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Register Cat as an ESA

Register Cat as an Emotional Support Animal And Enjoy A Complete Health Package

Register cat as an emotional support animal? Are you kidding me? Cats seem so dangerous? Aren’t they related to tigers? How can they provide any kind of therapy or support? A lot of questions comes in the mind of patients looking for the best companion to support them emotionally. Unlike what you think, emotional support cats provide the same companionship and support as any other emotional support animal. The people who are afraid of cats or are not “cat people” might not understand their importance as a therapy animal. But, mental health professionals confer that cats can be immensely beneficial as an ESA. So, if you are still juggling between “Can a cat be an emotional support animal?”, here are some benefits of choosing emotional support cats.

Cats For Emotional Support

Having cats as an emotional support animal does not help you, superficially. Instead, it gives a sense of relaxation and triggers calmness in your mind. And all the changes occur from a cellular level. 

Register Cat as an Emotional Support Animal And Enjoy A Complete Health Package

Petting a cat releases the “bliss molecules or hormones” inside our body. One of the molecules, oxytocin, helps to decrease any chances of developing stress or anxiety by inducing calming effects significantly. Furthermore, this hormone induces feelings of trust and love. So, if you are going through any emotional times that are difficult to handle. You can pet your cat and work on your emotions successfully. They won’t judge you or make you feel small at any time. Hence, reducing any chances of developing anxiety or depression. 

Another molecule that provides a sense of companionship is serotonin. This neurochemical helps to induce happiness. Thus, making you less stressed and boost your mood simultaneously. In short, you don’t feel alone or depressed whenever you will be around emotional cats. So, if you are thinking of registering cats as an emotional support animal, it will turn out to be a great idea to support your mental health. 

Cats For Physical Health 

If you think having a cat will only benefit your mental health. That’s not entirely true. Cat owners tend to have a better life in terms of physical health, as well. In fact, various studies confirmed that owners of cats tend to have lower blood pressure as compared to the ones who don’t own any cat. Also, studies indicate that if you have a cat with you, risks of stroke decreased by multiple folds. 

A study by the University of Minnesota Stroke Institute in Minneapolis shows that people who don’t own cats are likely to die from heart attacks that too 30-40% more than the ones who have emotional cats. Petting or loving cats naturally decreases the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol that contribute to a plethora of cardiovascular disorders. 

register my cat as an emotional support animal

Plus, playing with your emotional support cat will make you feel more energetic on a personal level. Thereby leaving any scope of negativity to affect your life in any way. 

Cats For Social Health 

Imagine a scenario where a person is entering a party with his/her Persian cat. Wouldn’t you make an effort to reach out to that person, solely because the cuteness attracted you? That’s how cats can be excellent conversation starters. That too, without uttering a single word. 

A study confirmed that women feel more attracted to men with emotional support cats. Guys, did you listen to that? People often relate the characteristics of Intelligence and sensitivity with the ones owning emotional cats. Plus, you don’t feel alone. Who can be? When you are going to be surrounded by people wanting to talk with you. Wish to make an impact? Register cat as emotional support animal and make your mark. 

Now that we have established the scientific reasons behind registering a cat as an emotional support animal. Here are some more benefits that make cats as an incredible support system and a perfect ESA. 

Cats Are Fairly Easy as a Companion

Unlike dogs, cats are pretty much independent by nature. So, you will not have to invest a lot of time or attention towards them regularly. This is good for the ones who live a hectic life professionally. And have to sometimes live away from home for long hours together. Your emotional support cat won’t feel lonely at all. In fact, she can spend most of her time sleeping on a couch. But, they can be mischievous at the same time. Making you burst into laughter with their cute little trivial playtime activities. They will always keep you on your toes when you are up for a fun session. Making them one of the most affectionate emotional support animals. 

esa cat registration

Cats Are Easier Travel Mates 

Cats are quite compact and portable as compared to emotional support dogs. So, if you are planning an outing or a vacation, there will be nothing better than being with your emotional cats. Their carriers are also very portable for any kind of travel. No-fuss at all. Therefore, if you register cats as an emotional support animal, you are actually making your life much more comfortable without any more stressors. However, make sure it behaves well. Or else your tickets might get canceled right on the spot. 

Cats Are Perfect For Rented Accommodation

You will find yourself in a dilemma of “what to do” and “what not to do” when finding renting accommodation for yourself. Usually, landlords avoid keeping any regular pets. But, if you have emotional support cat registration, the Fair Housing Act allows you to live with your emotional support cat without any discrimination. And cats are a perfect choice if you don’t want to concern yourself with any cleanliness issues. They are comparatively clean animals, unlike dogs. 

Cats Are Perfect Indoor Pets

Emotional support cats are a perfect answer if you are looking for a house pet as your ESA. And some breeds are actually pretty suited to being indoors without creating any ruckus. They are completely chilled out and one of the most affectionate breeds with incredible temperaments for handling any panic situation. They will be your companions any time of the day you need them without creating any commotion. Therefore, if you register a cat as an emotional support animal, it will be beneficial for you in many ways. 


If you have an emotional disability such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and others, having an emotional support cat by your side will help you transform your dull and lonely life into more enjoyable and comfortable. So, registering a cat as an emotional support animal will be one of the most effective choices for being with your companion without any hassles. 

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