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You don’t need to schedule an appointment, we take all patients like virtual walk-ins. Begin the process by registering a free account and filling out a simple form with your medical details and contact information. The process takes no more than a few minutes.


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Our medical staff will review your information and contact you for any other necessary information. You will then speak to our mental health professional who will then assess if your health condition qualifies for an ESA recommendation. The entire process can be done online or from your phone.


Get Your ESA Letter

Once approved, you receive your emotional support animal letter via email within 10 minutes. You will also receive the hard copy within 1-2 business days via regular mail. Our letters are accepted in all 50 states. Refer a friend and get $20 in-clinic credit. You can avail this offer either on a new ESA letter or renewal.

Live With Your Pet

An emotional support animal letter allows people to rent a decent accommodation and live legally without paying any extra charges. It also allows people to live with their ESAs in a no-pet policy rental apartment.

We recognize that our nation is going through a mental health crisis. As a group of doctors, we desire to help patients alleviate suffering, recover from their illnesses, and maximize the therapeutic benefits.

Telemedicine is here to stay and want to use it to fully expand access to care. Everyone should be able to access a medical health professional easily. By combining our expertise with technology, we have developed an easy and quick process for patients to get ESA letters.

No need to leave your house and schedule an appointment for an ESA letter. Save the trouble and get yourself the ESA letter through our telemedicine portal. Connect with licensed physicians and live with your pet hassle-free.

Only Legit Emotional Support Animal Letter

An Emotional Support Animal Letter can help you officially designate your pet as an ESA. However, the same is not possible without an ESA letter. You have to get a letter either from your therapist or from a licensed mental health professional. We house a team of licensed professionals. They can help you get a legit ESA letter through the process of telemedicine with complete security. The letter will contain the doctor’s license no, and it will be printed on the physician's letterhead.

Not only this but the doctor will consult you over a video call and study your medical records to determine whether you qualify for an ESA letter or not.

A Complete Guide To Flying With Your Pet
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How To Use ESA Letter To Get Accommodation?

Under the Fair Housing Act, property owners and landlords are not allowed to discriminate against any disability.

You cannot be charged extra pet deposits or other pet fees, which often average from $200-$500. This is a huge benefit that the law affords to ESA owners.

  1. Talk to your landlord about your medical condition before signing an agreement
  2. Show your emotional support animal letter signed by a licensed therapist to your landlord
  3. If necessary, guide them to the Fair Housing Act. If additional documents need to be filled, just contact us.



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