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If your pet provides you emotional support, you deserve all the benefits that come with an ESA letter. It's your right. Exercise it!

Travel In-Cabin

Experience flying with your emotional support animal in-cabin.

Manage Condition

Your ESA can help you manage your emotional or mental disability.

Rental Apartments

Live with your ESA in a no-pet policy rental without any hassle.

No-Training Required

Unlike service animals, you don’t need to train your pet to be an ESA.

College Dorms

An ESA letter lets you live with your emotional support animal in a college dorm.

No-Additional Costs

Fly and live with your ESA without paying any additional charges.

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Check-in to our online ESA clinic. Fill out a simple form with your medical details.



Get evaluated by a licensed therapist via video chat/telemedicine. Have Face-to-Face consultation from anywhere.

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Our mental health professional will then assess if you qualify for an Emotional Support Animal letter.



Receive your ESA letter via email in just 1 hour and hard copy via mail later. Our letters are accepted in all 50 states.

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Our Mission

We recognize that our nation is facing a mental health crisis. Our mission is to help patients alleviate suffering, recover from their mental illnesses, and maximize the therapeutic benefits of support animals. We believe that animal therapy works better than pharmaceuticals when it comes to psychological disorders, stress, and other mental health issues.

emotional support animal letter requirements


Our vision is simple but clear - to be the nation’s most trusted source for obtaining an ESA letter online. We believe telemedicine is here to stay and we want to use it to fully expand access to care. Everyone should be able to access a medical health professional easily. By combining our expertise with technology, we are on the road to making this possible.

What is an ESA Letter

Get ESA Letter From ESA Doctor

An ESA letter is a recommendation from a licensed physician who believes that an emotional support animal would help manage the patient’s mental health condition. ESAs are designed for people in stress. They offer companionship and constant support in the face of uncomfortable neurological conditions like PTSD, stress, depression, autism, bipolar, and more.

The ESA letter allows you to live and fly with your emotional support animal without any hassles. For that, you need to get evaluated by a licensed medical health professional. The latter is valid for 12 months.

Who can get an ESA letter?

Anyone suffering from a mental condition who believes in emotional support animal treatment can help them get the ESA letter without any hassles through telemedicine. Are you suffering from a mental condition. It is perfectly normal! Reach out to us and we can help you.

We have a team of licensed medical health professionals who are dedicated to helping every patient seeking help. If you have a mental health condition and believe your pet helps you manage it, we will happily assist you in every manner possible. We believe in providing quality healthcare at your convenience. Get your ESA letter and manage your condition effectively.

Who can get an ESA letter
Get an ESA Letter

How to Get an ESA Letter?

In order to get an ESA letter conveniently without any hassles, choose telemedicine. The ESA letter must come from a certified mental health professional. These include psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other licensed therapists. Telemedicine has made the process a lot simpler and convenient than before. Let’s see how.

Here’s how to get an ESA letter online:

  1. Sign up or register online with us.
  2. Fill out a simple free prequalification form. This will take just a few minutes.
  3. Our doctor will contact you via video call and do your evaluation.
  4. If approved, you will receive the ESA letter via email within a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because you can always have one more question

In order to get a legitimate ESA letter online, it must come from a certified mental health professional. These include psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other licensed therapists. Telemedicine has made the process a lot simpler and convenient than before. Let’s see how.

Here’s how to qualify for an ESA letter online:

  1. Sign up or register online with us.
  2. Fill out a simple free prequalification form. This will take just a few minutes.
  3. Our doctor will contact you via video call and do your evaluation.
  4. If approved, you will receive the ESA letter via email within a few minutes.

Yes, you can get an ESA letter online from your doctor but he needs to be a licensed mental health professional. If you feel an emotional support animal can benefit your condition, you can ask your doctor to write you an ESA letter.

As emotional support animals are getting popular with each passing day, an unfortunate consequence has been a corresponding rise in ESA scam websites which promise ESA letters for payment. So, if you are looking to get your pet an emotional support animal letter online, before you click on confirmation and transfer money, make sure you look out for these signs to spot an online ESA letter scam.

  • Instant ESA letter without evaluation. Your ESA letter cannot be magically issued to you. You need to be evaluated by a licensed medical health professional (LMPH).
  • Letter not written by an LMPH or there is no contact information on the letter. Your ESA letter will not be recognized if it is not written by an LMPH or it doesn’t contain contact and license information.
  • Claim of registry. One common misconception about emotional support animals is that they need to be registered. But that is not the case. All you need is an ESA letter to make your pet an emotional support animal.
  • Cheap rates. The promise of cheap rates often ends up being a scam. As the age-old saying goes, if the price is too good to be true, it is better to not buy it.

Getting treatment from your regular medical health professional is always the best choice. They are familiar with your medical history and are most capable to provide you the required support. If your therapist is not accustomed to emotional support animal regulations, then you may contact us for support. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced medical health professionals who are licensed to provide ESA letters. They well-diligently evaluate your condition and will write you an ESA letter if appropriate.

Our country is suffering from a mental health crisis. And emotional support animals have proven to be helpful in managing emotional and mental disabilities. If you believe your pet also helps you manage your condition, you may make it an emotional support animal and for that, you need an ESA letter. In order to get an ESA letter, there are certain legalities involved that you must understand. A person must be suffering from a mental condition mentioned in DSM V to qualify for an emotional support animal letter. The evaluating licensed health professional will check your medical history and only if he believes that your pet helps you manage your condition, he will write you the letter. The letter will allow you to live and fly with your ESA hassle-free.

Emotional support animal letter will help you live in a no-pet policy home or fly with your pet in-cabin on a flight without any hassle. If you have a mental health condition and feel that your pet helps you manage it, you can consult a mental health professional and get an ESA letter within minutes.
If your ESA Letter fulfills these conditions, then it is legitimate:

  • It should be written on the letterhead of the clinic.
  • The license number of the health professional should be clearly mentioned in the letter with other contact details.
  • It should state the details of the emotional support animal.

These are certain details that every legitimate emotional support animal letter must-have. If you are looking to get one, make sure that your letter has these.

  • It should be on the letterhead of the clinic.
  • The letter should mention the license number of the physician or mental health professional.
  • It should state the date of the issue of the ESA letter.
  • The letter must mention details about your emotional support animal.
    • Choose telemedicine and fill a simple online application.
    • Consult with our mental health professional and get evaluated on a video call.
    • If he approves, you will receive the letter through email within minutes. A hardcopy will also be mailed to you within 48 hours.

An emotional support animal 2-in-1 letter for both flying and housing costs $119.99. Although, if you are only looking for a flying or housing letter, it will cost you $99.99. Get yourself an ESA letter and manage your mental condition effectively.

Telemedicine has transformed the process of getting an emotional support animal letter. It allows you to get the letter from the comforts of your home within just a few minutes. Three simple steps and you’ll have your ESA letter delivered to you on email.





























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New Jersey

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West Virginia



An emotional support animal letter is a recommendation that will allow you to live and fly with your cat hassle-free. There are a couple of ways you can get an ESA letter for a cat. Either you can go to a physical clinic or get the letter through telemedicine.

Here’s how to get ESA letter for cat

  • Fill a simple online application.
  • Connect with a mental health professional via video call. He will evaluate your condition.
  • If he approves, you will receive the recommendation through email within minutes.
  • Travel or live with your cat without paying any extra charges.

All physicians aren’t licensed to write an ESA letter. They can only do so if they are a registered mental health professional and hold a legit license to do so. These include:

  • LCSW –Licensed clinical social worker
  • PsyD –Doctor of psychology
  • Ph.D. –Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology
  • LMFT –Licensed marriage and family therapist

An ESA letter looks like a regular doctor’s note but states the following:

  • You suffer from a mental condition licensed by the DSM
  • Must be written on an LMHP’s letterhead & declare that you are under their professional care
  • Must contain the name of your doctor, their license number & state of issue
  • Remember, your ESA letter is only valid for a period of 1 year. You can get in serious trouble if you are caught with a fake ESA letter.

Getting an emotional support animal letter has become really easy. Especially after the advent of telemedicine. But with the huge influx of fake ESA letters, it is important that you remain vigilant when getting one for yourself.

Here’s how to tell if your emotional support animal letter is real

  • It is written on the letterhead of the clinic.
  • The letter mentions the license number of the mental health professional.
  • Details of the emotional support animal are mentioned.
  • The date of the issue of the ESA letter is mentioned.

Yes, all emotional support animal letter service providers charge an extra fees for the form. Although these vary according to the service provider you choose, we charge an extra $25, which is minimal compared to other offers online. Before ordering an ESA form, make sure that the clinic of your choice sells legit recommendations given by licensed practitioners & mental health professionals.

In order to get an ESA letter for housing, you need to find certified mental health professional. These include psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other licensed therapists. Telemedicine has made the process a lot simpler and convenient than before. Let’s see how.

Here’s how to get an emotional support animal(ESA) letter for housing:

  1. Sign up or register online with us.
  2. Fill out a simple free prequalification form. This will take just a few minutes.
  3. Our doctor will contact you via video call and do your evaluation.
  4. If approved, you will receive the ESA letter via email within a few minutes.

Here is how to get emotional support animal letter

  1. Check-in and fill out the pre-qualification questionnaire.
  2. Speak with a mental health professional on HIPAA compliant Video Call.
  3. Receive your ESA letter online via email. A hard embossed copy will be mailed the same day.

A legal and legitimate emotional support animal letter means it is current within 1 year and written by a physician or mental health professional.

Note: You do not need to enter any type of dog registry; an ESA letter is all you need.

As long as you have a qualifying condition, you can get an emotional support animal (ESA) letter today after speaking to mental health professionals.

Though there are many ESA dog registry services online, the truth is no registration is required. Your landlord or airline only requires the emotional support dog letter from our doctor. Be careful with such dog registries as many are charging you for something you don’t actually need.

The Fair Housing Act allows a person with an emotional support animal (ESA) letter for housing to live hassle-free with their pet in a no-pet policy apartment without paying any extra charges. If your landlord is denying your ESA letter, you may take a legal route.

ESA letter requirements are fairly simple: If your pet is providing you with companionship and emotional support then yes they are considered to be an ESA. If you have a mental disability that your pet is emotionally supporting you with, then they definitely qualify to be an ESA.

For flying, many airlines only accept dogs and cats as emotional support animals.

However, for housing purposes the requirements are less strict and many kinds of animals will qualify – including lizards, rodents, birds, etc.

If you are not sure whether or not your pet will qualify as an emotional support animal, simply fill out the pre-qualification form and speak to our mental health professionals today.

Does Your Pet Provide you with Emotional Support?

Did you know that if your pet plays a pivotal part of your mental health, the laws protect you both. If they provide you with emotional support to manage anxiety, depression or other mental illness you have rights and so do your pets; ESA Letter provides you the benefit to make your pet as Emotional Support Pet. We are here to educate you, empower you & enable you on these rights. We make sure that you learn your rights and exercise them too.

Does your pet provide you with emotional support?

Do you want an extra ESA letter for any additional pets? (Save Over 50%)

ESA housing & flying letter for additional pet $39.99

Begin Pre-Qualification

Beware of ESA Registries and Registry Services

Dog registries have no legal bearing and do not protect you or afford you any legal rights. The only thing that matters is an ESA letter from a licensed physician or mental health professional.

We are a fully transparent and legal ESA clinic with clear pricing and no fake registries. We know that our business is dependent on serving patients in a 100% legitimate and honest manner.

Why is it important to have a well-behaved ESA?

While we understand and fully support the use of emotional support animals for therapy, we highly recommend all our patients to trains their dogs. It is important that your ESA does not cause any damage, fear or injuries to the people or environment that they are in. When it comes to finding the right breed to assist you with your mental well-being, always choose a breed that isn't aggressive or dangerous in nature. It is more likely that a well-behaved dog will not cause you any trouble or embarrassment.

For housing letters we review every pet breed separately keeping in mind their size, temperament, place of rent etc. Contrary to this, when it comes to airline letters our doctors only approve certain breeds as most airlines will reject your big or aggressive dog. The final decision of allowing your dog on a house rental or an airline is always up to the landlord or the airline company that you fly with. Thus, an ESA letter is not a guarantee that you will be able to live and fly with your pet. The mental health professional's recommendation is their professional opinion in writing about using your pet as an aid to manage your mental health condition.

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Why an ESA letter from My ESA Doctor

Make the most out of your ESA Evaluation

emotional support animal airline letter


Our compassionate physicians and mental health professionals recommend 100% genuine Emotional Support Animal letters in accordance with federal laws allowing patients access to air travel & housing with their pet.

emotional support animal flight letter


You never need to worry about privacy with us as all your data is private and secure in compliance with HIPAA guidelines.

emotional support animal hotel letter


Average pet fees range from $200 – $500, and pet deposits average $200 or more. By ESA laws, a landlord can’t charge this if you have an ESA letter for housing.

emotional support animal letter of prescription


With an ESA recommendation, you pay nothing extra when flying domestic and your pet also sits with you. Save an average of $125 per flight with an ESA letter alone.

free emotional support animal letter


For only $99.99 a year, you get to live and fly with your pet at no extra cost. We have made the process simple and affordable.

get emotional support animal letter


You can easily get an Emotional Support Animal letter from the comfort of your home. The online process is streamlined to be simple and quick.

How Pets Provide Emotional Support


Where loneliness and isolation can trigger symptoms of mental conditions like depression and stress, having a companion with you can help prevent these conditions and add more years in your life.


Having a pet means you will have to exercise. They make you fitter and healthier. Take a walk or have a game of ball with them, exercise will fit into your routine without your knowledge.

Social Behavior

Pets help you meet people. Emotional support animals can manage your social anxiety and act as your social lubricant. A walk with your pet will help you talk with other pet owners.


Stop the aging by having a pet in your life. They can help you overcome the barriers associated with the growing age. They exhibit positive energies and make you feel better and younger.

emotional support animal certification letter

Serving the community for 18 years

Most online ESA clinics dont even provide you a real physical address. They also play games with you on price.

We are a real clinic with upfront, transparent pricing, and real verified reviews. Make sure you choose a clinic you can trust.

  • ESA Laws

    The Fair Housing Amendments Act

    Emotional Support Animal Laws state that you can keep an ESA at your residence. The laws require your landlord to make necessary arrangements in the policy section of their accommodations. Most of the time these changes are reflected in the agreement that you come too but there are still certain cases in which the ESA laws might not help. These cases are

    • If the building is any smaller than 4 units and the landlord also occupies the same building.
    • If the property does not have any association with a real estate broker and does not fall under the single-family housing.
    • The FHA does not at any amount of contact between animals and public places like restaurants, hotels, or cafes. So, you can be refused on those grounds. Services animals are exempt from this according to the American Disability Act.
    As per the FHA, a federal emotional support animal housing law, there are certain restrictions placed on the landlord. Some of them are;
    • No request can be placed for your detailed medical records or your medical condition.
    • Nobody is allowed to question your ESA’s training or even about its performance in certain tasks the way you can ask in the case of a service animal.
    • The landlord cannot demand any kind of additional fees or deposits to accommodate your emotional support animal.
    • Nobody can refuse you admission if your insurance doesn’t cover a particular breed or a certain weight.
    Verification Might Still Be A Requirement By Property Managers

    The FHA requires a landlord to accept an ESA letter from a certified mental health professional. Additionally, they may even require you to fill out and submit a short verification from a physician or therapist that confirms your emotional disability,

    More About Laws
  • ESA Laws

    The Air Carriers Access Act

    Under this law, if you suffer from any mental health condition then you are allowed to board a flight with your ESA in tow. Your companion will accompany you in-cabin. An ESA is allowed to either sit near your feet or your lap. One thing that you need to take care of is to inform the airline service providers of your plan to carry your ESA as there is only a limited number allowed in in-4cabin at one point in time.

    Advantages that an ESA letter brings to you are
    • The ability to travel in-cabin with your ESA by placing them on your lap or by your feet.
    • You don’t have to pay any additional pet fees when you are traveling with your ESA on your flight.
    • Ensure that your ESA is calm and composed on the flight as there are other people traveling with you. It is better you get the cargo hold to take care of your ESA if they suffer from social anxiety as they might cause havoc on the flight.
    There are also some supplementary laws that have been enacted to support the ACAA. Some of them are
    • No airline can refuse transportation to you on the grounds of the fact that they are suffering from a mental condition
    • There is no limit on the number of ESA owners that can board a flight but there is a limit on how many ESAs can actually be accommodated. So, make a phone call prior
    • Ensure that you keep your ESA under control and they don’t indulge in behavior like chewing, barking or growling when they are in the flight.
    • The ESA should act in accordance with the behavioral requirements otherwise you might not be allowed onboard the flight.
    More About Laws
Animal Vs Service Animals

Emotional Support Animal Vs Service Animals

It is a common sight these days to see differently-abled people on public transport like the train or bus along with a service dog or an emotional support animal. Despite the common perception, these animals are not pets. They have a job to do that is far more than what a regular housepet does. More often than not these animals are an extension of their differently-abled humans. Some conditions they most commonly assist in are visual-impairment, living with a seizure disorder, post-traumatic disorder or autism. A service dog or even an emotional support animal helps people not just with mobility but also with their emotional needs. They have the ability to provide people with not just stability but also give them the necessary tools for maintaining composure and improve the quality of life for people who require extra care. There is some confusion regarding a service animal and an emotional support animal.

Difference Between An Emotional Support Animal And A Service Animal

When we talk about service animals it is not just dogs, there are also cats and miniature horses whereas emotional support animals can even be birds. Canines are just a little more popular when it comes to getting the work done. But in reality, it is all about the habitat, availability and the handler’s preference.

The human counterpoint to the service animal or the ESA is referred to as the handler. When you look at accessibility or forming a connection dogs are often the easiest to bond with. Which is why you have such a large number around. Dogs are great as emotional support animals as well.

Service Dogs vs Emotional Support Dog

A service dog is trained so that they are able to perform certain tasks or assist people with some kind of disability. They help provide certain visual functions for the blind, auditory functions for the deaf, and certain muscular tasks for people who are physically disabled.

ESAs are different as they are companion dogs who provide support to people who suffer from an emotional or mental disability. These are untrained animals who provide you with support, they do not perform any tasks on your behalf.

Service animals also act as medical alert dogs for people who tend to suffer from a sudden attack.

ESAs don’t need any kind of additional training. Their presence is more than enough to get you through the day.

They do provide emotional support as well to their owners but as far as definition goes they need to perform certain tasks to help their handlers.

Dogs are naturally very loving and compassionate. They help their owners get through day to day life.

What Kind of Pet Can be an Emotional Support Animal

What Kind of Pet Can be an Emotional Support Animal?

Emotional support animals come in a lot of shapes, sizes, and species. But there are some certain qualities that are better than others when you look for an Emotional Support Animal. Just because you can does not mean that you should just make any animal into an ESA. It sounds really nice if you have peacocks and ponies roaming about but the truth is that is the worst idea.


If you want to get an ESA then the first thing to cross your mind should be the size. It is a commonly known fact that if you have a smaller dog it is much easier to get your landlord to accept an ESA Letter. Often on the grounds of it being a big dog, there are chances that you might not be able to rent a place. Even traveling is tough as it gets difficult to accommodate a giant dog in-cabin.


This might seem obvious but it does not hurt to reiterate this fact again. There are certain animals that are illegal in some states. So. pay important consideration to what the species of your ESA is. Also, the more “normal” your ESA is the better chances you have for it to go to a public place with. Our recommendation will be to either get a dog or cat.


If you have never had an ESA before there is a chance that you have an allergy you are not even aware of. If you have children, just check up on their allergies before you commit to an ESA.

Emotional Qualities of Your ESA

If there is still some lingering doubt over “ How you should choose the right ESA?” There is a list of qualities that your ESA should possess.


They need to be friendly and social as they will be going out in the open interacting with strangers on a daily basis.


An ESA needs to have consistent behavior and display its best qualities at all times to help you manage the day to day activities.


Hyper animals make for great pets as they provide an instant boost of energy but when it comes to an ESA it is important to be calm.


For people who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, the last thing you need is an easily spooked ESA


Your ESA needs to be aware of your needs but should never be intrusive and too demanding.

Cats As Emotional Support Animals

Cats are great animals. They have the ability to sleep all day without a care in the world and then ignore you at their will. With them, the owner and pet line gets a little blurry. They might be great at ignoring you but when you are lonely, they will provide you with the best company. They are a great source of comfort and support, they do have a couple of tantrums you might have to deal with but even with those, you will see a big change in your life.

It is a proven fact that conditions like depression, stress, anxiety, and PTSD can be effectively managed with the inclusion of an Emotional Support Cat. This might just be the answer to all your problems; a feline companion.

Cats are low maintenance

Cats by their very nature are independent creatures. So, they require a lot less time and attention. This is a great thing especially if you are not used to taking care of a pet. You don’t have to pay too much attention as they are self-sufficient and don’t mind their own company for hours on till the end. Plus unless it is a kitten their chances of creating havoc in your house is pretty low.

They are easier to travel with

They are a lot easier to carry around in comparison to dogs. This does not include toy dogs who are often smaller than even cats. A cats carrier can easily fit under the seat as well as on your lap. So, if you have a cat it is much easier to travel with them.

They are great for rented accommodations

If you are looking at a rented accommodation. Then regular pets are usually not permitted by landlords. However, under the Fair Housing Act, this problem decimates. You still have to ensure that your cat does not destroy anything. Since cats are pretty clean they are just generally better if you have to rent accommodation.

They are great indoors

If you want house ESA, one which does not demand too much then a cat is the perfect answer. They are pretty chill and short of a feral cat, almost every other cat is the same. You don’t have to get it from a special place. Most like staying indoors. But if you do have a choice, try and get a Ragdoll or the American Burmese both of them have a great temperament suited to being inside the house.

Cats As Emotional Support Animals

Best Emotional Support Animal Breeds

Dogs are one of the most popular ESAs, but even amongst them, there are certain breeds that stand out as being more suitable than others.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are the most popular dog breeds for a reason. They make excellent emotional support animals. They are a bundle of energy and can make perfect companions for almost any activity. They are well behaved, friendly, energetic, and loyal. They have the capacity for love and devotion that leaves almost all other dogs behind. They are perfect with kids, adults and anyone else. They are best for helping with the depressive symptoms of their owners due to their infectious energy.


They might look grumpy but in reality, they are nothing like what they look. They are an extremely happy emotional support animal who loves cuddling with their owners more than anything else. They are known for their funny personality but are also exceptionally smart and diligent. They have a strong intuition which is attuned with their human’s emotion making them great emotional support animals


This is also called the velcro breed. They attach to their owners and then refuse to let go. This might seem like an irritating quality, but for a person who is going to need an emotional support animal, this is a quality that is appreciated. Vizsla is also a low maintenance breed. They have a cat-like ability to take care of themselves and they don’t smell which is a great plus point for people who can’t put in too much effort.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These are the emotional support animals one should get if they have a family. They are loyal companions and have from the beginning been bred for the perfect companionship. They are efficient in fighting depression through their habit of cuddling with their owners. If affection is on your list it does not get better than these beauties.


If you are living in a small space then these are the perfect dogs for you. If you go by the legend, then the first-ever emotional support dog was a Yorkshire terrier. They are loyal, intelligent, loyal, loving, energetic and compassionate. They are also incredibly social and are the best companion dogs for people suffering from social anxiety. They do have a slight bit of attitude but they will never leave your side making them the best breed as an ESA.

Why Are Dogs The Best ESAs

A dog is often called a man's best friend and that is with good reason. Dogs have proven to help people fight mental health disorders like anxiety and depression without the intervention from any kind of prescription medication.

Love, care, companionship, compassion, and loyalty are just some of the great traits that a dog possesses. The best part is that humans are at the receiving end of all these traits. They are truly the best companions to help you with your medical condition. Unlike service and therapy animals, ESAs are not trained for any specific purpose. Just their existence in human life has been linked to everything from a better immune system to a longer life. It is primarily because of all the natural characteristics that they possess that they are great ESAs.

You don’t have to even get a new pet to be your ESA. If you already have a pet they can automatically become your ESA.

Why Are Dogs The Best ESAs


A common assumption is that just because you have an ESA letter, you can automatically board any flight. There are still a couple of things one needs to take care of. Under federal regulations, if you suffer from mental health conditions like anxiety, stress, depression or PTSD you can take your animal with you in-cabin, provided it is a legitimate ESA. There are certain legitimate concerns you need to take care of before taking your cabin in0-cabin with you. First of all your pet needs to be well behaved. Along with that, you might even need to fill out some forms. So, choose your airline accordingly.

However, in the end it is all about the practical aspect of the situation. There are some restrictions that are placed in case of fair housing and also while flying.

Guidelines For Flying With Your ESA

  • If you have a dog who is a legitimate emotional support animal, then this process is much easier as dogs are allowed on all domestic flights and all flights going in and out of the US.
  • If you are traveling with your dog, you cannot be seated in the exit row.
  • Your ESA needs to be well behaved and not create a ruckus on the flight
  • You need to contact the airline at least about 48 hrs prior to the flight and inform them that you are traveling with an ESA as there is only a certain number of dogs allowed on a flight.
  • Ensure that your dog is on their best behavior when you reach the airport and board the aircraft. Your ESA should not pose a threat to any staff or any of the fellow passengers.
Guidelines For Flying With Your ESA


Most airlines have one pet per passenger policy but if you have a certified ESA letter you can fly with multiple animals. Little has been reported on this matter primarily because airlines hardly ever refuse travel for ESAs.

It is important that you ensure that your ESA’s are well behaved and don’t cause a ruckus on the flight. Your pet is expected to either remain on your lap or under the seat during the flight. They can also not be disruptive or aggressive during the flight.

Call the airline at least 48 hours prior to ensure that there is no issue that crops up due to multiple ESAs.


If you are going to lie with more than one ESA letter, the first thing you need to do is ensure that your doctor includes multiple pets in your ESA letter, The Act does not lay out a fixed number for the ESAs you can live with but the Fair Housing Amendments Act has a slight interpretation attached to it. It is a slightly vague law. Some landlords do open complaints based on that vagueness. So, ensure that your letter explicitly states every ESA you have and the condition they are helping you manage. That is the only way you can ensure that no landlord can refuse you fair accommodation.


This question is a leading one and it is easy to see why one might get a little confused when it comes to living with multiple ESAs. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), there are allowances regarding multiple emotional support animals in place. It is also a known fact that in some cases it is actually better to have multiple animals to effectively treat an emotional or mental disability.

However, in the end it is all about the practical aspect of the situation. There are some restrictions that are placed in case of fair housing and also while flying.

How to Ensure if Your ESA Letter is Legit

When it comes to getting an ESA letter online you need to ensure that you end up with a letter that is 100% legit. Once you get your letter you can go through the list below to ensure it is legit.

  • It should be written on a mental health professional’s letterhead and has contact information of a verifiable physician.
  • The letter needs to clearly state that the professional is licensed in the same state as where the patient resides and is renewed and contains the expiration date of the license.
  • The letter needs to have an issue date as well as an expiration date that is no later than the date of no later than the one year from the letter’s original insurance.
  • The letter also needs to state what kind of animal your ESA, the name and the certificate ID number.
ESA Letter is Legit

Emotional Support Dog Vest

Emotional Support Dog Vest

For someone who has anxiety or depression, emotional support animals are like a lifeline. They are not trained to complete any tasks but they provide their handler with emotional comfort, support, and accompaniment,

An emotional support dog is there to provide you with unconditional support throughout your life. The aim is to get through day to day activities without any hindrance. The problem can manifest itself from any mental or emotional disability and that is where we come in. We provide you with a tool to make your life with your ESA easier.

Since your dog will accompany you to public places, it is important that people should be able to identify them.

There is no compulsion placed on you regarding the use of an ESA dog vest. But to make it easier for you to navigate the world. A vest is a big distinguishing marker when you step out and will also discourage people from coming and trouble your pet.

You Are Covered by Our Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your ESA letter from us, simply contact us within 7 days at 1-866-360-5652 or email us at [email protected] to obtain a full refund.

Note: Your ESA does not need to be entered in any dog registry – most dog registries are scams.

It is your responsibility to verify if our letters will be accepted and to comply with local laws and business-specific policies – every landlord and airline will be different and has specific policies which may contain age, diet, weight, species and breed restrictions or further proof of your disability and how your ESA helps it specifically. We are not responsible for legal expenses, fees, or damages related to use of the letter or your ESA.

You can verify our license at the Medical Board of California website here: www.breeze.ca.gov

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