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5 Best Emotional Support Cat Breeds for Small Apartments

You will be surprised to know that anxiety disorder is one of the most serious mental health issues affecting 19.1% of the adult U.S. population every year. Yes, you read that right. Do you also often feel sad or panic without any reason? Do you often feel exhausted? Do you often experience heart palpitations? Do you often experience mood swings?  If the answer to any of the questions is yes, then you are at a higher risk of mental illness. Feeling tired, pounding heart, and getting restless are some of the common symptoms of mental illness.

Mental illness is defined as a range of mental health conditions or disabilities affecting your overall health, including your mood, thinking, and behavior. Anxiety disorder, depression, and panic attacks are some of the most common examples of mental illness.

No need to worry. You will be happy to know that most mental health conditions are treatable. While seeking medical help, listening to music, and doing exercise are some of the ways to get rid of mental illness. However, getting an Emotional Support Animal is one of the effective ways to beat any mental health conditions. To people’s knowledge, ESAs are therapy animals that offer emotional and mental support to patients suffering from loneliness, depression, or other mental disabilities.

From dogs to cats, rabbits, pigs, and many other animals qualify to be an Emotional Support Animal. But cats are one of the best ESAs that can enlighten your life. Do you live in a small apartment?

Worried about getting a cat due to space issues? No worries

Keep reading the blog to know what makes cats the best ESAs and also learn about the top emotional support cat breeds for smaller spaces.

Why Are Cats Best Emotional Support Animals?

Cats work wonders for patients suffering from anxiety, depression, or other mental health conditions. Due to their docile nature, they make perfect ESA for patients who need emotional support, care, and love. These tiny four-legged companions exude a vibe of complete and utter calm. Furthermore, due to their unique and bright personality, they can be the perfect source of unlimited entertainment and laughter.

Also, they are small in size and are clean, silly, and adorable all at the same time. Unlike dogs, cats require less maintenance and attention.

However, with a plethora of cat breeds available in the market, it can be difficult to settle for one. No worries, keep reading the blog to learn about some emotional support cat species that are ideal for small apartments.

Emotional Support Cats

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5 Best Emotional Support Cat Breeds for Small Apartments

Cats may not take up enough space, but not all of them are ideal options to get fit in a small apartment. For instance, some over-energized breeds like Bengal cats, though smaller in size may feel cramped and uncomfortable in your small apartment.

If you’re looking for a friendly emotional support cat breed that will be happy and comfortable with the size of your small space, look no further than this list of the best emotional support cat breeds for small apartments.

1) American Shorthair

As the name suggests, American Shorthair is one of the popular medium-sized emotional support cat breeds hailing from the USA. They don’t need much space as long as they are getting all the love and attention. Though they are not so clingy, they love to cuddle and are known to be a great listener.

Some other reasons to choose apartment-dwelling American Shorthair are

  • A versatile and adaptable breed that can live anywhere.
  • An ideal choice for kids who need extra care and emotional support.
  • Doesn’t require high maintenance
  • Calm nature, so you need not worry about them messing up your home when you are not around.
  • Friendly and playful nature.
  • Less vocal than other cat breeds

2) Persian Cat

If you are looking for a relaxed and peaceful roommate, a Persian cat is an ideal choice to share your private space with.

Known for its introverted nature, beauty, and attractive features, the Persian cat is one of the well-known breeds perfect fit for apartment life. This easy-going cat is less snoopy as compared to their kitty fellows.

These kitties are known to show unconditional love, affection, and companionship to anyone. Some other reasons to choose the Persian cat are

  • Calm and composed, making them the perfect bet for small apartments.
  • Do not crave exciting activities like running or jumping. Instead, they like to be pampered.
  • May appear shy at the first glance. However, once they get comfortable with you, these cats show love and affection.

Though Persian cats are a little expensive and require little grooming, it is a worthy sacrifice to have a stable state of mind.

3) Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is one of the large breeds that you wouldn’t expect to fit into your smaller space. However, this laidback and relaxed cat is happy and comfortable in any space whether small or big.

As the name suggests, a ragdoll loves to relax and stay like a doll in its owner’s arms. Rather than climbing on your bookshelves or couches, ragdoll prefers to stay close to its favorite person.

Some other reasons to choose ragdoll are

  • These puppy cats tend to stay close to their owners, hence offering the emotional support and care you crave.
  • Great social skills
  • Get well with everyone, even with dogs.
  • Gentle and playful nature

Emotional Support Cat

4) Russian Blue

Are you an introvert? Looking for a cat species that is less demanding and more affectionate? Then, Russian Blue is the best option to choose as an ESA.

The Russian Blue is a small and quiet breed, making it an ideal match for apartment living. Some other reasons to choose Russian Blue are

  • Empathetic and affectionate breed.
  • Great athlete, playful, and offers good company.
  • The epitome of cuteness and elegance.
  • Great support for anyone seeking emotional support.
  • Super intelligent and caring nature.
  • Clean and hygienic.

Although they have an introverted nature, you can count on them to get some peace of mind.

5) Maine Coon

Known to be one of the largest cat breeds, Maine Coon is another popular emotional support animal that offers emotional comfort and support.

These cats are a great stress-reliever to someone suffering from immense stress and anxiety.

Due to their large size, you may think that they won’t fit your small apartment. However, this is not true. They’re super relaxed and enjoy lying around.

Some other reasons to choose Maine Coon are

  • Loves socializing and quickly forms bonds.
  • Easy to train them.
  • Intelligent enough to predict their owner’s moods.
  • Sweet, cool, and friendly temperament.

Though Maine Coon needs grooming because of its fluffy fur, the satisfaction of hugging and cuddling will pay off for any odds.

In the end…

Do watching cat videos or reels often make you happy? If yes, imagine what a real cat does. Nothing can provide you mental peace and stability better than the companionship of a sweet cat. There’s no reason why people living in apartments can’t enjoy staying happily with cats.

Just like other Emotional Support Animals, cats also provide immense love and compassion to help you get some relief from mental illness.

In fact, a cat can hasten your mental wellness the same as a dog. If you ever crave companionship or emotional support, then getting a cat as an ESA is the best choice to make. Perhaps, the only thing that they need in return is a little pampering, treats, and care.

Choose the best cat breed as per your space, personality, and budget. Planning to invite a cat as an Emotional Support Animal into your life? If yes, approach My ESA Doctor to get an Emotional Support Animal letter from a highly qualified doctor within 24 hrs.

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