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Emotional Support Dog for Kids

Learn How an Emotional Support Dog Can Help Kids With ADHD

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a chronic condition that affects a lot of children. This condition is also known for persisting into adulthood.

But studies have shown that an emotional support dog can help children deal with the symptoms associated with ADHD.

An emotional support dog can be extremely helpful to children with ADHD in many ways. And today, we are going to talk about all the benefits of getting an ESA dog for kids with ADHD.

But first, let’s learn a little bit more about ADHD and its symptoms.

What is ADHD?

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a chronic health condition that affects the mental functioning of the sufferer. The symptoms associated with this condition can take a toll on the sufferer’s quality of life.

Symptoms of ADHD

This condition can even impact the performance of kids at school. Some common symptoms of ADHD may include –

  • Difficulty to stay focused
  • Having impulsive behavior
  • Hyperactivity
  • Self-esteem problems
  • Problems at school

There are various methods that are usually used to treat ADHD including medication and psychotherapy. But, there is another effective approach that can help kids with ADHD.

This approach involves a four-legged, tail-wagging fur-pal – an emotional support dog.

An emotional support dog can help in dealing with the symptoms associated with ADHD. In fact, these dogs can be more effective for young ADHD patients than traditional medications and other therapeutic methods.

If you are wondering how an emotional support dog can improve the quality of life for a young ADHD patient, keep reading along. Here are the ways in which an ESA dog can benefit kids with ADHD.

Benefits of an Emotional Support Dog for Kids With ADHD

  • An ESA dog can boost self-esteem.
  • An ESA dog can encourage consistency.
  • An ESA dog can help in reducing stress levels.
  • An ESA dog helps in burning excess energy.

Benefit 1. An ESA Dog Can Boost Self-Esteem

One of the common symptoms of ADHD in kids is low self-esteem. Children suffering from ADHD often feel lonely and isolated from others.

But, an emotional support dog makes a loyal, constant, and non-judgemental companion. Having a constant and loyal companion by your side can help you deal with these kinds of feelings. Hence, an ESA dog also helps kids with ADHD.

Not only this, the kids begin to feel proud when they are taking care of a dog. They feel responsible as they are performing some new duties while taking care of their dog.

This can make them feel good about their life and themselves, which helps in boosting their self-esteem.

Benefit 2. An ESA Dog Encourages Consistency

Kids with ADHD usually find it hard to stay consistent. You can easily notice inconsistencies even when the kid is interacting with other people.

But an emotional support dog can help in encouraging consistency. Our beloved pooches can assist young ADHD patients to stick to their schedules.

When kids feed their dog and take the dog for a walk at a particular time every day, they start learning the skill of being consistent in other aspects of life as well.

This schedule brings a rhythm to the lives of kids with ADHD. In some, this can also help in improving memory.

Benefit 3. An ESA Dog Can Help in Reducing Stress Levels

It is a widely known fact that an emotional support dog can bring joy and happiness to anyone’s life. These pooches can also help kids with ADHD by bringing happiness into their lives.

Playing with a dog or simply petting can help in promoting the release of feel-good hormones in the brain. This helps in reducing the stress levels in young ADHD patients.

A dog is always excited to see you when you come back home. This can take away all your stress and worries quickly.

This affection and positivity of an ESA dog can also help in reducing the stress level in kids with ADHD. An emotional support dog can help kids with ADHD deal with any kind of stressful events in life.

Benefit 4. An ESA Helps in Burning Excess Energy

Another common symptom of ADHD is hyperactivity. But an emotional support dog provides a fun and great way to get rid of excess energy.

Every dog needs some amount of exercise on a regular basis. So, when kids play with their dog or take the dog out for a walk, they burn their excess energy.

This also helps the kids stay physically and mentally fit. Yes, there are many mental health benefits of taking a dog for a walk or playing outside with a dog.

In addition to this, playing with a dog also makes the kids happier.

Final Words

ADHD can take a toll on the quality of life of any person. This chronic condition can make it difficult for kids and adults to carry on with their daily life comfortably.

But living with an emotional support dog can help kids deal with symptoms of ADHD and it can also improve their mental health.

You can visit My ESA Doctor to get an ESA letter from our licensed mental health professionals to make your dog an ESA dog.

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