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JetBlue Emotional Support Animal (Pet) Policy

JetBlue Emotional Support Animal (Pet) Policy

ESA's have risen to popularity in recent years as an accepted form of therapy. Some find peace in the company of a cat. While others find refuge in a dog’s company after going through a major depressive episode. Unfortunately, the new DOT guidelines no longer allow emotional support animals to fly in-cabin. JetBlue Airlines, too, issued a statement recently stating that it will no longer entertain emotional support animals. The airlines also emphasized that they will only allow service animals to access the airlines' cabin without having to pay the pet fees. Rest assured, each pet will be subject to a $125 fee provided these pets are all relegated to their respective carriers.

JetBlue is one of the most popular airlines in the country, and these rules are currently in effect. So, make sure that you take note of the JetBlue emotional support animal policy to enjoy secure and hassle-free flying.

JetBlue ESA Laws Explained

Having an ESA in your life can help fight mental conditions. So, if you are thinking of flying with ESA on JetBlue Airlines, you need to take notice of the rules and regulations. The JetBlue ESA policy was drafted to ensure the safety and comfort of the people traveling on the airlines. Here are some rules and regulations amended and applied as per the new DOT guidelines:

  1. You can book a seat for you and your ESA (pet) through the JetBlue mobile app and add your pet in the extra section. This means that you will be required to pay an additional fee for your pet.
  2. The pet fee under the JetBlue pet policy is $125 each way.
  3. You can travel with a total of four pets per flight provided you make a booking for at least three pets, in advance.
  4. For the fourth pet, you have to purchase a ticket at the airport ticket counter 24 hours before the departure time. Also, the tickets in such circumstances will be given on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. The carry-on weight must not exceed 20 pounds. In other words, the combined weight of your pet and the carrier must stay under 20 pounds.
  6. Any additional carry-on bags are not allowed, but you can carry a personal item in addition to the pet carrier.
  7. Pets will not be allowed to occupy the mint.
  8. Pets are not accepted on partnership airline flights regardless of the source of reservation.
  9. JetBlue does not take responsibility for the pet’s wellness or health. As an ESA owner, you are liable for the health problems of your pet whether onboard on in the airport.
  10. A vaccination certificate or health certificate from a veterinary is a must. So, make sure that you get your pet checked weeks ahead of the departure date.

JetBlue Airlines Pet Restrictions

Besides the rules mentioned above, there are certain guidelines, or to be precise the dos and don’ts suggested under the JetBlue pet policies. Take a look at these policies before you decide to book a flight through JetBlue airlines. First and foremost, you need to make sure that your ESA is at its best behavior when at the airport and onboard the flight. You must take care of your emotional support animal and make sure that other passengers and the airline staff face no discomfort because of your pet. Because emotional support animals no longer fall under the service or trained animals category, any unruly behavior will be subject to cancellation. So, make sure that you provide basic training to your pet. It's not necessary to train an emotional support animal, but traveling in a carrier, or inside a cargo has its own set of consequences and, as an owner, you have to plan accordingly.

In addition to this, your pet or emotional support animals must wear an ID tag. Or else, the owner should carry a pet license. More vitally, you should carry the health certificate and other vaccination documents to meet the pet requirements of the arrival destination. While these pet restrictions or policies will help you travel hassle-free, JetBlue welcomes domestic pets. For pets traveling internationally, you have to first check-in with the authorities to determine eligibility. For instance, JetBlue does not accept pets on flights going to Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados. Overall, passengers flying with pets are required to understand the pet policies of other states and cities along with the airline policies.

Note: JetBlue accepts small breeds of cats and dogs in-cabin provided the customer carries the pet inside FAA-approved pet carriers. Not only this but, the customer must bring one pet per carrier per flight regardless of the time and date of departure and arrival time. On meeting all the requirements mentioned above, an ESA or pet owner will be allowed to travel without added restrictions or inconvenience.



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