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Helping reduce the suffering of our patients for over 19 years!!

Get an ESA letter instantly and never stay away from your emotional support animal.

Knowing how beneficial an ESA can be for treating emotional or mental illnesses, we, at MyESADoctor, aim to help patients get their emotional support animal letter instantly from the comfort of their homes. The recommendation protects you against unfair air travel fees, and pet deposits.

Established in 2001

Get Quick ESA Letter For Your Pet From Reputed Online ESA Clinic

My ESA Doctor aims to deliver proper emotional and psychological support to every patient by eliminating the hassle of getting an ESA letter. Whether you wish to rent a property or fly with your ESA, our licensed medical health physicians will evaluate your emotional or mental condition and issue a legitimate ESA letter if appropriate.

Note: You do not need to enter into any dog registry. An ESA Letter is all you need.

My ESA Doctor’s goal to help patients live and travel with their ESAs is what allows us to help patients from all walks of life.

My ESA Doctor

Our Philosophy

MyESADoctor goes a step beyond the traditional clinic model and helps patients get the care they deserve from the comfort of their homes. We bridge the gap for patients with our online telemedicine portal and allow them to seek help instantly from where they live and work.

MyESADoctor houses well-trained and most experienced therapists in the field of emotional and mental health. They are experts at evaluating and recommending possible treatments as per patients’ medical condition. Our compassionate physicians and mental health professionals have experienced the therapeutic benefits first hand with many of our patients. We are proud to offer this online service for patients to be able to access nationwide and we are proud proponents of therapy through support animals.