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Emotional Support Cat Letter

How an Emotional Support Cat Letter Can Help you Manage Your Mental Condition?

Cats! What animals are these? Sometimes I think they are some aliens which are on this planet just to rule over us. They definitely rule over us. I have a cat so I know. But everything aside, the love and care they give are beyond a human’s capacity. That is probably why the concept of treatment with an animal came. So, yes I have an Emotional Support cat letter.

Do you?

If you are an owner of a cat, you would know what I am talking about. They can get away with anything. But their life, I sometimes feel envious of it. They sleep. Eat. and then do that in a loop. And here we are, get up in the morning. And not the afternoon morning, but the morning-morning. Then travel to the other side of the city to listen to the boss rant about our poor performance. Come back at night, yes night night, and then surrender to sleep.

No, this doesn’t happen to me. I am just saying…


Exactly! Life has become a broken cassette tape. Do you remember those?

Well, the millennials wouldn’t know much of it, but before your pen drives were CDs and before that were cassettes. When they malfunctioned, they used to play the same thing on a loop. And that is what life has become.

Do you feel the same?

Mine is a rumbling machine. If it was on her she would change the wifi password and not tell me. Sometimes I actually feel like she does own me and not the other way around.

Now they are very different animals. Some people do take them as rude and offensive. Okay yes, I somewhat agree with you on that but they do have their own way of showing love. Get your emotional support cat certification with an Emotional support cat letter and live and fly with your cat hassle-free.

Here are 4 ways they show love to you.  


Have you heard that vibrating and mumbling sound that your emotional support cat produces? They produce it when they are happy. So, whenever they do that to you, it is actually love and happiness that they are purring.


What is that they love? Well, sleep is one thing that they cannot live without. They show their love by sleeping on you. Oh yes! They do that often right. They will come to you and will sleep wherever they find a place. Living with would be just so much fun. Live hassle-free with your cat with an emotional support cat letter. How good would that be?


Those Eyes:

These are pretty famous, right? They can make you do anything with those eyes. But they also love with their eyes. Well, they do have eyes bigger than many other animals but they make full use of it. So, next time when they show those lovable eyes, smile and feel lucky to be on the receiving end of unconditional love.


It is when your cat rubs its cheeks or forehead against you or anything. This is a gesture of love and happiness that cats do. It’s their way of leaving their scent on you as of marking their territory. Great, right?

Emotional Support Cats

Yes, the concept has gone viral. And rightly so, medically it is proven that emotional support animals are great for the health of their owners. When a person is suffering from psychological disorders, ESAs prove to be very beneficial as they help the person remain calm and give them the happiness that they so desire.

The thing is animals know a lot about love and selfless care than humans can ever comprehend. So, if or when a condition makes you lonely, it is the animals who will be your comfort and enrich you with a companionship you so desire.

Yes, they can’t speak our language, but they sure know how to talk love. That is what they are skilled at. And here is where we make full use of their characteristic by making them emotional support animals.

So, that is true, love is mightier than any medication.

With an emotional support cat registration, there are some perks that come along with it. The government has made some laws that help a person getting an ESA letter.

Let’s take a look at them:

Flying with your cat:

When are you trying to fly with your cat?

Oh yes! Not just fly but fly in-cabin with your cat. Yes, so if you feel anxious or lonely while traveling you can get an Emotional support cat letter and travel with your lovely furry little pet without paying any extra fees.

The Air Careers Access Act allows people suffering from mental conditions to board the flight with their emotional support cats. So, without paying any extra charges, you can enjoy the journey by petting your cat while it sleeps so calmly on your lap.

But then again, there are some things that one has to keep in mind when traveling with an emotional support cat. It is important to keep your cat’s behavior in check and make sure that it doesn’t cause any disturbance to the fellow passengers. If your cat suffers from social anxiety then they might cause havoc in the flight, so make sure you take utmost care of your emotional support cat when in flight.

How an Emotional Support Cat Letter Can Help you Manage Your Mental Condition?

Living with your cat:

Living with an emotional support cat could be a cause of conflict with you and the landlord. Emotional support cat housing laws require the landlord or property manager to make suitable accommodations for your cat.

Though ESA laws may not be of your help in some cases like when the building is less than four units and the landlord is using one of the units. So, make sure these conditions are satisfied and you may have no hassles living with your pet.

And, yes you don’t have to pay any pet deposits or fees to your landlord for living with your cat. Neither do you need to train your cat. People suffer from this misconception that a cat should be trained to get an emotional support cat letter. But they fail to realize that unlike humans they don’t need a selfish reason or training to be an emotional support provider.


With an emotional support cat letter, the law protects you from any discrimination on the basis of your disability or emotional/mental condition. So, if you are suffering from a condition and want to live with your emotional support cat, your landlord cannot discriminate or single you out on the basis of your ailment.

But, why do you need an emotional support cat?

Though, emotional support animals could be any animal that provides emotional and psychological support to a person suffering from a mental condition like a rabbit, dog, cat, pig, even snake, etc. The most common are dogs and cats.

So, you are a cat person, I assume.

Cats are actually ideal for those who need emotional support. They provide their owners with comfort and love without asking for nothing but undisturbed sleep. They are intelligent, affectionate, compassionate, and calm. The perfect medicine you need.

How an Emotional Support Cat Letter Can Help you Manage Your Mental Condition?

Medical Benefits

Yes, life can be difficult to cope up with. You never know what will happen next. But all you could do is travel the road and hope to find your destination. But in that, there may be moments or parts of the journey where you feel like going offroad, there you need compassion and support to help you through the rough roads.

Emotional support cats are medically proven to help a person manage depression and anxiety. Not just these but various other psychological and emotional conditions can be treated with the help of these cute furballs.

All you need is to get an emotional support cat letter and manage your condition with the support and care of these beautiful creations of God. Oh yes! Actually, not just cats but all animals, in that case, resonate more with humanity than humans itself. Great irony!

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