinking of an ESA letter for a cat?

An emotional support animal letter is a recommendation that will allow you to live and fly with your cat hassle-free. There are a couple of ways you can get an ESA letter for a cat. Either you can go to a physical clinic or get the letter through telemedicine.

Here are the steps you need to follow to register a cat as an Emotional Support Animal

  • Fill out a simple online application.
  • Connect with a mental health professional via video call. He will evaluate your condition.
  • If he approves, you will receive the recommendation through email within minutes.
  • Travel or live with your cat without paying any extra charges.

How do we help you?

We believe in providing you with the best healthcare services. The emotional support animal concept has become quite popular in the country and rightly so. We strive to help every individual who is suffering from a mental condition and can be helped with an emotional support cat in their life. And that is why we developed this online platform to provide you an ESA letter for cat easily and quickly. My ESA Doctor provides 100% legitimate emotional support animal registration without any hassles. We want to take telemedicine to another level and help people across the country suffering from various mental conditions.

What Studies Say?

Cats and cardiovascular diseases

how to get an emotional support cat

A study published in Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology found a link between having cat in your life and reduced risk of dying from a stroke or heart attack. Just the sound of your cat’s purr can decrease your blood pressure.

How to register an emotional support cat.png

Cats and Allergies in Children

A study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found that children exposed to cat allergens developed better sensitization to allergies. When exposed to cat in the first year they are less likely to develop any allergies.

Perks of having a cat as an emotional support

how to register a cat as an emotional support animal

Experience love and care from emotional support cats that can help manage your condition.

Let your ESA support cat uplift your mood with just a glare

  • Cats are positive energy making machines, they will always try and keep your mood high.
  • Learn to experience happiness even in small moments with your emotional support cat.
  • Cuddle with your cat and experience better sleep.
  • They show more concern to you than any of your fellow humans.
  • Though lazy, they are the perfect companions to share a laugh with.