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Everything You Need To Learn About Getting An Emotional Support Dog

The world is a stressful place and often all we need to get through the day is a companion. This is where an emotional support dog comes into play. Dogs are a man’s best friend and that is something that is a prevalent notion and with good reason.
Dog’s represent traits like loyalty, devotion, love, dependability, and all-important cuddliness. Who won’t be enamored by such a creature?

What Is an Emotional Support Dog?

An emotional support dog is any dog that provides you with support and comfort and acts as your support to help carry out day to day activities. Do not confuse emotional support dogs with therapy or service dogs. The biggest differentiator is that there are no emotional support dog requirements for a dog to be certified as an emotional support dog

Why Should You Get An Emotional Support Dog?

There are plenty of reasons why one should get an emotional support dog. As per research dogs are much more than just a trusting buddy. Dogs have proven to help people fight mental health disorders like anxiety and depression without intervention from any kind of prescription medication.
Love, care, companionship, compassion, and loyalty are just some of the great traits that a dog possesses. The best part is that humans are at the receiving end of all these traits. They are truly the best companions to help you with your medical condition. Unlike service dogs and therapy dogs, emotional support dogs are not trained for any specific purpose. Just their existence in human life has been linked to everything from a better immune system to a longer life. It is primarily because of all the natural characteristics that they possess that they are great Emotional support animals.
You don’t have to even get a support dog to be your ESA. If you already have a dog they can automatically become your ESA.

How To Register Your Emotional Support Dog?

The best way to register your emotional support dog is by choosing a reputable ESA doctor. Dogs have been proven to help you fight mental disorders like depression and anxiety without the need for prescription medication.
Mental conditions are plaguing our country. And, an emotional support dog can be an excellent solution to this. With all the care and compassion they provide, having one in your life can really change everything. They have been medically proven to be helpful in the treatment of several conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and stress. If you don’t have one, get one for yourself, and experience happiness like none other.
So, how do you register your emotional support dog? Well, there is a simple three-step process in places like My ESA Doctor.

Fill Out a Simple Pre-Qualification Form

For registering a dog as an emotional support dog, the first step is to fill out a basic pre-qualification form. This form has your basic medical history so that your doctor is well informed when the time comes to complete your evaluation.

Have a Face to Face Meeting with Your Doctor

The second step is to have a face to face conversation with your doctor via our telemedicine platform. The doctor will have a discussion regarding your condition and the best approach to help manage it.

Get Your Emotional Support Dog Letter

That’s it, once the doctor is done with your evaluation you will receive your PDF with your emotional support dog letter. This is also what acts as your emotional support dog housing letter.

How To Train Your Emotional Support Dog?

You do not have to train your emotional support dog. An emotional support dog by its very definition does not require any formal training. The only thing owners should take care of is that their ESA support dog is well trained in public settings.
By law you might not need to search for “emotional dog trainers near me” but an ESA letter will not grant you automatic access to establishments like restaurants or malls.

Qualifying Conditions For An Emotional Support Dog Certification

To qualify to get your emotional support dog certified you must be diagnosed as emotionally disabled by a psychologist, therapist, psychiatrist, and/or any other certified mental health professional.
Some of the most common Qualifying Conditions For An Emotional Support Dog Certification are:

Anxiety has become very common nowadays. People are always fearful of not living up to their full potential. And this dissatisfaction is causing uncontrolled thoughts in their minds making them over-anxious. Therefore, therapists suggest emotional support dogs for people who are suffering from an anxiety disorder.
Emotional dogs distract the person from the topic and engage him in any other activity such as playing with him or taking him for a walk. A panic attack is also caused by anxiety disorder due to the person feeling extreme terror, even when there is no real danger. And as you can take your emotional support dog almost anywhere, it can help you with this condition too.

Depressed people usually seem frustrated and broken. They don’t have a purpose in life. For them, winning is for others. They feel everyone is better and above them.
Mental health professionals claim that an emotional support dog can help alleviate the pain of a depressed person. Pet therapy has always been effective in depression.
An emotional support dog can give a purpose to the person suffering from depression. The love and support of an emotional support dog can help the person take the first step toward healing.

This is a condition in which people feel extremely stressed after having a tough time in their life. In the U.S. alone, more than 7.5 million people are suffering from PTSD. an emotional support dog can easily keep the person off-topic and thus help them relax. Therefore, professionals recommend an emotional support dog for the people suffering from the condition.

Socializing isn’t for everyone. Some people really like being alone. They can’t talk to people in a social setting and feel really overwhelmed when they have to. This type of condition is called social anxiety disorder. Going to a social gathering with an emotional support dog can make it much less painful as you are with someone who can make you comfortable.
Social anxiety can be cured by having an emotional support dog by your side at any social event. If you feel uncomfortable, you can play with your emotional dog for some time and you’ll feel relaxed.

Many people suffer from different phobias. The fear might be of heights or water, or any other thing. Your emotional support dog can really help you in an unwanted situation. If you come across something which you fear, you may become very uncomfortable. Your heart rate may rise and you may feel sweaty sometimes. But if you have a pet with you, it can help you ease your stress and make you feel relaxed.

How Do You Ensure You Legally Register an Emotional Support Dog?

To legally register your emotional support dog you need to ensure that the ESA letter in question is written on a mental health professional’s letterhead.
You need to ensure that your ESA Letter must contain the following details to inform your landlord of your disability.

  • ✔ That you are a current patient receiving ongoing care under the signing mental health professional.
  • ✔ A disability that is described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of Mental Disorders Version V.
  • ✔ Your disability substantially limits your ability in participating or carrying you at least one of life’s major activities
  • ✔ Your emotional support dog forms an essential part of your treatment plan

How Can An Emotional Support Dog Help To Manage Your Condition?

An emotional support dog helps manage your condition simply by existing in your life. Dogs make great pets and companions. Research says an emotional support dog can bring back the happiness missing from your life. It can help you live life with zeal and positivity.
Dogs have this innate quality in them that makes them such great comfort-givers. That is why they are considered to be the most popular emotional support animals. And this is precisely why you need to get an emotional support dog letter for your pet. So, give your dog the title it deserves.

How To Get An Emotional Support Dog?

Getting an emotional support dog is not that difficult. Any dog can be your emotional support dog. You can look at emotional support dog adoption or if you already have a dog you can get it certified as an emotional support dog.
An emotional support dog is extremely beneficial for people dealing with any type of emotional or mental disorder. So, if you experience any psychological disorder, you can get a dog and apply for an emotional support dog registration. Your emotional support dog doesn’t need to go through any kind of training as their role is to offer care and love – which is one of their primary characteristics. So, you can choose to adopt or buy yourself the breed you like and apply for an emotional support dog letter.

How Do You Get An Emotional Support Dog Letter?

To get an emotional support dog letter you need to be diagnosed with a disability that is described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) of Mental Disorders Version V.We believe that dogs can significantly help people suffering from a variety of mental disorders and thus we help them gain access to emotional support dog letter from a doctor.
At MyESAdoctor, we help those with mental health conditions get access to their full legal benefits under the law with an emotional support dog letter. Telemedicine is the future of the medical industry and we strive to make it easier and better for people. And that is why we have developed this online telemedicine portal to help people receive their emotional support dog letters without any hassles. We have a team of doctors who work round the clock to help patients get the care they deserve from the comfort of their homes. Register your dog as an emotional support animal and manage your emotional or mental conditions effectively.

What Is the Process for Registering an Emotional Support Dog?

There is a three-step process for registering an emotional support dog. Fill up a simple free pre-qualification form, then our doctor will contact you via video call and evaluate your condition. After the approval, you will receive your emotional support dog letter via email within minutes. Online ESA registration is simpler and faster than visiting a physical clinic.

What is an Emotional Service Dog?

An emotional service dog is not a thing. There are emotional support dogs and then there are service dogs and therapy dogs. And there are some stark differences between the two. From the training required to the way the two assist, they have very different functions to fulfill.
It is a common sight these days to see differently-abled people on public transport like the train or bus along with a service dog or an emotional support animal. Despite the common perception, these animals are not pets. They have a job to do that is far more than what a regular housepet does. More often than not these animals are an extension of their differently-abled humans.
Some conditions they most commonly assist in are visual-impairment, living with a seizure disorder, post-traumatic disorder, or autism. A service dog or even an emotional support dog helps people not just with mobility but also with their emotional needs. They have the ability to provide people with not just stability but also give them the necessary tools for maintaining composure and improving the quality of life for people who require extra care. There is some confusion regarding a service animal and an emotional support animal.
When we talk about service animals it is not just dogs, there are also cats and miniature horses whereas emotional support animals can even be birds. Canines are just a little more popular when it comes to getting the work done. But in reality, it is all about the habitat, availability, and the handler’s preference.
The human counterpoint to the service animal or the ESA is referred to as the handler. When you look at accessibility or forming a connection dogs are often the easiest to bond with. This is why you have such a large number around. Dogs are great as emotional support animals as well.

Service Dog vs Emotional Support Dog

When the question is regarding Service Dog vs Emotional Support Dog, the first difference to look at is the official definition. As per the ADA, a service dog is any dog that has been individually trained to perform certain tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.
Emotional support dogs on the other hand are often used as a part of a treatment plan to help people suffering from a mental or emotional disability but they are not considered
A service dog is trained so that they are able to perform certain tasks or assist people with some kind of disability. They help provide certain visual functions for the blind, auditory functions for the deaf, and certain muscular tasks for people who are physically disabled.
Emotional support dogs are different as they are companion dogs who provide support to people who suffer from an emotional or mental disability. These are untrained animals who provide you with support, they do not perform any tasks on your behalf.
Service animals also act as medical alert dogs for people who tend to suffer from a sudden attack.
Emotional support dogs don’t need any kind of additional training. Their presence is more than enough to get you through the day.
They do provide emotional support as well to their owners but as far as definition goes they need to perform certain tasks to help their handlers.

Emotional Support Dog Laws

Emotional support dog laws that you are protected by include The Fair Housing Amendments Act. The laws require your landlord to make necessary arrangements in the policy section of their accommodations to help make the necessary changes that you need to live comfortably with your emotional dog.
Most of the time these changes are reflected in the agreement that you come to, but there are still certain cases in which the ESA laws might not help. These cases are

  • ✔ If the building is any smaller than 4 units and the landlord also occupies the same building.
  • ✔ If the property does not have any association with a real estate broker and does not fall under single-family housing.

The FHA does not allow any amount of contact between animals and public places like restaurants, hotels, or cafes. So, you can be refused on those grounds. Services animals are exempt from this according to the American Disability Act.

As per the FHA, a federal emotional support animal housing law, there are certain restrictions placed on the landlord. Some of them are;

  • ✔ No request can be placed for your detailed medical records or your medical condition.
  • ✔ Nobody is allowed to question your emotional dog’s training or even about its performance in certain tasks the way you can ask in the case of a service animal.
  • ✔ The landlord cannot demand any kind of additional fees or deposits to accommodate your emotional support animal.
  • ✔ Nobody can refuse you admission if your insurance doesn’t cover a particular breed or a certain weight.

Verification Might Still Be A Requirement By Property Managers
The FHA requires a landlord to accept an ESA letter from a certified mental health professional. Additionally, they may even require you to fill out and submit a short verification from a physician or therapist that confirms your emotional disability,

What To Do While Traveling With Emotional Support Dog

When you are traveling with an emotional support dog you need to be careful about the carrier in which you are traveling. The Department of Transportation has laid new laws for flying with emotional support dogs. As per the changes to the Air Carrier Access Act, airlines are no longer obligated to allow emotional support dogs in the cabin free of charge. So, the benefit of getting an ESA letter for flying in 2021 depends on the decision of individual airlines.
Considering the new laws have come into effect in January 2021. If you wish to travel with your emotional support dog this year, you will have to pay the cost of flying with an emotional support animal and even keep them in a cage in the carrier since the DoT has now categorized them as pets. However, if an airline decides to allow an emotional support dog in the cabin and for free, you can use your ESA letter for flying and enjoy the benefits.

What Are The Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds?

Here are the best emotional support dog breeds you can get to aid your emotional or mental disability.

Golden Retrievers are the most popular dog breeds for a reason. They make excellent emotional support animals. They are a bundle of energy and can make perfect companions for almost any activity. They are well behaved, friendly, energetic, and loyal.
They have the capacity for love and devotion that leaves almost all other dogs behind. They are perfect with kids, adults, and anyone else. They are best for helping with the depressive symptoms of their owners due to their infectious energy.

They might look grumpy but in reality, they are nothing like what they look like. They are an extremely happy emotional support animal who loves cuddling with their owners more than anything else. They are known for their funny personality but are also exceptionally smart and diligent.
They have a strong intuition which is attuned with their human’s emotion making them great emotional support animals

This is also called the velcro breed. They attach to their owners and then refuse to let go. This might seem like an irritating quality, but for a person who is going to need an emotional support animal, this is a quality that is appreciated.
Vizsla is also a low maintenance breed. They have a cat-like ability to take care of themselves and they don’t smell which is a great plus point for people who can’t put in too much effort.

These are the emotional support animals one should get if they have a family. They are loyal companions and have from the beginning been bred for the perfect companionship. They are efficient in fighting depression through their habit of cuddling with their owners. If affection is on your list it does not get better than these beauties.

If you are living in a small space then these are the perfect dogs for you. If you go by the legend, then the first-ever emotional support dog was a Yorkshire terrier. They are loyal, intelligent, loyal, loving, energetic, and compassionate. They are also incredibly social and are the best companion dogs for people suffering from social anxiety. They do have a slight bit of attitude but they will never leave your side making them the best breed as an ESA.

Emotional Support Dog Vest

For someone who has anxiety or depression, emotional support animals are like a lifeline and so is an emotional support dog vest. They are not trained to complete any tasks but they provide their handler with emotional comfort, support, and accompaniment,
An emotional support dog is there to provide you with unconditional support throughout your life. The aim is to get through day to day activities without any hindrance. The problem can manifest itself from any mental or emotional disability and that is where we come in. We provide you with a tool to make your life with your ESA easier.
Since your dog will accompany you to public places, it is important that people should be able to identify them.
There is no compulsion placed on you regarding the use of an ESA dog vest. But to make it easier for you to navigate the world. A vest is a big distinguishing marker when you step out and will also discourage people from coming and trouble your pet.