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Golden Paws Excellence Contest

Let Your Furry Friend Cover Your Next Month’s Rent!

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Contest Details

Contest Period

January 1st to January 31st, 2024.

Winner’s Announcement

Winners will be announced through our website on February 1st, 2024.

The contest winners will be notified via email or a phone call. Stay tuned for the biggest contest in the history of ESAs. Don't Miss Out on amazing cash prizes and results!
Congratulations to our October contest winners! Robert and his furry friend Max claimed the 1st prize of $500, followed by Emily and Bella with the 2nd prize of $200, and Kevin and Whiskers securing the 3rd prize of $100. Did you miss out on the contest? No need to fret! We're giving you another opportunity to participate and get a chance to win a cash prize. The winners of the next round will be announced on February 1st, 2024.

Why Renew Your ESA Letter With Us?


Professional help

Our team of experts are on hand to make sure your renewal process is easy and painless.


Fast turnaround

We're aware of the urgency of your needs, and we'll give you a quick turnaround.



All relevant regulations are complied with in our ESA letters, ensuring that you have the peace of mind you deserve.

Make sure you take full advantage of this opportunity to focus on your emotions and win big. Renew an ESA letter and take part in the contest!

Obtaining an ESA Letter Online

Review our quick and straightforward procedure.


Online Registration

Begin by completing a prequalification form, providing details about your health and a description of your emotional support animal.


Consultation with a Licensed Therapist

A licensed mental health professional will carefully review your submitted form. Based on your information, they will make a determination regarding your request for an emotional support animal.


Receive Your ESA Letter

Once your recommendation is ready, we will send you a digital copy via email. You can then either download or print the ESA letter to present it to your property owner.

Advantages of Possessing an ESA Letter

Apart from the love and emotional support, there are many other
benefits associated with having an ESA letter.

Addressing Emotional Well-being

  With the help of an emotionally supportive animal, you can effectively resolve your feelings or state of mind. If you're not approved, your refund shall be fully guaranteed.

Renting Homes and Emotional Support Animals (ESAs)

In accordance with the Fair Housing Act, in a rental property with a no pets policy, individuals may enjoy a stress free life experience with their Emotional Support Animal.

ESA in Offices and College Dorms

You can live with your pet in a college dormitory, as long as you have an ESA letter. Moreover, you may take your pet to work under the Fair Housing and Employment Act of California.

No Training Required

Training is unnecessary for your pet to serve as an ESA, unlike service animals. It's crucial to understand that emotional support animals differ from service dogs.

Living with an ESA in College Dorms

Having an ESA letter allows you to reside with your pet in a college dormitory.

Cost-Free Accommodation

Fly (according to new regulations) and live with your ESA without incurring any extra costs.