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Emotional Support Animals - Rabbit

Can a Rabbit Be an Emotional Support Animal?

Even if we have people around us all the time, it can often get difficult to handle the emotions and difficult situations in life. Anxiety, stress and depression creep in and therapy remains the last resort. In this case, where conventional treatments can help bring you back up, an emotional support animal can also provide the emotional aid you need.

Although the majority is inclined towards getting dogs or cats as their emotional support animal, some even choose to have rabbits to deal with their day to day mental and emotional problems. But, can a rabbit be an emotional support animal? Well, some studies show that rabbits can be great for your mental health. Not convinced? Here are the reasons why you should consider getting a rabbit as your emotional support pet.

Can a Rabbit Be an Emotional Support Animal for Me?

emotional support rabbit

Yes, definitely. Animals, including a rabbit, can be your emotional support animal because they provide the compassion and care that you need to feel better.

Besides, there are other factors that will make you consider having emotional support rabbits. Here are a few-

Rabbits Are Low Maintenance

Rabbits, unlike dogs and cats, don’t demand a lot in terms of care. They don’t need to be taken out for walks, don’t need any fancy toys or equipment, and definitely do not require a lot of space. Just a litter box is all you need.

They will save you significant time, money and effort. Not everyone can afford the maintenance of dogs and cats. Be it because you live in a rented apartment or don’t have time, if you still need an ESA, rabbits can prove to be a great choice for you.

Rabbits Are Affectionate

Do we really have to explain how cute and loving rabbits are? These furry little creatures are so affectionate and full of personality that they will support you emotionally in the best way possible.

Whenever you feel low or anxious, even looking at them eating will help you get over that stressful thought. Holding them in your hands, talking and playing with them will help you divert your mind from triggering thoughts. And just like dogs, rabbits cuddle too. This type of affection is especially effective in calming the mind and driving away any emotional turmoil.

They Are Quiet

Not all people are comfortable with the incessant barking or clumsiness of dogs or cats. In this case, rabbits are a great choice as they are not loud. Rabbits are quiet creatures. They do not make any disturbing sound. If anything, you may hear some clucking when they fall asleep which may even be therapeutic for you. They may not speak or make noises but they sure are going to be responsive and this is something a lot of people like about rabbits. Especially if you have your landlord at your place and they don’t want your pet to cause any disturbance.

Emotional Support Rabbit Is Inexpensive

Rabbits are an affordable pet. While adopting from a shelter is inexpensive and the right thing to do, buying one from a pet shop will also cost you significantly less than a dog or cat. In addition to that, because they are low maintenance, you wouldn’t even have to spend a lot when taking care of a rabbit.

They Help You Socialize

We learnt this the hard way but not everyone is fond of cats and dogs. However, people don’t mind having small pets like rabbits around. After all, they are harmless little creatures that can fit in your hand or your bag. And like any other furry animal, rabbits attract the attention of people around who are always willing to give them a belly rub. This can be an added benefit of having an emotional support rabbit. They can help you socialize with people by breaking the ice. Rabbits are calmer than dogs and cats and therefore more approachable.

Things to Remember When Caring for an Emotional Support Rabbit

emotional support rabbit

Even though it seems to be a pretty easy job to have an emotional support rabbit, it is a living creature that surely will require some attention and care. It may not be as difficult as taking care of other demanding animals but still one should be considerate when it comes to bunnies.

    • Just because a rabbit is primarily an indoor animal does not mean you can simply lock them in a cage or at home. During the day, make sure that you let them roam around in an open room or an area that’s guarded so they do not escape.
    • Rabbits require frequent grooming sessions. If skipped, your place may start smelling. Now this is true for nearly all animals but in case of rabbits, you will have to be extra attentive. Clean them and their litter box from time to time so that you have a clean, smell free place.
    • Rabbits like exercising. They jump, play, and workout. Don’t try to stop them and there is absolutely no need to stress about it either. Working out is good for their health and your physical as well as mental health.
    • Take care of their diet and health. Rabbits like fibrous food, make sure you give them fresh leafy, fibrous food and clean water every day.
    • Stay in contact with a veterinarian that specializes in rabbits. Rabbits have a different system than cats and dogs so make sure the veterinarian you choose has some experience with rabbits.

So, do you think rabbits can be an emotional support animal? Well, considering all points, it is pretty clear that rabbits can do a great job being an ESA. However, make sure that if you have an emotional support rabbit, or any other pet that gives you emotional support, you need to get an ESA letter. You can apply for one at My ESA Doctor and enjoy all the benefits that ensue.

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