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Emotional Support Dog

How Your Emotional Support Dog Shows you their Affection

There are many in which we show love to our paw friends. But do you ever wonder how an emotional support dog reciprocates back?

Dogs are able to bond and communicate with us very clearly. They use their body language and vocals to tell us they love us.

Question is, are you listening?

Learn how your pooch tries to communicate with you below:

They Make Eye Contact
Looking in the eye may mean different things for us, but for dogs, it is definitely an intimate act. So if they come up to you and look straight at you, this shows a lot of attachment.

Eye contact releases oxytocin and helps you and your emotional support dog bond with each other. This doesn’t mean you hold down your pet and start staring at them. Just try to have a moment with them every now and then. Think of it as an exercise that builds trust over time.

Licking Their Way Through
Kissing is a universal symbol of love. And dogs are no different. If your pet drools their sloppy tongue all over you, they are just trying to say ‘I love you very much’.

Studies also show that dogs also lick to signal lower social status, so they may be trying to tell you that they agree with your authority.

Emotional Support Dog Love Leaning In
This is a very obvious gesture that dogs do if you have been trying to understand them. If they come and lean in with all their weight on you, they just want to show that they trust you implicitly. It’s just like a full-body hug.
Contrary to this, it may also mean that your dog is anxious about something or is trying to signify control. But, it’s easy to figure out what they mean with the amount of force they project on you. They are liking it if their body seems relaxed, with a slightly open mouth and a wagging tail.

Nosing and Sighing
A nose nudge is a dogs way of telling, hey, I’m really fond of you. These often come with a ‘I love you stare’. And then, do you notice the random times when they come up to you, stretch out and let out a long sigh?

That just shows a sign of contentment and happiness in your dog. These sighs and snuggles just mean that they feel comfortable and safe along with your side.

Bringing You Their Favorite Toy
If your pet brings you their favorite toy, it doesn’t always mean that they want to play fetch with you. It just means that they accept you as their pack leader and want to present you with their most prized possession.

They don’t care if it’s a half-eaten ball or a chewed toy, they just want to give you the honor. You don’t have to chew it back for them, but give them a cuddle and kiss session on the couch.

These are just a few proven ways to make out the love your pooch has for you. That being said, dogs have their own way of bonding with humans. Spending more time with them definitely helps you get more affection.

How does your pet show you they love you?

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