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Make Your ESA Instagram Famous

4 Tips to Make Your ESA Instagram Famous

Owning a pet is nothing less than a blessing. Your furry animals will always be there for you whenever you are feeling low. These amazing creatures provide companionship, support, unconditional love, and loyalty. They also provide therapeutic relief, especially for mental and psychological issues. No wonder a lot of people choose to get an ESA letter. Just watching the funny and adorable videos and pictures of these furballs can cheer up your mood. But nowadays, it’s not just the medical world that is dominated by pets, they take over the digital world too.

Anyone using Instagram must have come across various accounts of cute and adorable pets. From Balloo to Dough the Pug, there is no lack of popular pets on social media. And if you own a pet, I’m sure that the idea of creating an Instagram account for them might have crossed your mind as well. Because pets are the new-gen influencers in the social media world. There are many Instagram celebrity pets like Maple and Morty (the two corgis), Tucker (the golden retriever) and Hamilton (the hipster cat) with more than a thousand followers. Looking at them, I always wondered about how these animals who do not even pay taxes become so cool with so many followers! Well, after some thought, I did crack the code.

So, based on my observation, I have prepared a few tips that can help you make your fur-pal Instagram famous. 

4 Tips to Make Your ESA Instagram Famous

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Be Consistent

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Consistency is the key when it comes to Instagram as its algorithms are constantly updated. The consistency in posting directly affects your engagement as it is the easiest way to receive more engagement. But you do not have to go overboard with it. No one enjoys going through 30 identical selfies of a dog or a cat. You can stick to a schedule of one or two posts per day. Your monetization also depends on how many views your posts are getting. So, the more posts you have, the higher will be the views and you’ll be able to earn some extra dollars too.

In addition to this, understand your Instagram insights to understand the optimal timing for you to post a picture or video of your fur-pal. Finding the most active time of the day will have a huge effect on the success of your account and the reach of your posts. 

Understand Your Audience

With Instagram, you get a global platform that enables you to engage with a wide range of people. Your audience doesn’t necessarily need to belong to your place of origin. So, when you start posting, get familiar with what your audience wants.

4 Tips to Make Your ESA Instagram Famous

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It takes time to define the target audience for your pet’s account. But soon you will start understanding what your audience likes and what kind of content you should post. If you are receiving more likes on a post where your dog is dressed up as Harry Potter, you have an idea about what your viewers like. So go ahead and create similar content. Also, as you start building your audience, you will have to schedule your posts. It will make the task of being consistent with posts easier. Try different times and understand what is working best for your engagement. With the help of all the statistics provided on an Instagram business account, you can make things easier for yourself.

Patience and Preparation

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It is not possible for everyone to afford to have a professional photographer. So, in that case, as the pet parent, you have to take this responsibility and start learning the skills (to some extent) of a professional photographer. Practice as much as you can and get familiar with your pet’s angels, and the perfect lighting that will help you have great photographs and videos of your pet.

Keep taking a lot of pictures, more than you think you will need. This will help you get that ‘one’ picture that you are looking for. And do not forget to reward your pets for behaving while on a shoot. They deserve the treats for being a good pet. One thing you should never do is to force your pets to shoot when they are not in the mood. Be patient with them and just let them enjoy the experience. Play around, cuddle and do whatever makes your pets happy. 

Identify The Personality You Want To Project 


You should first figure out what you want to show to your audience in terms of aesthetics and appeal. Some people may prefer a black and white aesthetic, while others like loud colors on their feed. You also need to figure out the unique point that you want to project to your audience. You can focus on your pet’s quirks and if that doesn’t work for you, concentrate on their habits. Anything that makes them stand out works great for this situation. Again, you should never force your pets to do anything, just heighten what they have got. 

The opportunity for pets to become Instagram famous is available for everyone, you just have to work hard and dedicate yourself to the craft. In addition to these tips, you have to invest your time to find success. Be consistent, patient, and keep loving your pet. Ensure you are in it for the right reasons and see yourself and your pet soar.

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