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Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

Connecting with people becomes difficult when one suffers from mental health problems. Taking medication and therapy doesn’t work when all you feel is lonely and you just want to go away into oblivion and stay there for the rest of your life. But did you know that animals can make an amazing difference when it comes to fighting mental health problems?

Animals, especially dogs can help you fight problems like anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, and bipolar disorders. There are certain emotional support dog breeds that may help you fight your mental health issues, simply because they have different personality traits required for different types of mental health problems. Here are the best emotional support dog breeds to convince you that dogs are indeed man’s best friend.

Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds For Depression

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Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the country and make an excellent emotional support animal. With bundles of energy, they can be your partner in almost all your activities. These fur kings will surely boost your life with their intelligence, love, and compassion. They have been one of the most popular dog breeds for years. Being well-behaved, social, friendly, energetic, loyal, and intelligent, they can be the treatment you are looking for your depression. Just rub your hand through its thick fur and experience your stress melting away.

They are one of the best emotional support dog breeds because of their patience and capacity to love. Golden Retrievers are a good fit for people suffering from mental health problems.

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Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers share some characteristics with their golden brothers. These dogs are gentle, active and on-going. They usually stay in a good mood and love to go out in nature. Labradors are very proactive and always up for anything fun. Play a game of ball with a labrador and experience the true meaning of happiness. They are intelligent and can be trained to perform a variety of tasks. Their devotion to human beings makes them an excellent emotional support dog breed. They have this acute sense of understanding your feelings. So, if you are stressed he will make it his business to bring a smile on your face.

Though one thing you need to keep in check is their love of food. Feed them right. They get fat pretty quick. They are one of the best dog breeds for emotional support animals.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are super affectionate brown-eyed dogs who love to cuddle. They are a true companion to both adults and children. They love to be in the presence of human beings, whether you take them out for a long walk or snuggle them on a couch. These gentle dogs can cheer up even a depressed owner, making them one of the best emotional support dogs. Apart from stressing out their owners with their cute looks, they are real cuddle mongers. If they see you stressed, they just come and cuddle with you. A feeling you won’t get with any other medicine. And because of this, they are nicknamed as “The Love Sponge.”

These tail waggers though are susceptible to heart problems. Probably because they love and care expansively.

Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds For Anxiety

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Great Danes

Don’t be fooled with the big size of Great Danes. They are one of the best emotional support dog breeds because of their lovable, well-mannered, friendly, and graceful nature. These dogs are very gentle and also protective especially if you are suffering from a mental health condition. These people-oriented emotional support dogs are eager to please and have a good time with people. If you are suffering from anxiety, Great Danes can help you manage the condition effectively. They help people feel calmer and get more relaxed. With them around, you are deemed to stay happy and healthy. Their size may be intimidating to many but their heart is like a child.

With a Great Dane in your life, even small moments will be fun. His soft nature can truly be great to manage your condition.

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Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers are cuddly little creatures making them a perfect solution for anxiety. They are intelligent, loyal, loving, compassionate, and energetic. These small trainable emotional support dogs can travel and fit anywhere easily. These cuties can be your best emotional support dogs and can provide solutions to problems like anxiety and stress. They are very social and can be really helpful for people suffering from social anxiety. These toy-sized terriers form a very close bond with their owners, so love is one thing you will never devoid of. They are great with both adults and children, so if you have a family, Yorkshires are tailor-made for you.

A small dog breed yes, but they can be fierce and sometimes bossy. These cute little dogs for sure will never leave your side. They definitely make one of the best dog breeds for emotional support animals.

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Pugs are one of the cutest four-legged creatures in the world. They never leave your side. Even in their perpetual state of grumpiness, these wrinkled wonders of nature look so adorable with their big affectionate eyes. Perfect for someone suffering from stress and anxiety. Pugs are very energetic, smart, even-tempered, naturally positive, and social. They make a good emotional support dog breed because of their funny and friendly demeanor. These cute little dogs have a well-behaved nature which helps them get along with people of all age groups. Lazy through the day, but they are always up for a game.

These love to spend time with you. Pugs are so cute that they follow you everywhere giving companionship a new meaning. There is nothing like a pug’s love.

Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds For PTSD

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Chihuahuas are known for their temperamental nature, and these anxious little dogs are actually quite intelligent, alert, and brave. They love to keep their owners engaged with both outdoor and indoor activities. And this is why they help PTSD patients cope with social anxiety. These small dogs can travel anywhere and can live with you 24/7. Hence, making them a loyal emotional support dog breed. People suffering PTSD often suffer from low moods. And chihuahuas are great at elevating moods of people, so they can really be effective for people suffering from the condition.

One of the most affectionate dog breeds, chihuahuas are a really popular small dog breed. Looking for a lap dog? These are just perfect for you. If up to them, they will spend the whole day on your lap. With all the cuteness they bring, they are one of the best dog breeds for emotional support animals.

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Collies are super intelligent and make great companions. These tail-waggers form a very strong bond with their owners and care no less than their capacity. Collies are extremely intelligent emotional support dog breed and can pick up cues that something is not right with their owner. They are very intuitive, loving, gentle, devoted, motivating, inspiring, and a comforting dog breed. These personal assistants can provide emotional stability to a person fighting with depression, PTSD, and even anxiety. If you want to train your dog, getting a Collie could be a great option. They learn pretty quickly and will surely make great pets.

They are no fuss. Loyal to the family and great with kids. Collies have every area ticked. Surely one of the best emotional support dog breeds.

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Poodles are people pleasers who adapt easily to their surroundings and are comfortable with both children and adults. They have a good intuition which helps them in becoming one of the best emotional support dog breeds. These cute and active dogs love being around humans. Looks like a fashion icon, these are extremely intelligent and very easy to train. Their hairstyles will surely make heads turn. With all their nitty and gritty, poodles are great for people suffering from stress and PTSD. They help a person feel more loved. So, get a poodle in your life and experience happiness like no other.

The compassion they show actually helps people get over the traumatic event in their life which has been lingering affecting their health.