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Thanksgiving ESA

4 Ways to Keep The Holiday Spirit Alive Post Thanksgiving With Your ESA

Now that we have filled our bellies with turkey and expressed our thanks to our loved ones, it’s time to prepare for all the festivities that await us in the next month. With the end of Thanksgiving, it’s only the start of the holiday season. But, there are still a few days until the final day. Also, with the third wave of coronavirus hitting the country, there isn’t much that you can do to keep the celebrations going until New Year’s. So, before December comes, how do you keep the holiday spirit alive? Well, your ESA can be of great help. 

Emotional Support Animals are not just your partner for low times, they are also the perfect company to cheer up the atmosphere. And I’m sure that they can serve the same purpose as the decorations and a Christmas Tree. So, I have a few ways that can help you spend time with your ESA and maintain the holiday spirit.

I’m sure you are enjoying the happiness and cheer in the safety of your home.

Prepare Gifts For Your ESA

Each year, you prepare special gifts for your family members and closest friends. Well, this year, why not add your ESA to the list? They help you get through the toughest times. Give your hugs and kisses when you are depressed. Relieve your exhaustion from working all day and be the best cuddling partners. They deserve a gift for keeping you sane all the time. 

4 Ways to Keep The Holiday Spirit Alive Post Thanksgiving With Your ESA

You can try cooking special treats for them. From peanut butter biscuits to turkey balls, try them all. Keeping up with the Christmas theme, you can also make a tiny ornament for them and fill it with a new chewy toy or a colorful ball that they can chase all day. 

Have a Photo Shoot With Your Pet

Everyone loves dog and cat photos, so why not shower your family and friends with your pet’s beautiful photographs. You can dress up your pet as Santa or a Gingerbread and capture the moment. Making the sets for the photoshoot and dressing up your pet will keep you in the holiday mood without fail. Since there won’t be any extravagant celebrations this year because of COVID-19, you can add the pictures on your digital photo cards and impress your loved ones. 

4 Ways to Keep The Holiday Spirit Alive Post Thanksgiving With Your ESA

To make it more interesting, you can even turn it into a photo contest among all your family members with pets. And unanimously choose a winner. 

Binge Watch All Holiday Movies

When holidays come knocking on your door, you cannot miss watching the holiday classics. It’s like a ritual that must be followed. So, until we reach Christmas, get snug in your bed with your ESA and have a movie marathon. From the classics like Home Alone and The Grinch to A Christmas Story and Elf, you can pick one movie every day from the long list of holiday movies. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

4 Ways to Keep The Holiday Spirit Alive Post Thanksgiving With Your ESA

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Also, do not forget to make some snacks that you and your ESA can share. A bag of unsalted popcorn is perfect. 

Shop The Black Friday Sale Together

What is the most exciting thing after Thanksgiving? Black Friday sales! Every store in the world puts up new offers and huge discounts. Since leaving your home is not a wise move, try scrolling through the different sales with your ESA. This way, you will get to make new additions to your closet and spend time with your ESA as well. 

4 Ways to Keep The Holiday Spirit Alive Post Thanksgiving With Your ESA

It’s also a good time to get your ESA certified. You won’t have to leave your home as you can get your emotional support animal letter online within a few minutes. And if you apply now, you may even find some discounts on medical services. 

So, are you ready to don yourself in the holiday spirit of cheer and happiness? If yes then get your ESA along and begin your countdown for the holidays together. 

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