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Emotional Support Animal

Pet Care Advice: Keeping Your Emotional Support Animal Healthy

Emotional support animals provide companionship and help to reduce loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Every ESA owner knows the advantages of having an ESA pet. Mainly dogs and cats are used as emotional support animals.

They provide the best companionship when needed; we feel more comfortable and relaxed in hard times. They take care of us emotionally and in many other ways, so being a pet owner, one must take care of their health and keep them happy and safe.

There are some ways one can take care of their emotional support animal and keep them healthy, active, and happy.

Exercise as an essential factor:

An active lifestyle is necessary for every pet, whether a dog, a cat or some other animal, to ensure optimal health. For this purpose, exercise is important to keep pets active and healthy.

Keeping your emotional support animal with you for a walk helps you in many ways; you can guide them in many things, like how to get a side when a person is walking by or how to sit, walk and stay at a spot in a public place. These short training sessions will help you in making them socialize. So exercise makes them active, socialize and maintain their health.

Grooming of ESAs:

Grooming is essential to having a pet as an emotional support animal. It sorts out different issues and helps you live a healthy and happy life. Buying some grooming toys and tools can make it easier for you. Dogs don’t mind getting in the water and need a bath regularly, whereas cats don’t like to get in the water and can create problems, you have to put some effort into them.

Nowadays, different brands are introduced in markets that produce wipes for pets. These pet wipes are made considering the hygiene of animals and can be used for dogs and cats; one can use them to clean the pet’s dander, dirt, and dust on them.

Diet of Emotional support animal:

Diet is essential for emotional support animals to keep them healthy and help their growth. An unhealthy diet can cause many hurdles, including behavioral changes and hygienic and health issues, and may lead your ESA to the hospital. Many brands are selling different pet food, which may vary in nutritional ingredients and quality.

If you are having trouble selecting pet food, you can consult an emotional support animal doctor to have some good suggestions. Pet food should complete all the factors necessary for a pet. It includes proteins and carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins in abundance. Sometimes a change in diet may cause animal allergy due to a change in ingredients. Keep an eye on it. So a healthy diet keeps your emotional support animal active and healthy.

Secure Environment:

Like everyone, emotional support animals also need to live in a safe and secure environment. It is helpful in their grooming, emotional well-being, and safety. Adult pets continue to explore more and more and sometimes find something to chew and eat.

It could be dangerous for them if they end up with a harmful thing or substance. It is found that young and small pets keep moving here and there to explore new things, so it is necessary to keep your surroundings clean for them. For example:

Keep away things with sharp edges, like knives, tools, and other objects. 


If dry food is included in the meals for emotional support animals, ensure abundant fresh water. Keep a bowl full of water at the place where an ESA eats food. It can maintain hydration. Different animals respond differently to water.

Dogs are easy to get to the water, whereas cats are difficult to get to. It is seen that animals feel happy drinking water from fountains, so keeping this in mind, some owners also try this concept. Keep your emotional support animal hydrated. It will keep them active and is good for their health.

Regular Checkups:

It would be best if you regularly visit an ESA doctor for a good, healthy life for your emotional support animal. Frequent checkups are helpful; doctors can suggest the best advice and treatments, including vaccination, to keep your emotional support animal healthy. 

It will save you from different sudden problems. Before you consult a doctor for your ESA, maintain a list of the activities that your ESA pet does, like noting down the routine, meals, and social and uncommon behavior. It will help with medication. There are some online taxi services you can use online to get your ESA pet to the doctor.


Emotional Support Animals provide the best companionship and help reduce tension, anxiety, depression, and loneliness. We must take care of them. This blog revealed the key factors to keeping an ESA healthy and active. Regular exercise keeps them motivated and active, so take them with you when you go out for a walk. 

For grooming, give them regular baths and maintain their hygiene. Use pet wipes to clean dust and dirt. Keep an eye on their diet. Diet should be full of nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and other necessary compounds like carbohydrates, etc. it will help them grow healthy. 

Change in pet food is sometimes allergic to animals, so in this case, contact the vet. Keep them hydrated and put some water near the place where they use to eat food. Provide them with the best suitable environment so they can move easily and keep thorny and sharp tools and objects away from them.

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