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Did You Know?

  1. 1 To live with your pet in a rental, you need to deposit a fee which varies according to the laws of the state you are living in. It typically costs around $500. On the other hand, with an ESA Housing letter for just $89, you pay no extra fees to the state or the landlord.
  2. 2 If you are flying with your pet, they are caged and usually travel in the hold with the freight. But, with an ESA Travel letter, you can fly in-cabin with your pet without paying any extra charges. For just $89, you can provide comfort to your pet and even save up its travel costs.
  3. 3 With a 2-in-1 ESA letter, you can live in a no-pet policy home as well as fly in-cabin with your pet without paying any extra charges. So, if you are looking to avail both the benefits, a 2-in-1 letter comes at a bargain for just $119.
  4. 4 These above benefits for ESAs are the law. Exercise your rights - if you don't know them you can't use them! Under the Fair Housing Act, emotional support animals may live with their owners in apartments without paying any extra charges. The FHA prevents any discrimination against tenants having an emotional support animal.

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Most online ESA clinics dont even provide you a real physical address. They also play games with you on price.

We are a real clinic with upfront, transparent pricing, and real verified reviews. Make sure you choose a clinic you can trust.

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Make the most out of your ESA Evaluation.


Our doctors recommend 100% genuine ESA letters in accordance with federal laws allowing patients access to air travel & housing with their pet.


You never need to worry about privacy with us as all your data is private and secure in compliance with HIPAA guidelines.


Under the Fair Housing Act, a landlord can’t charge you with extra rent or any kind of pet deposit for having an ESA in your house.


With an ESA recommendation, you pay nothing extra when flying domestic and your pet also sits with you.


For only $89 a year, you get to live and fly with your pet at no extra cost. No need to pay us if you don’t qualify.


You can easily get an ESA letter from the proximity of your home. The online process is streamlined to be simple and quick.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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If your pet is providing you with companionship and emotional support then yes they are considered to be an ESA.
If you want to enjoy the multiple benefits of an ESA, you should definitely register your pet as one. An ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional states that you suffer from a medical condition and that your pet provides you with emotional support to manage your condition.
If you are carrying an ESA letter then yes. But it is always a good idea to inform your airline provider prior about the date and other details. With an ESA letter you don’t have to pay any extra fees.
You can get an ESA letter for $89 or get a 2-in-1 recommendation that covers both housing & travel for $119.
By law, a landlord has to make accomodation for you in a no-pet housing co-op if you have an ESA letter. But remember, if your ESA causes any damage or loss, you will be liable for it.
To have a legitimate ESA, you will need to have a letter from a licensed professional that states your requirement for an emotional support animal. If you have a mental disability that your pet is emotionally supporting you with, then they definitely qualify to be an ESA.

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