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What Are The Benefits of an ESA Letter?

If your pet provides you emotional support, you deserve all the benefits that come with an ESA letter. It's your right. Exercise it!

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Travel In-Cabin

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Manage Condition

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ESA on Rental Properties

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No-Training Required

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ESA in College Dorms

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No-Additional Costs

Why We're The Best Online ESA Clinic?

My ESA Doctor is a reputed medical clinic with real verified reviews and upfront and transparent pricing. We have been serving the community since 2001. Today, most online ESA letter providers do not have a real physical location or verified address. They also advertise prices that do not match their actual prices. My ESA Doctor stands away from such a crowd. What we promise, we deliver.

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Check-in to our online ESA clinic. Fill out a simple form with your medical details..



Get evaluated by a licensed physician via video chat/telemedicine. Have Face-to-Face consultation from anywhere..



Our mental health professional will assess you to determine if you qualify for an ESA letter or not.



Receive your ESA letter via email on the same day and a hard copy via mail later. Our online ESA letters are accepted in all 50 states.

Easy Evaluation & Recommendation

Get started now. The entire process can be done online or from your phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We won’t let your questions go unanswered.

Is my pet an ESA?

Your pet is an ESA if it provides you with companionship and emotional support. If you have a mental disability and your pet aids your treatment with their presence and support, then they definitely qualify to be an ESA according to law.

You are just a click away from experiencing the emotional support of animals at your home or while traveling. All you need to do is get your cat or dog certified from the comfort of your home by applying for an ESA letter for housing or traveling benefits on My ESA Doctor. An online ESA letter will give you the legal right to live or travel (depending on the rules of individual airlines) with an ESA without extra costs.

If you are not sure whether or not your pet will qualify as an ESA, fill out the pre-qualification form and speak to our mental health professionals for expert guidance. They will examine your mental condition and write you an ESA letter online as per your requirements.

What are the ESA letter requirements?

To get a legit ESA letter online or in-person, you must be aware of the requirements of the same. Every state follows a certain eligibility criterion that decides whether or not a patient is qualified to get an ESA letter. 

Here are the ESA letter requirements you must remember:

  • You must have one of the mental conditions mentioned in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition also known as the DSM5:

  • You must already be receiving proper medical treatment for your condition. 

  • Your ESA should not be an exotic animal or an aggressive breed. 

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM5 is valuable information written by renowned and experienced psychiatrists that helps decide the qualifying conditions for getting an ESA letter evaluation. The following conditions broadly define the mental disabilities mentioned in the DSM5:

  • Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder

  • Eating Disorders

  • Mild Neurocognitive Disorder

  • Conduct Disorder

  • Gender Dysphoria

  • Intellectual Disability

  • Major Depressive Disorder 

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

  • Paraphilic Disorders

  • Personality Disorder

  • PTSD

  • Schizophrenia

  • Sleep-Wake Disorders

  • Learning Disorders

  • Social Communication Disorder

  • Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders

Can I get an ESA Letter Online?

Yes, you can get an ESA letter online. Using telemedicine, you can connect with licensed mental health professionals and get yourself evaluated for an ESA through video consultation. It’s a simple and convenient option that gets you a legitimate ESA letter on the same day. 

One thing to remember before getting an ESA letter evaluation from online ESA clinics is to check the legitimacy of the mental health service provider. Your doctor or clinic must be licensed and have a verified address. 

My ESA Doctor is an online clinic that provides legit ESA letter evaluations from board-certified mental health doctors. You get the assurance of a HIPAA compliant online platform and the credibility of a BBB A+ rated clinic. Whether you need an ESA letter for housing or travel, we can give you a quick consultation and send the ESA letter on approval online in your email within 4 hours. 

Can a physician write an ESA letter?

Not all physicians are licensed to write an ESA letter. They can only do so if they are a registered mental health professional and hold a legit license to do so.

A physician can write an ESA letter only if they have one of the following qualifications:

  • LCSW –Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

  • PsyD –Doctor of Psychology.

  • Ph.D. –Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology.

  • LMFT –Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

  • LPCC- Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor 

In any case, your physician should not be an assistant or non-practicing doctor. 

Every licensed doctor is required to be transparent with their license details. If you ask them for their license number, they cannot deny you the information. You can always use the number and verify it on the official websites of your state government. If a doctor’s license is valid, it will show up on the website. If you cannot verify the details online or the doctor refuses to give you the license number, avoid getting your ESA letter from them. 


How to get an ESA letter online?

In order to get a legitimate ESA letter online, you must connect with a certified mental health professional. These include psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other licensed therapists. Telemedicine has made the process a lot simpler and convenient than before. Let’s see how.

Here’s how to get an ESA letter online:

  1. Sign up or register online.

  2. Fill out a simple free prequalification form. This will take just a few minutes.

  3. Complete your video ESA evaluation with a certified doctor. 

  4. If approved, you will receive the ESA letter via email on the same day.



How Much Does it Cost to Get an ESA Letter Online?

Let us explain how much it cost to get an ESA Letter online.

An online ESA letter from My ESA Doctor will cost you $99.99 only. With an ESA letter, you can enjoy the housing benefits and live with your ESA even on rental properties with no-pet policies. No extra costs and no questions asked. 

ESA letter also provided the benefits of flying with an ESA free of charge and in-cabin. However, with the new laws in place, airlines can decide whether or not they want to allow ESAs in the airplane cabin or charge the owner for their ESA. 

Telemedicine cuts down the extra costs of visiting a clinic and the effort of making an appointment and waiting in line. It allows you to get the letter from the comfort of your home on the same day. Three simple steps and you’ll have your ESA letter delivered to you by email.

Considering the fact that online ESA clinics reduce the hassle of getting an ESA letter, the price of $99.99 is a steal. So, get your ESA letter online from My ESA Doctor and manage your mental condition effectively.



Can you get an ESA letter for flying in 2021?

The Department of Transportation has laid new laws for flying with an ESA. As per the changes of the Air Carrier Access Act, airlines are not obliged to allow ESAs in the cabin free of charge. So, the benefit of getting an ESA letter for flying in 2021 depends on the decision of individual airlines. 

The laws will be in effect from January 2021. If you wish to travel with your ESA in the new year, you will have to pay the extra costs of a pet and even keep them in a cage in the carrier since the DoT now categorizes ESAs as pets. However, if an airline decides to allow ESA in the cabin and for free, you can use your ESA letter for flying and enjoy the benefits. 

Until the law is in effect, airlines are bound by the earlier laws and have to accommodate ESAs free of cost. If you already have an ESA letter for flying, we will help you to our full capacity to use it and travel with your pet hassle free. 




Do I need to register my Dog as an ESA?

No, you don’t need to register your dog as an ESA. The federal government has no law or regulation regarding the registration of an ESA. The only official document that you need is a legit ESA letter written by a state-licensed mental health professional. 

An ESA is recognized by the federal government as an animal that provides emotional support by simply being around the owner. They are not obliged to go through special training courses or help their owner with day to day activities like service dogs. For this reason, there is no need to get your ESA dog registered. 

Despite the federal government laying no emphasis on ESA dog registration, there are many ESA dog registry services online. Steer clear from such sources as you don’t require registration in either of those registries. So, be careful with such dog registries as you will be spending money on a fraudulent service. 

If you wish to experience all the benefits of ESA laws, you can do so by getting a legitimate ESA dog letter from our doctor. 





How to get an ESA letter for a cat?

Here is how to get an ESA letter for a cat:

  1. Register and fill out the pre-qualification questionnaire.

  2. Speak with a mental health professional on HIPAA compliant Video Call.

  3. Receive your ESA letter for a cat online via email. A hard embossed copy of the same will be mailed to your address.

A legitimate ESA letter is written by a physician or mental health professional and is valid for 1 year since the date of issuance.

Note: You do not need to enter any type of ESA registry. A legitimate ESA letter is all you need to enjoy the housing and traveling (until the new laws are in effect) benefits of an ESA.

You can get an ESA cat letter today after speaking to mental health professionals online. If you qualify the ESA requirements of your state, the doctor will write you a letter and mail it to you on the same day.






How to get an ESA letter for housing?

In order to get an ESA housing letter, you need to find a certified mental health professional near you. These include psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other licensed therapists. Telemedicine has made the process a lot simpler and convenient than before. Let’s see how.

Follow these steps to get an ESA letter for housing:

  1. Register online on My ESA Doctor.

  2. Fill out all the details of the free prequalification form. 

  3. Wait for a video call by one of our doctors and complete your consultation. 

  4. If approved, you will receive the ESA letter via email within 4 hours.







Can a landlord deny an ESA letter for housing?

No, a landlord cannot deny an ESA letter for housing written by a licensed doctor. As per the Federal Government’s Fair Housing Act, a landlord cannot discriminate against a person with a disability including a medical patient who needs an ESA to function. 

Legally, a landlord is obliged to accommodate a person with a disability mainly by allowing an ESA in a no-pet policy property. So if you have a legit ESA letter, the landlord cannot deny you a property based on your disability and has to allow you to live charge-free in rental properties. They cannot ask you to register your ESA, submit extra paperwork or ask about your mental health condition. 

If you end up in a situation where the landlord denies you a property based on your disability, you can take legal action against the person. Ask them to give written documentation stating that they reject you an accommodation based on your disability. You can go ahead and file a complaint if you like. 

Can a landlord legally reject an ESA?

A landlord cannot legally deny you an accommodation for your disability as per the Fair Housing Act. 

However, a landlord can legally reject an ESA if:

  • The animal is too large for the property. 

  • The ESA causes financial loss to the owner.

  • The ESA risks the safety of the tenants. 

  • The property is 4 units or less, one of which is occupied by the owner.

  • The ESA owner does not qualify the rules of the landlord.

In any case, the rejection cannot be on the basis of your disability. But if that’s the case, you can file a complaint with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).








How to get an ESA letter for military?

Life can be hard for veterans and ex-military officials. But, an ESA can provide the much-needed support they need. There is scientific proof on the effectiveness of the emotional support provided by animals to patients of PTSD, depression and anxiety. These benefits prove to be an essential addition to the treatment of military people. 

With an online ESA letter, military officials can experience the therapeutic benefits of their pet at home or while traveling. The process of getting an ESA letter for the military personnel is pretty much the same as the process for other medical patients. 

Follow the steps to get an ESA Letter for military.

  1. Choose telemedicine and fill a simple online form.

  2. Consult with our mental health professional and get evaluated on a video call.

  3. If he approves, you will receive the letter through email within minutes. A hardcopy will also be mailed to you within 48 hours.









How to get a free ESA letter?

You can get a free ESA letter by asking your licensed mental health professional (your current doctor) to write an ESA letter for you. Since they are already treating your mental disability, they can give you a letter without extra charges.

It is possible to get an ESA letter for free if your current doctor approves for the same. You must be getting the treatment from your doctor for your mental disability. It is the only way you have a chance for getting a free ESA letter. 

However, it is important to remember that no new online ESA clinic or doctor will give you an ESA letter for free. If a clinic or doctor claims to give you a free evaluation or letter, it’s more than likely that it's not a legit service.










How to spot a fake ESA letter?

As ESAs are getting popular with each passing day, an unfortunate consequence has been the rise in ESA scam websites that promise ESA letters for payment. The letter provided by them will not be legit. 

So, if you are looking to get your pet an ESA letter online, make sure you look out for the red flags before clicking on confirmation and transfer money.

Here are the top points that can help you spot a fake ESA letter:

  • Instant ESA letter without evaluation. 

  • Letter not written by an LMPH or there is no contact information on the letter.

  • The ESA letter does not have important information like date of issuance and expiry, license number, signature and address of the doctor, 

  • Claim of registry. 

  • Cheap rates.

If you notice any of these points, it’s likely that the ESA letter is fake. Here’s why. 

Your ESA letter cannot be magically issued to you. You need to be evaluated by a licensed medical health professional (LMPH). The authorities do not recognize an ESA letter if it is not written by an LMPH or it doesn’t contain their contact and license information. As for the ESA registration, the federal law doesn’t ask you for the one. All you need is an ESA letter to certify your pet as an ESA. It's also important to not fall for promises of cheap rates that often end up being a scam. As the age-old saying goes, if the price is too good to be true, it is better to not buy it.









How to identify a legit ESA Letter?

Here is how you can identify a legit ESA Letter:

  • Written on the letterhead of the clinic or doctor.

  • Clearly mentions the license number, address, name and signature of the doctor.

  • Contains details of the patient’s condition and how an ESA benefits them.

  • Mentions the date of issuance and expiry.

  • Name of the state where the letter was issued.

These are certain details that every legitimate ESA letter must have. If you are looking to get one, make sure that you can point out each of these elements in your ESA letter.










How long is an ESA letter valid?

An ESA letter is valid for a duration of 12 months. While the Air Carrier Access Act clearly states the validity of an ESA letter for flying, it’s not as clear in the Fair Housing Act. However, it is advised to get a yearly renewal in both cases. 

The Fair Housing Act does not have any clear mentions about the validity of the ESA housing letter. But, if you’ve had an ESA letter for more than 12 months, a landlord may reject it. Similarly, a therapist or licensed physician may also refuse to validate your ESA letter after a year. So, if you’ve been using the benefits of ESA housing laws, getting a renewal is always best. 

In the case of ESA flying letters, the Air Carrier Access Act allows for a letter to be valid for a period of 12 months. 

NOTE: As per the new federal laws, ESAs are categorized as pets and the airlines have no obligation to allow them in airplanes free of charge. The rule will be in effect from January 2021. Connect with the airlines before booking a flight to avoid any trouble.











Which States allow you to get an ESA animal letter?

Here is a list of States in which you can get an ESA animal letter.

  • Alabama

  • Alaska

  • Arizona

  • Arkansas

  • California

  • Colorado

  • Connecticut

  • Delaware

  • Florida

  • Georgia

  • Hawaii

  • Idaho

  • Illinois

  • Indiana

  • Iowa

  • Kansas

  • Kentucky

  • Louisiana

  • Maine

  • Maryland

  • Massachusetts

  • Michigan

  • Minnesota

  • Mississippi

  • Missouri

  • Montana

  • Nebraska

  • Nevada

  • New Hampshire

  • New Jersey

  • New Mexico

  • New York

  • North Carolina

  • North Dakota

  • Ohio

  • Oklahoma

  • Oregon

  • Pennsylvania

  • Rhode Island

  • South Carolina

  • South Dakota

  • Tennessee

  • Texas

  • Utah

  • Vermont

  • Virginia

  • Washington

  • West Virginia

  • Wisconsin

  • Wyoming












What does an ESA Letter Look Like?

An ESA letter looks like a regular doctor’s note but states the following:

  • You suffer from a mental condition according to the DSM.
  • Contains the LMHP’s letterhead & declares that you are under their professional care.
  • Has the name, license number and signature of the doctor.
  • Date of issuance and expiry.
  • State of issuance.

Remember, your ESA letter is only valid for a period of 1 year. You can get in serious trouble if you are caught with a fake ESA letter or one that is outdated.

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What is an ESA Letter?

ESA letter is an official document approved by a licensed mental health physician stating that an animal can provide emotional support and help manage the patient’s mental disability. ESAs can offer companionship and constant support to those suffering from mental disorders like PTSD, stress, depression, autism, bipolar disorder, and more

An ESA letter also benefits you by allowing you to fly (as per the rules of individual airlines) and live with your pet without any legal restrictions. You can ask a licensed mental health physician to write an ESA letter for you.

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Who Can Get an ESA Letter?

A patient qualifies to get an ESA letter if he or she suffers from a mental disability that is categorized as severe according to the Americans With Disabilities Act or the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM5). You can connect with a licensed mental health professional to get evaluated for the same.


My ESA Doctor has a team of licensed doctors who are dedicated to help every patient seeking medical attention. If the presence and emotional support of animals benefits you, we will happily assist you in every manner possible to get an ESA letter online through telemedicine. We believe in providing quality healthcare at your convenience. If you are suffering from a mental disability, reach out to us and we can help you connect with the right professionals for your legit ESA letter.

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How to Get an Online ESA Letter?

Eliminate the hassle of long queues and appointments and choose telemedicine to get an online ESA letter. Telemedicine has made the process simpler and convenient than ever. With a simple search on your phone, connect with the right mental health professional at My ESA Doctor and get the medical attention you deserve from the safety and convenience of your home. Let’s see how.

Here’s How To Get An Online ESA Letter:

  1. Register online with us.
  2. Fill out a simple free prequalification form. This will take just a few minutes.
  3. Complete your ESA evaluation with one of our doctors via video call.
  4. If approved, you will receive the ESA letter via email within a few minutes.
  5. The ESA letter must come from a certified mental health professional. These include psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other licensed therapists.

Established in 2001

Get Quick ESA Letter For Your Pet From Reputed Online ESA Clinic

My ESA Doctor aims to deliver proper emotional and psychological support to every patient by eliminating the hassle of getting an ESA letter. Whether you wish to rent a property or fly with your ESA, our licensed medical health physicians will evaluate your emotional or mental condition and issue a legitimate ESA letter if appropriate.

Note: You do not need to enter into any dog registry. An ESA Letter is all you need.

My ESA Doctor’s goal to help patients live and travel with their ESAs is what allows us to help patients from all walks of life.

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Your Health Is Our Priority

Did you know? Animals can provide emotional support to manage anxiety, depression or other mental illness. If your pet plays a pivotal part in improving your mental health, you can benefit from the ESA laws. The government gives certain rights to you and your pets. With a legit ESA Letter, your pet is certified to legally be with you wherever you go. We are here to educate you, empower you & enable you on these rights. We make sure that you learn your rights and exercise them too.

Why Get an ESA Letter From us?

A simple and convenient way to make the most of your ESA Evaluation.


Our compassionate and trained physicians and mental health professionals recommend 100% genuine ESA letters in accordance with federal laws allowing patients to access traveling and housing benefits with their ESA.


We respect your need for privacy and aim to give you the satisfaction of having a safe online clinic for ESA letter evaluations. So, all your online consultations are conducted through an HIPAA compliant platform.


Average pet fees range from $200 – $500, and pet deposits average $200 or more. You can bypass these extra costs by getting an ESA letter for housing for an affordable price of $99.99 only.


ESA letter for flying allowed people to fly with pets free of charge in any airline. But, with the recent changes in the Air Carrier Access Act, the airlines have the sole discretion to decide whether they’ll allow ESA on airplanes free of charge or not.


For only $99.99 a year, you get to fly (as per the rules in effect from January 2021) and live with your pet at no extra cost. We have made the process simple and brought the guidance of experts and best mental health services to your home.


You can easily get an ESA letter from the comfort and safety of your home. The online process is streamlined to be simple and safe. You can lay your trust on us and get the medical attention you deserve.

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Why Is It Important To Have a Well-Behaved ESA?

While ESAs are not required to be trained like a service animal, we highly recommend all our patients to train their dogs on some basic etiquettes. It is important to have a well-behaved ESA to avoid any damage or injuries to the people or environment that they are in.

It is more likely that a well-behaved dog will not cause you any trouble or embarrassment. It is also best to choose a breed that isn't aggressive or dangerous in nature, and is the right breed to assist you with your mental disability.

For housing letters we review every pet breed separately keeping in mind their size, temperament, place of rent etc. The final decision of allowing your dog on a house rental or an airline is always up to the landlord or the airline company you fly with. In either case, your ESA can be rejected on the grounds of big size or improper behavior. Thus, an ESA letter is not a guarantee that you will be able to live and fly with your pet. An ESA recommendation is a professional opinion in writing about the benefit of your pet in managing your mental health condition.

It’s advised to train your ESAs and not exploit the ESA laws and their benefits.


Why Should You Get

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Where loneliness and isolation can trigger symptoms of mental conditions like depression and stress, having a companion with you can help prevent these conditions and add more years to your life.

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Having a pet means you will have to take regular walks or have a game of ball with them. Exercise will fit into your routine and make you fit and healthy.

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Pets help you meet people. ESAs can manage your social anxiety and act as your social lubricant. A walk with your pet will help initiate a talk with other pet owners and passerbys.

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My ESA doctor is a service of Steady Care Medical. Our physicians and mental health professionals issue online ESA letters for those in need based on our professional medical opinion.

Hapy Pet owners!

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