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How to Fly with your Pet without Extra Hassle and Fees

Meet Adam!

Adam is the owner of Biscuit, a golden retriever that helps him deal with his mental health condition.

One day, he has to fly from New York to Miami for work, and he wants to take Biscuit along.

But, the aviation security officer says, as per the airline’s guidelines, Adam can’t take his pet along with.

Distressed and worried, Adam keeps thinking about his loveable dog during the three-hour flight.

Like Adam, there are many people who are denied permission to fly with their pets because of strict airlines’ guidelines.

However, some airlines allow pets to accompany their owners, but at a hefty travel fee each way.

For example:
Delta $125
JetBlue $100
United $125
American airlines $125
Alaska airlines $100

The only solution to these problems is to get an EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL letter signed by a licensed mental health professional.

As per the Air Carrier Access Act, passengers with a wide variety of conditions can fly with their emotional support animals, in-cabin without paying any pet travel fees.

Common Conditions include anxiety, depression, and learning disabilities.

An ESA letter will only cost you $79 per year, which is less than a one-way pet travel fee.

Other benefits of obtaining an ESA letter include:
● Reasonable accommodation (even in a no-pet area) under the Fair Housing Amendment Act
● No breed/pet restrictions – make any species of animal your ESA
● No specialized training required

So, get your ESA letter online today, and save hundreds of dollars on pet air travels, pet deposits and more.

If you have any questions, put in the comment box below. To learn more about ESA, visit https://steadycaremedical.com/.

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