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American Airlines Emotional Support Animal Policy

Air-travel can be really tough for people suffering from mental conditions. Thousands of feet up in the air, controlling your condition gets all the more difficult. And that is why American Airlines do allow your emotional support animal to accompany you without paying any extra charges. If you possess emotional support animal letters for your pets then you can experience flying with pets on American Airlines without any hassles. On American Airlines, emotional support animal is allowed but there are certain regulations placed so as to protect the comfort of the passengers. That is why it is important to take notice of these regulations before booking your flight.

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How to Travel With a Dog on American Airlines

When planning to travel with an ESA in the cabin, you need to refer to the American Airlines ESA policy and adhere to its rules and regulations. Some of them are listed below.

  • Only one emotional support animal is allowed per person.
  • The emotional support animal must be either cat or day; 4 months or older.
  • All the required documents must be carried during the flight.
  • Make sure that the emotional support animal is well-behaved and clean.
  • The animal should either fit under your set or on your lap.
  • The guest traveling with an emotional support animal cannot be seated on an exit row.
  • The emotional support animal must not occupy a seat or block the aisle.
  • If traveling in a flight longer than 8 hours, you need to carry an animal sanitation form stating that your ESA won’t need to relieve itself or can do so without causing any sanitation issue.
  • If you have a kennel, it must fit under the seat in from of you with the animal.

Flying With a Dog on American Airlines

To fly with an ESA in-cabin, you require an emotional support animal letter. The letter should state that you require an emotional support animal to manage your condition and should be signed by a certified medical health professional. Along with this, you also require to submit some other documents like medical/mental health professional form, animal behavior form, and veterinary health form. You can find these forms on the airlines’ website.

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Complete, submit and then receive approval of all these forms and only then you will be allowed to travel with your pet on American Airlines. Read the instructions from their website and submit all the documents at least 48 hours prior to the flight. Also, it is important you carry all the documents during the flight as well. You will get notified once your documents are approved and if by any chance you don’t complete or fulfill all the requirements, your animal may be able to fly as a pet (All the applicable fees apply).

One of the most important things you need to do when flying with a dog on American Airlines is to make sure that your dog is at its best behavior at the airport and onboard the aircraft. Although no training is required for your pet to be an ES, it is preferred that you get your pet basic training so that it remains in your control when flying in-cabin. It is your responsibility to keep your ESA in check and make sure that other passengers face no issues respective of your animal.

The airlines categorically don’t accept emotional support animals who display disruptive behavior like growling, biting, and jumping or lunging at people. Follow these simple rules and regulations and you can travel with your emotional support animal in-cabin without any hassles. It is a great experience having your pet there with you in-cabin. All the anxiety or stress that you may feel during the flight, emotional support animal can be there to help you deal with it effectively.

flying with a dog american airlines