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Emotional Support Dog Breeds

Top 7 Breeds of Dogs to Consider When Choosing as Your ESA

Bradley Cooper, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Ryan Gosling, and even Britany Spears. Do you know apart from a huge fan base, what they all have in common? It is their affection for the ESAs. They acknowledge their loving pets as the key to true happiness and constant support throughout their journey.

This is just one random example. In a complete overview, dogs are always considered as the best emotional support animals. They relieve the owner’s stress and offer affection which helps you to tackle the issues of PTSD, anxiety, and depression. However, a few of the breeds are better suited for this role because they have an inherent nurturing personality. 

Keeping that in mind, these are the 7 top breeds of dogs to consider for your emotional support dog registration:

Golden Retrievers

With a golden retriever, you find yourself perfect emotional support. They are easily trainable due to their eagerness. By nature, this breed is gentle and loyal, which makes them an excellent option for any person looking for an ESA. They are cheerful, dependable, and a perfect companion. 

Bernese Mountain Dogs

You will need pretty ample space to keep this breed at home. They grow big but have a beautiful heart and gentle nature. Their easy-going personality and loving disposition make them a wonderful ESA. All these traits make them very calming. Every time, you are around them, they offer comfort and relaxation to your mind. 

French Bulldogs

You might not think about a French bulldog when imagining an ESA. However, they have great traits to be your emotional support companion. The most striking feature is the comical expressions on a French bulldog’s face. They grow to a manageable size, which allows you to travel conveniently with them. This breed is highly popular these days among dog lovers. So, you can expect people to come to you and engage in a conversation. 


German Shepherds 

Also selected as service dogs, German Shepherds have proven their ability to offer emotional support as well. The grown ones have imposing, big size, which makes them very useful for people dealing with anxiety-related issues. German Shepherds provide a sense of protection. Other great traits of this breed include eagerness and intelligence. They love engaging with the humans they love. With some basic training, they wonderfully provide emotional companionship, even in stressful travel conditions and crowded public spaces. 

Collie Dogs

A collie would keep checking on you to ensure that you are secure and happy. Collies easily pick even the subtle cues of their loved ones being anxious, stressful, or sad. So, they quickly come into contact to offer you some comfort. Being a herding type of breed, they are pretty active. And that makes them a perfect distraction for anxious or depressed people who constantly find themselves in a loop of unwanted thoughts. The agility is excellent in this breed, which makes them a source of enjoyment and emotional stability for people. 


People with social anxiety issues find pugs a comforting dog breed to carry around. They are small, cute bundle of joy that you can rely on in stressful situations. They look small but weigh more than many people would think. This allows the owners to feel more grounded when they feel the weight on their laps. If you struggle to focus in anxious situations, a pug sitting on your lap would surprisingly improve your condition. 


Corgi is another excellent breed of dogs you can trust for emotional support. A corgi is highly affectionate towards humans and other dogs as well. No matter what your age is, this intelligent breed will be a suitable choice as an ESA. They are easy to train and listen to their masters. They invest a lot of time in attracting your attention, with different activities. So, you won’t be getting a dog that stays on its bed or your bed all the time. You can benefit from this breed to tackle depression and other associated conditions. 

Yorkshire Terriers 

They might have a small size, but Yorkshire Terriers are fearless and extremely active. They ask for your attention all the time, which allows you to have an emotional direction in life. At the same time, these dogs give back love and care in tenfold. They choose one closest loved one and offer an intense level of loyalty. Traveling won’t be a problem with this breed of dog. So, you can have your emotional companion on flights and in other travel situations as well. 


Although huskies have an age-old history as a working dog, they are becoming highly popular as ESAs. They have a unique personality to make you feel safe and loved at the same time. They are very protective of the people they love the most and invite with their sweet love. 

Now, you can choose any of the mentioned breeds or look for any other dog breed of your choice. However, look for the personality traits highlighted in this post to find a wonderful ESA.

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