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The Fair Housing Amendments Act

This law allows you to have your ESA at your residence and requires the landlord to make appropriate accommodations in the policies to make place for the ESA. Though these changes do take place most of the time, but there are also some cases where these provisions may not be done. These include:

  • The landlord has the right to refuse if the building is lesser than four units and the landlord is also residing in the building.

  • If the property does not involve a real estate broker and it is included under single family housing.

  • FHA doesn’t include public places like restaurants, cafes, and hotels and they may refuse to allow your emotional support animal though they may allow service animals according to the American Disability Act.

The FHA restricts the landlords from doing the following:

  • They cannot request you for your detailed medical records or ask about your medical condition.

  • They cannot ask about your ESA’s training or its performance in certain tasks like service animals.

  • They cannot demand for any fees or deposit regarding your ESA’s accommodation.

  • They cannot refuse your admission on the accounts that their insurance doesn’t cover a breed or animal weight.

The Air Carriers Access Act (ACAA)