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Emotional Support Animal Help With Stress

How an emotional support animal can help you with stress?

As per the 2010 Stress in America survey by the American Psychological Association, stress is becoming a public health crisis countrywide. And, about 44 percent people reported increased stress levels over the past five years.

Animals provide companionship and emotional support to help people deal with their mental health conditions. These animal companions (also called emotional support animals) have been getting popular as natural stress relievers in recent years.

Like many, you might have the question—how living with dogs, cats, etc. can help you manage stress?

Read on to get the answer.

Emotional support animals reduce blood pressure
Spending time with pets enables you to lower your blood pressure levels and improve the overall health. The inside story is that happy talk or laughter around dogs, cats, etc. can help you release hormones, which help in reducing blood pressure.

Thinking positive and happy thoughts when talking to your pet at home may seem silly to many, but it really works for easing stress levels.

ESAs relax their owners
This is another good reason why ESAs are considered the best, natural stress-relievers. Being around with dogs or cats make you feel happy, entertained and relaxed.

Give your dog a head massage—it will relax the animal and releases feel-good endorphins in you as well.

Animals change your thoughts about stressful situations
Animals help people decrease reactions to stressful situations. In a study by the University at Buffalo, the participants were asked to solve a mental arithmetic task in two situations—in front of their pets and spouses. Researchers noticed that participants showed smaller increase in blood pressure levels when they were with animals.

According to Dr. Beck’s research, watching a fish right before going to the dental clinic can help patients reduce stress about the dental procedures.

ESA owners are less likely to feel lonely
Loneliness is one of the main contributors to stress. Being with an emotional support animal make you busy and encourage friendly interactions with other people.
For example, if a stranger saw you in the street, he will walk over. But, if you were with your emotional support animal, he will say, “what a cute dog.”

Emotional support animals Improve relationships
No matter the reason, stress can negatively affect relationships. Having an emotional support animal at home can help you reduce stress levels, thus improving relationships.

Who you are, what you’re wearing… your pet doesn’t care all these things. All they want is to play with you and being around you. And, this carefree, entertaining attitude make most of the pet owners forget tensions, encouraging them to live in the moment.

A 1997 study conducted at the University of School of Nursing concluded that animals can teach valuable things such as patience and help restore mental energy. Also, taking care of a pet make you more responsible along with stimulating the feelings of companionship, trust, etc.

So, the bottom line is—having a dog/cat at home can make you feel good, reducing the stress levels. To avoid any pet restrictions in housing or flying, register your pet and receive an emotional support animal letter today!

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