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Emotional Support Dogs on Instagram

Five Emotional Support Dogs on Instagram to Inspire You to Get an ESA Letter Right Now!

Suffering from a mental ailment but still don’t have an ESA letter? Well, that’s odd.

Do you need some inspiration? I mean, maybe, you want to get an ESA letter but are confused if you really should or not. Perhaps you think you’re not ready for the responsibility of a pet. Or maybe you are confused if an ESA will even help you find relief from your mental condition or not.

Well, there’s one place you may always head to for some inspiration- Instagram!

Hey, Instagram isn’t just for Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and likes. In fact, this social media platform today is filled with some really cute and funny pet pups that are being loved even more than these pop and rock stars. And you got to trust me on this-these canines aren’t famous just for being cute, but also for loving and supporting their hoomans with their mental health condition. These ESAs on Instagram are actually setting some extreme pet-pup goals today.

In need of some motivation to get an ESA for yourself? You gotta follow these five ESA pups on Instagram right now.

Lemon- @thee_doodle_lemon

emotional support animal

Ever thought of traveling with a pet companion? thee_doodle_lemon is the inspiration! This little doodle is gonna give you some extreme human-pet travel goals. I feel really jealous of how this pup has traveled so many places within just one year. And I’m 28, damn it!

Lemon loves traveling, and it has visited many beaches across the US. It also loves hiking and riding on boats. And it enjoys spending time with humans a lot. One of the best things about Lemon is that it’s really friendly, which you’d definitely want if you are getting an ESA.

Goose- @duck_dog_goose

Emotional support dog

“My name is Goose! I’m a perpetually confused, little Vizsla pupper with a BIG personality.”- Well, I definitely can’t introduce this ESA better than its own profile bio! This adventure lover vizsla is already entertaining more than 40,000 people on Instagram with its cute and funny gestures.

Wanna see something unique? Head to Goose’s highlights section. Goose loves balance stuff on its head and nose. And recently, it even helped its mom exercise during the lockdown. A true ESA, I’d say.

Baloo- @bully.baloo

emotional support animal

Baloo- the bunny-eared Bully, trust me, is one of the funniest ESAs I’ve ever seen on Instagram. Baloo was rescued by Bella Boone in November 2017 and is being loved by her and the world since then.  And well, Baloo too, in return, has been a fantastic companion for its mom over the years.

With a following of more than 167k, Baloo is one of the most popular ESAs on Instagram. It has even featured in Vogue, GQ, The Dodo, and many more.

Bella describes her ESA as a Chewer of feet, destroyer of toys, and breaker of stereotypes. And I’d say the description matches Baloo’s personality apt. Wanna get along with Baloo on its adventures? Follow @bully.baloo on Instagram now.


Brie and Sky-@briexsky.gsd

emotional support animal letter

Brie and Skye are the two german shepherd female sisters on Instagram giving you some serious pet goals. This adorable ESA duo loves traveling with each other and its owner, and have been to various places across the US. They also love playing catch ball and posing to their owner for pictures. Now, I don’t know if it’s the cuteness of pups or their owner’s photography skills, but the profile has some of the greatest pup pictures ever on Instagram. 

Not sure of getting even a single ESA? Trust me, Brie and Sky are going to inspire you to get two.

Noah And Lincoln- @noah_and_lincoln


Another ESA duo that’s been winning people’s hearts on Instagram since 2016. noah_and_lincoln have a following of more than 200k on Instagram and more than 2M on TikTok. These American bullies have also featured on the dodo, 9GAG, RightThisMinute, etc., and have won many pet competitions.

While browsing the profile, you’ll find many cute pictures of the duo dressed in different costumes. And I must say their style is amazing. I also love the way they pose with people for pictures. Noah and Lincoln both are great travel companions and have been on various successful trips with their owners. Just visit their profile once, and I bet you’ll lose your heart to them at the first glance.

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Well, wasn’t the list alluring enough? Trust me, if you have a mental health condition, a pet can be great for you. However, if you really want to keep it to support you all the time, you should apply for an ESA letter now. An ESA letter, as you perhaps know, is a letter signed by a certified mental health expert recommending an emotional support animal to you. And if you have this document, you even can live in a no-pet policy place and fly in-cabin with your pet without any restrictions. 

Five Emotional Support Dogs on Instagram to Inspire You to Get an ESA Letter Right Now!

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