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Emotional Support Dog Registration

Dogs define affection. Having them in your life helps you escape from various conditions you don’t even know about. Where medicines have addicted the whole country, dogs are an addiction that will help you treat any mental conditions you have. Yes, dogs are medically proven to be very helpful in the treatment of various psychological conditions. Playing with them or simply walking with them can help you get over the mental disorders like depression and anxiety. All you need is an emotional support dog letter to fly and live with your dog without paying any extra charges.


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Let yourself experience the ultimate love and joy with an emotional support dog in your life

Discover fun and laughter in the eyes of an innocent dog

  • If you have forgotten how to play, let the dog teach you.
  • Dogs will help you learn how simple smiles matter in life.
  • They are the most compassionate beings in the world.
  • Learn where your funny bones are with your emotional support dog.
  • Petting your dog helps to release feel-good hormones in your body like oxytocin, serotonin, etc.

What Studies Say?

Emotional Support Dogs & Psychiatric Disorders

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A study , aimed to check dog-assisted interventions in healthcare, was published in BioMed Central Complementary & Alternative Medicine in 2017. It indicated that dog-assisted therapy in psychiatric disorders showed considerable improvements in the emotional-behavioral symptoms.

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Emotional Support Dogs & Stressed Students

A study published in Stress and Health surveyed 246 students before and after they attended a therapy dog session. The research showed that students experienced a significant reduction in stress levels and an increase in energy and happiness after attending the session.

The Know-Hows of Emotional Support Dog

how to make my dog an emotional support dog

How can an emotional support dog help to manage your condition?

Dogs make great pets and companions. Research says, an ESA dog can bring back the happiness missing from your life. It can help you live life with zeal and positivity. Dogs have this innate quality in them that makes them such great comfort-givers. That is why they are considered to be the most popular emotional support animals. And this is precisely why you need to get an emotional support dog letter for your pet. So, give your dog the title it deserves.

How to get an emotional support dog?

Emotional support dog is extremely beneficial for people dealing with any type of emotional or mental disorder. Getting an emotional support dog is not that difficult. So, if you experience any psychological disorder, you can get a dog and apply for an emotional support dog registration. Your ESA support dog doesn’t need to go through any kind of training as their role is to offer care and love – which is one of their primary characteristics. So, you can choose to adopt or buy yourself the breed you like and apply for an emotional support dog letter.

How to register an Emotional Support Dog?

The best and most effective way to register an ESA is through telemedicine. As online ESA registration is simpler and faster than visiting a physical clinic. The process involves three simple steps. Fill up a simple free pre-qualification form, then our doctor will contact you via video call and evaluate your condition. After the approval, you will receive your emotional support dog letter via email within minutes.

How do we help you?

At MyESAdoctor, we help those with mental health conditions get access to their full legal benefits under law with an emotional support dog letter. We believe that dogs can significantly help people suffering from a variety of mental disorders. Telemedicine is the future of the medical industry and we strive to make it easier and better for people. And that is why we have developed this online telemedicine portal to help people receive their emotional support dog letters without any hassles. We have a team of doctors who work round the clock to help patients get the care they deserve from the comfort of their homes. Get an emotional support dog and manage your emotional or mental conditions effectively.