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What are the best emotional support dog breeds to have as family pets?

So your close-knit gang is about to get bigger with the addition of a new family member – a dog. Dogs are adorable and make great pets. In America alone, more than 50% of households have dogs as their pets. Dogs are great to teach your kids about cooperation, compassion, and responsibility – needless to say, they are the best companions anyone could ever ask for. Moreover, these days service dogs and emotional support dogs are also a thing!

But when it comes to choosing a dog for your family, things may get a bit complicated and difficult as there may be quite a few breeds to choose from.

And as a matter of fact, each breed comes with its own personality traits and appearances.

And of course, you want a breed that easily gets along with your kids and poses no serious threat to them.  

Factors on which you can choose great family dogs:

There are basically three major factors that help you choose a good family dog. The same characteristics also make these dogs the best emotional support dogs.

Temperament – Temperament is the personality of a dog breed. You should be looking for a breed that has a reasonable temperament. As an instance, a dog breed that has a lower temperament can easily bond with kids and prove to be a great companion.

Energy level – This actually depends on the preference of your family. Don’t choose an extremely energetic dog if you can’t cope with its needs and exercise demands. If you choose an energetic dog and can’t meet its needs, it will lead to behavioral problems in the long term.

Size – Size should be considered along with energy level and temperament of a dog breed. Some smaller dogs are energetic, while larger dogs can be docile.

List of top 6 dogs that are perfect for a family

  1. Beagle

Though beagles were bred to be hunters, they are one of the best breeds that you can get for your children. They don’t drool, don’t shed much and are moderately energized. They are considered to be sweet, gentle and loving breed which will protect and love each member of the family unconditionally.

  1. NewFoundLand

If you and your children are fond of large, lovable dogs, Newfoundland is the right breed for your family. Very well behaved and adorable too. Though they relatively shed more, it all disappears with their well-behaved and loving nature.

  1. Golden Retriever

Who doesn’t love these dogs? Retrievers are relatively large but are arguably the best family dog ever. This dog breed is friendly and is very popular among American Households. They are easy to train, even-tempered and smart. Golden retrievers are very energetic and require plenty of activity to keep them healthy.

  1. Bulldog

Despite bulldog’s fearless appearance, they make a great family pet. They are affectionate, loving and very sturdy and can easily adjust in smaller homes as well. However, they become slower and calmer as they grow old.

  1. Irish setter

Irish Setters are full of energy and thus demand a lot of exercise and activity. They are also very playful and are extremely amazing with children. However, they have shorter life spans. So it’s better to choose an Irish setter if your kids are in middle school and will soon be off to college.  

  1. Collie

Collie is a smart dog breed. They are loyal, well-behaved and even-tempered. If you are worried about all the fur and shedding, you will be glad to know they come in both “smooth” and “rough” varieties. So choose whichever suits you!

These dog breeds are great for families and help you teach your kids great life lessons. So spend time researching before you decide on a dog breed. Usually, these dog breeds are also the best emotional support dog breeds. Click here for more information about emotional support dog breeds.

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