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Avoid Pet Deposit Fees & No Pet Policies with an ESA Letter

Maria was playing with her pet, Allie.

She was extremely concerned thinking about how will she be able to pay her next month’s
rent on time.

The deposit for having a pet costs her $250 along with an added $50 monthly pet rent.

She discussed these issues with her colleagues and friends and got to know that they were facing similar issues.

Some of her friends were paying even higher pet deposits.

They started looking online for a solution to all their problems.

Then , one of her friends suggested them to apply for an ESA letter.
An ESA letter enables you to have a reasonable accommodation for your emotional support animal according to the FAIR HOUSING ACT (FHA).

FHA states that a person with any physical or psychological disability cannot be discriminated at any costs.

Having an ESA letter will benefit you in a number of ways:

● Your Landlord cannot ask for any additional pet deposits or monthly rent
● You will be able to live in apartments which have a no pet policy
● A Landlord cannot refuse to give you an apartment because their insurance does not cover an ESA

Additional benefits:
● You can fly with your pet at no additional costs
● No other registration is required
● No special training required

Why pay these hefty pet deposit fees, when you can save a lot by just paying $79 for an ESA
If you have any query regarding ESA or you have gone through same experiences, feel free to write in the comment section below.

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