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JetBlue Emotional Support Animal Policy

Are you aware that it is possible to legally exist with your pet with no obligation to pay any deposit fees? What is more, you can even sit on a flight with your pet beside you. You can do this if you have an emotional support animal letter. Recently, celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Oprah Winfrey, and Britney Spears were in the headlines with their ESAs.

ESAs have risen to popularity in recent years as an accepted form of therapy. However, if you want to fly with ESA on JetBlue Airlines, you need to submit and carry certain documents, including what is called an “ESA letter.” Whether you are flying or you just want to live with your ESA in an apartment, you need to have an emotional support animal letter. So, if you are planning to fly with your pet, you must take note of the JetBlue emotional support animal policy.

JetBlue Emotional Support Animal Policy
JetBlue ESA Rules & Regulations You Need to Know

JetBlue ESA Rules & Regulations You Need to Know

Having an ESA in your life can help fight mental conditions. So, if you are thinking of flying with ESA on JetBlue Airlines, you need to take notice of the rules and regulations. The JetBlue ESA policy was drafted to ensure the safety and comfort of the people traveling on the airlines. Here are some rules and regulations you regarding emotional support animals on JetBlue Airlines you should know.

  • A passenger is only allowed to travel with one animal.
  • The JetBlue emotional support animal should fit within your seat area. If not, you will have to book an extra seat.
  • The guest needs to make sure that his/her ESA does not sit on a seat but only on the space under the seat in front of you.
  • Keep a copy of your JetBlue ESA form available at all times to be shown to cabin crew members or airport staff whenever required.
  • If the animal is too big to sit on the passenger’s lap, it must be seated on the floor.
  • The JetBlue emotional support dog or another animal should not touch the seats of other passengers.
  • The Airlines only accept cats, dogs, and miniature horses as emotional support animals.
  • Anyone traveling with an emotional support animal should submit the documentation and notify the airlines regarding their emotional support animal at least 48 hours prior to their departure.

Documentation Required By Jetblue When Flying With Emotional Support Animals

An Emotional support animal can accompany you on your flights provided that you have the required documents, and you follow the rules and regulations of the airlines. Flying with ESA on JetBlue requires you to have an emotional support animal letter. The Jetblue ESA letter should be signed by a medical health professional. Also, you need to fill and submit some documents on the airlines’ website at least 48 hours prior to your time of departure.

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But one of the most important things you need to do is to make sure that your ESA is at its best behavior when at the airport and onboard the flight. You must take care of your emotional support animal and make sure that other passengers and the airline staff face no discomfort because of your pet.

how to fly with a large dog
JetBlue ESA Rules & Regulations You Need to Know

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The documents that you need to download and submit to travel with your emotional support animal hassle-free include:

  • Veterinary Health Form
  • Customer Confirmation of Animal Behavior
  • Medical/Mental Health Professional Form

Additionally, you may be required to carry vaccination certificates of the animal for entry into Puerto Rica and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Various international destinations have different document requirements. Ensure that you meet the document requirements of the countries that you plan to visit.

Once you have the required documentation, you also have to complete a JetBlue emotional support animal form which is available on the airline’s official website. You need to provide your personal details, your pet’s details, and complete details of the certifying mental health professional.

The JetBlue ESA form is available in English and Spanish and has to be submitted online, 48 hours before the departure of the flight. With so much paperwork, ensure that you have all the required information at hand well before the date of departure. So, if you are looking to travel on JetBlue an emotional support animal letter could help you get started.