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Emotional Support Cat

Major Reasons Why You Should Get an Emotional Support Cat Today

Living with a cat can improve your life. Studies show that they provide the ultimate relief from common mental illnesses such as stress and anxiety.

Cats are easier to care than dogs, making them perfect companions for people living alone. They don’t need to be taken for walks every day, although many people enjoy taking them outdoors. These are some reasons why many people prefer making cats their emotional support animals.

In this post, we are going to talk about the major benefits of having an emotional support cat at home.

You Will Have a Healthier Heart

Living with an emotional support cat is good for your heart. In fact, cats reduce your stress levels and they are relatively low-maintenance as compared to dogs. Cats usually take care of themselves while you need to feed dogs according to their routines.

Studies say that cat ownership can reduce the risks of a heart attack & other cardiovascular diseases. Researchers have found that cat owners have a 30 percent risk of death from a heart attack as compared to non-owners.

Provides You Companionship

Cats are perfect companions. They help you fight loneliness, which is one of the major reasons for depression. In fact, some studies say that having a cat is similar to having a romantic partner.

Some experts believe that cats are beneficial for individuals who are socially isolated. They provide light exercises to keep their handlers active.

Unlike dogs that need regular attention, cats won’t bother if their owners need a break from being with them.

Boosts Your Sleep

Sleep improves overall wellness. According to the Sleep Foundation, adults aged 24-64 years require 7-9 hours of sleep daily. Lack of sleep can interfere with your daily life activities.

Cats reduce stress along with bringing comfort and warmth, thus helping you sleep quickly. Some studies have found that people prefer sleeping with their cats over partners. There’s scientific evidence that pets help their owners sleep better.

The CDC estimates that about half of the pet owners in America share their sleeping spaces with them.

Reduces Your Stress Levels

There’s no doubt that petting any animal can help you boost overall mental wellness, so cats are no exception. Cat owners agree that running their fingers through furs and keeping these furry felines into their laps actually provide calming effects.

In fact, cats make you feel valued by listening to your spoken thoughts and playing fun games with you.

Research says that spending time with cats provides a sense of comfort and relieves everyday stress. Cats can play a vital role in distracting you from worries, negative emotions and tensions. Moreover, they can reduce blood pressure levels.

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Helps Boosting Relationships

People who live with emotional support cats may see improvements in human-human relationships. There’s no doubt that pets are perfect social catalysts and play an important role in boosting social interactions.

Researchers have reported that individuals who own cats like and trust other people more than non-pet owners. Thus, if you are a cat person, chances are more that you will consider others like you. What’s more? Those who watch cats videos regularly feel more socially supported.

Moreover, kids who are attached to cats are more likely to communicate well with others.

Reduces Risks of Allergies

According to a news release by the National Institute of Health, children under a year old raised with two or more dogs or cats are less likely to develop allergic diseases than those raised without pets.

Exposure to pets early in life not only ensures protection against pet allergies but common allergies, such as allergies to grass, ragweed, dust mites, etc. as well.

Some researchers have found that having a pet early in life can ensure protection from allergies later in childhood.

Taking Care of Your Emotional Support Cat

Cats are intelligent pets, which are easy to take care of. Here are some tips to keep your emotional support cat happy and healthy-

  • Visit a veterinary clinic regularly (at least 4 times a year). Get your pet regular vaccination, screening from ticks, fleas, etc.
  • Provide healthy food, but make sure you keep the portions controlled as free-feeding may lead to weight gain and increase the risks of various health issues.
  • Keep the litter box clean and place it at the same place daily.
  • Exercise your emotional support cat regularly. Provide a variety of toys and let them play outdoors
  • Give love and attention to meet your cat’s emotional needs.

How to Get an Emotional Support Cat Letter?

To get an emotional support cat letter, you need to talk to a licensed mental health professional. At My ESA Doctor, you can apply for your ESA letter online in a few minutes. The process involves the following steps-

  • Register your account online
  • Submit a form providing your medical and personal details
  • Talk to a therapist via video call
  • If approved, you will receive your emotional support cat letter via email

By getting an ESA letter, you can legally live with your cat in an apartment without paying extra pet deposits under the Fair Housing Act (FHA). Your landlord may ask you to prove your disability and requirement for pet therapy, but can’t deny you housing.


Cats are friendly companions, which provide the ultimate relief from stress, anxiety, and depression. For an individual who lives alone, and is looking for a loyal friend, an emotional support cat can be an ideal companion. Studies show that cats provide comfort and warmth, thus helping people sleep quickly. Children who are exposed to cats in their early years are less likely to develop allergies.

Cats are low-maintenance animals who don’t require as much attention as dogs. However, they require regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy.

Want to live with your cat under the FHA? See a licensed therapist get an emotional support cat letter today.

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