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  • IDENTIFICATION: EZ-SLING carrier includes a removable clip on “ESA” tag.
  • CALMING: This is the perfect alternative to a traditional pet carrier. Many dogs dislike cage-like carriers so they simply won’t go in or misbehave when being transported. The sling concept is not unlike the specialty shirts your dog may wear on the 4th of July or during thunderstorms. The EZ-SLING will calm your dog by being swaddled like an infant due to its design that creates a snug wrap around the body.
  • CONVENIENT: Thanks to the hands-free design its incredibly convenient when traveling through an airport or simply shopping in a mall.
  • SAFE: Our small Emotional Support Dog (ESA) carrier will protect your dog in the heat of the summer when the pavement is dangerously hot and in the winters ice and snow.
  • SECURE: This carrier holds your small Emotional Support Dog easily and features a safety collar hook to ensure your dog is safe and secure.


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