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Emotional Support Animal

A Guide to Emotional Support Animal Letter for Rental Apartment

Numerous pet owners treat their animal friends as family members. Because of this, housing complexes that exclude dogs may be downright heartbreaking. Thankfully, more and more pet owners are getting licensed emotional support animals (ESAs) to keep them company. Federal rules now support ESAs for emotional support. However, you must follow the proper steps and know your rights as an ESA owner before starting the rental process. Finding a place for an emotional support animal might be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. 

The following is a thorough, all-inclusive guide to renting apartment with an ESA. 

Let’s get started!

ESA Housing Regulations:

The Fair Housing Act (FHA) is a federal legislation aimed at eliminating discrimination and preserving the housing rights of all persons throughout the sale, rental, or financing of a house. Federal fair housing regulations also cover individuals with disabilities. According to the United States Department of Justice, the FHA characterizes a disability as a physical or mental disability that significantly limits a person’s ability to engage in essential daily activities. 

Similar to service animal legislation, these regulations provide ESA owners additional protections and privileges. Furthermore, the Fair Housing Act doesn’t consider ESAs to be “pets,” so none of the laws about pets that apply to a building also don’t apply to ESAs. These laws imply that even if an apartment complex has a “no pets” policy or otherwise limits pets, landlords must provide reasonable accommodations to enable assistance animals to reside in their building. ESA owners are not forced to pay pet fees or deposits or compelled to comply with the breed or weight limitations.

As an ESA owner, you must show your landlord a valid emotional support animal letter, also known as an ESA Letter for Housing. Your landlord has the right to validate the legitimacy of the letter. However, they cannot request more documentation, such as medical records or a certification confirming that your ESA has been trained to execute any task.

Emotional support animals are permitted in “No Pet” flats.

The Fair Housing Act says that your emotional support animal is a medical device important to your health. ESAs are technically not pets. Pet-related restrictions in any apartment building, including a no-pets provision, do not apply to your ESA. The Fair Housing Act requires landlords to offer reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities who live with emotional support animals.

Can landlords impose fees for emotional support animals?

Under the Fair Housing Act, landlords and other housing providers are prohibited from charging renters pet rent, a pet deposit, recurring pet fees, or surcharges for their ESA animal. Under the Fair Housing Act, ESAs are not considered pets. That is why all laws about pets, including rules about pet fees, do not apply to your ESA.

If your apartment complex has a regulation requiring renters to pay for any damages to their flats, you are accountable for any damages caused by your ESA. Your landlord may also deduct money from your security deposit for any damages your ESA causes.

Can apartments refuse an ESA?

In most circumstances, if you submit your landlord with a valid ESA Letter, they are legally obligated to permit and provide accommodation for you and your emotional support animal. However, exceptions to this law in which a landlord may refuse to allow emotional support animals. Include

  • You present them with a forgery, counterfeit, or unauthorized letter for an emotional support animal.
  • If your service animal is directly dangerous to the health of other tenants,
  • If your service animal is too big for your apartment,
  • If your ESA is too risky or annoying,
  • If the building has four units or fewer and your landlord resides in one of the units.
  • If you are renting a single-family house without a real estate license.

Should apartments permit emotional support animals?

Your landlord must comply with FHA regulations and provide reasonable accommodation for your ESA.

If your landlord declines your ESA without explaining, it is time to pursue other options, including legal action. If you did not fabricate the letter yourself but unwittingly or inadvertently provided it to your landlord, your landlord might refuse your ESA. To avoid jeopardizing your chances of keeping your emotional support animal, You must take significant steps to receive a legal ESA letter.

How to qualify for an ESA housing letter

Many individuals can use emotional support animals, and a doctor will make each recommendation individually. If you have a disability and your ESA may lessen or eliminate at least one of your symptoms, you will likely qualify for an emotional support animal. While there is no definitive list of mental or emotional impairments required to qualify for an ESA, the following are among the most common:

  • Anxiety 
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • OCD 
  • Severe grief
  • Several phobias
  • Emotional obstacles

How to obtain your ESA housing letter with (brand name)

The most crucial stage in renting with an ESA is acquiring an ESA Letter, even though renting with an ESA may appear complicated. Various online services offer individuals ESA letters, but legitimacy is vital for a legit ESA letter. 

(brand name) is one of the most reputable and reliable platforms for legit ESA letters. Through our extensive network of therapists and unmatched customer service, we have improved the lives of thousands of clients since our founding by mental health and animal professionals. Each member of our devoted customer service staff is well-versed in ESA rules and committed to assisting at every stage of the ESA application process.

How to obtain a legitimate ESA letter from (brand) 

Getting a valid ESA letter online is the most accessible and safest way when you do it through a trustworthy provider.

As you might expect, receiving an ESA letter is simple. You must adhere to specific easy steps, such as

  • First, you will probably have to do an online assessment of your mental health and ESA needs.
  • We will arrange for you to consult with a certified mental health professional. This consultation might be in person, via mobile, or video call.
  • After speaking with a licensed mental health practitioner, you will find out if you are good to go for an ESA letter.
  • You will shortly receive your ESA letter by mail.
  • If you want to give your ESA letter to a landlord more than a year after you got it, you may need to get it renewed.

 (brand name) provide an annual renewal service to keep your letter active.

Advice on Apartment Renting with an ESA

You have specific responsibilities as an ESA owner when renting with your ESA.

 In addition, the following are our best recommendations for renting an apartment with an ESA:

Obtaining a valid ESA letter is essential.

The number of fraudulent online ESA enterprises is expanding. And trying to use a fake letter to get an emotional support animal is a federal crime that can lead to a fine or jail time. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a service to determine whether or not a service is reputable. By looking up the company’s name on BBB’s website, consumers can quickly determine if a service is accredited.

Make sure your ESA is well-trained.

 Emotional support animals do not require special training to carry out their duties. Your ESA will help you the most when you need to be polite, calm, and in control of yourself. A landlord is likelier to refuse an ESA if it is hazardous, disruptive, tend to bite, or exhibits other undesirable characteristics, such as frequent barking.

Maintain a positive relationship with your landlord whenever possible.

Many landlords are happy to follow the FHA rules. Discussing your ESA with your landlord as freely and truthfully as possible is advisable. Be informed of your rights to be best prepared for the conversation with your landlord. Remember, your landlord is not permitted to inquire about your disability.

Bottom line:

In addition to the privileges, the law grants you, a valid ESA letter is the key to living comfortably with your ESA. Even if you gave your landlord a fake letter by accident or without meaning to, your landlord could refuse your ESA. You must get a legal ESA letter to keep your emotional support animal with you. Not doing so could hurt your chances of keeping the animal.

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