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Emotional Support Animal Letter For Depression

Emotional Support Animal Letter For Depression- How Does it Help?

Major depressive disorders are the leading cause of disabilities for ages 15 to 44. The constant feelings of rejection, the guilt of being a nobody makes more than 17 million adults feel restless or edgy most of the time. Conventional anti-depressants do offer a lot but are unable to deliver any effective results. So, patients are turning towards ESA letter for embracing different aspects of their lives with their pets.

An emotional support animal is any domesticated pet with the sole purpose of providing comfort and companionship. They can help you ease down feelings of stress, anxiety, and the state of despondency. In addition to that, they will transform your bad into good, and the lows into highs.

What Are The Benefits of Emotional Support Animal For Depression?

ESAs provide comfort, support, and unconditional love to their keepers. In short, they are your lucky charms that bring a whole bunch of new prospects in your life. Being around them helps you to snap out of any negative situation easily. Here is how they will help to bring happiness along with comfort in your moments of distress.

Emotional Support Animals Never Let You Feel Lonely

Imagine you came back from work, tired and frustrated from a bad day at work. In a normal scenario, you will keep repeating those negative thoughts in your mind. Now think of a completely different screenplay, you came back from work dejected and concerned. And your emotional support dog comes running to you and starts giving those sloppy kisses and ask for a belly rub. How would you feel? Happy and connected.

Those odd pillow fights or playtimes will make your life a little less complicated. Plus, they will help to combat the feelings of loneliness pretty easily. It’s would be like you have a toddler running around the place making funny faces, teasing you with different things. Owners will start feeling important about themselves and this will eventually lower their depressive feelings.

Emotional Support Animals Are A Storehouse of Affection And Love

Animals have an innate ability to make people happy. They provide you with unconditional love without even asking for it. It is something that people with depressive disorders need. Plus, they are a complete distraction. And help their owners to avoid thinking about the symptoms or any negative thoughts.

Emotional Support Animals Help to Create a Routine

Depressed patients often are couch-locked. They don’t feel like doing anything for most parts of their day. But, with an emotional support animal, you will be responsible for a living being. You need to feed, play, care, or nurture your pet. Although, they never ask for it, giving them love and care is your responsibility as well.

Emotional Support Dog

Such day-to-day tasks will help to set a routine for yourself. This will help you understand that you also have a role to play in somebody’s life. All this will add a positive change in your life that will be effective in managing your depression.

Emotional Support Animals Help to Create Interpersonal Relations

In the age of Facebook, Instagram creating a relation offline seem to be challenging. Emotional support animals will help to remind you that life is more important than technology. They will give you a snapshot of living with a companion and how it can make you feel loved. And that real world is any day better than making any connections online.

Emotional Support Animals Reduce The Feelings of Sadness

Depression patients often feel low with feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, or sometimes even suicidal thoughts. With emotional support animals around you, will help you reduce any chances of feeling low at any point. Simple stroking will trigger a calming effect. Besides that, cuddles with your ESA will boost your spirits or mood simultaneously.

In short, having an ESA by your side will enhance positivity in your life without investing much. A win-win situation. Your pet has a home and a caring owner and in return, they love you unconditionally and help to take you away from any negativity in life.

Emotional Support Animals Provide The Healing Power of Touch

Research studies claim that people feel better when there is some sort of physical contact. However, anyone suffering from depression denies the power of touch and starts making them confined to their rooms. With an emotional support animal around, you can get the power of touch quite easily.

Emotional support animals for depression are much more accessible and comfortable to deal with. You don’t have to do much. They will come running and help you with those cuddles, and big round eyes.

Emotional Support Animals Help to Induce Feelings of Contentment

When depressed, it becomes difficult for you to feel happy even in the vicinity of your favorite people. We already told you in the article that having emotional support animals helps you with depression. They induce a sense of responsibility and battle with depression by providing immense love and affection. They are the same qualities that will help you feel the emotions of contentment or fulfillment.

It does not mean that your problems will be solved in a blink. But, it will boost your energy that things will start falling in place within no time. At least, what you are getting is pure love with no chances of any adverse effects.

Emotional Support Animals Provide Physical Health Benefits

Scientific evidence proves the fact that pets help to reduce anxiety or stress by alleviating the emotional and psychological effects of depression. These mostly include reducing muscle tension, blood pressure, and heart rate. So, having an emotional support animal by your side will mitigate any negative effects pretty easily.

What Are The Best Emotional Support Animals For Depression?

One can feel happy and loved by any animal. But, experts and research studies confirmed the following are the best emotional support animals for depression.

Emotional Support Dogs For Depression

Emotional support dogs for depression are probably the best and most common types of animals preferred by many Millenials. One of the reasons for dogs being the favorite contender is because of their social and loyal nature. In addition to that, they are perfect companions for humans.

Plus, you will get to exercise and walk with the emotional support dog that will help you to socialize as well. So, if you ask anyone “can I get an emotional support dog for depression?”, the answer will always be “YES”.

Emotional Support Cats For Depression

They are often considered as an animal with no emotions. But, they are great as an emotional support animal. They don’t need constant help from you. If you are an introvert by nature, they will be your perfect mates. But, when you need it most, they can snuggle at the right moment. Also, they can make you smile with any trivial things such as playing with a shoelace. It will be so cute that you can’t resist a smile ever.

Emotional Support Rabbits For Depression

ESA rabbits are perfect companions for patients with issues of allergies. They are easily house-trained and don’t need much of an effort. Their docile nature makes them immaculate therapeutic aid for patients with depressive disorders. If you miss out on calmness, emotional support rabbits for depression will help you achieve that without any hassles.

Emotional Support Fish For Depression

If you don’t wish to add any responsibility, fishes can be your perfect companions. Watching them gliding through the waters create incredible calming effects. Using fish as an ESA for depression will help to solve most of your depressive symptoms.

PS- Even if you have the best emotional support animal for depression, it will not be a cure for your condition. They are the best therapy aids in adjunct with ongoing medical treatments. You should see a doctor first to decide the option.

How to Get an Emotional Support Animal Letter For Depression?

You need to have a qualifying medical condition to get an emotional support animal letter. A mental health professional (psychiatrist or psychologist) will decide if having an ESA will benefit your condition. And accordingly will decide if you can have an ESA letter.

Here is How you Can Get an Emotional Support Animal Letter for Depression.

  • Sign up, create an account, and answer the questionnaire.
  • Talk to a mental health professional via video call.
  • Receive your ESA letter via email. A hard embossed copy will reach you within 1-3 business days.

An ESA letter will be valid for a year. And you will not need any ESA registration. An ESA letter is all you require.

To Summarize The Benefits of Emotional Support Animals For Depression

Emotional support animals for depression offer a lot of therapeutic benefits besides being perfect companions and partners in times of need. In short, here is how they help patients with depression to get out of their feelings of sadness or guilt.

  • They never let you feel lonely.
  • They are a storehouse of affection and love.
  • They help to create a routine.
  • They help to create interpersonal relations.
  • They reduce their feelings of sadness.
  • They provide the healing power of touch.
  • They help to induce feelings of contentment.
  • They provide physical health benefits.

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