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Make Living Easier With Your ESA

Tips To Help Make Living With Your ESA Easier

Once you have moved into an apartment courtesy of your ESA letter online. There is often the pain of having to acclimatize your emotional support animal to living the great apartment life.
A dog is an animal full of abundant energy, and small spaces can be quite constricting to their existence. But tough does not translate to impossible. Plus, who doesn’t love to stay with a furry four-legged companion?

Science has been clear about its findings. People who live with dogs have been found to live happier, healthier, longer lives.

Now to the apartment where you are cooping up, it might seem like a slightly constricting undertaking, but by the end of this article, you and your pooch would be making the most out of this apartment.

Covering The Basics

Dogs are a big responsibility. They need to be fed and walked. If you are someone who spends the majority of their time at your job, it might not be the brightest idea to get a dog. If you have a 9-5 job, then you need to hire a dog walker to come down and give your dog a walk in the middle of the day. If your workdays extend to 12-14 hours, completely abandon the idea of a pet because you will be unable to give the dog the attention it deserves.

Now that we have evaluated if or not you should own a dog let’s move on to everything you need to do for your pooch.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

Issues arise when your dog does not have an outlet for their energy. Ensure your dog gets at least a long walk twice a day. If your dog is one that enjoys jogging, that can too be an option. If you are located in the close vicinity of a dog park, make it a point to go down there. It would help in not only exercising but also socialization.

In the absence of high-intensity exercise sessions, you can say bye to your cabinets.

Floors Require Protection

Apartment floors can be a pain to maintain, especially with a dog running around the house. Designate a spot for your dog where he can eat and chew his bones. Place temporary mats where they seem to be spending most of their time eating.

In case of rains, make sure that everything required to drain your dog is available at the door to avoid soiling the whole apartment.

Socialize Your Dog

Try that your dog is exposed to as many different kinds of noises as possible. This will desensitize them. In your absence, as they live alone at home, they might get anxious if they hear weird noises when you are not at home. That may lead them to destroy property.

It is thus essential that you make sure that they interact as much as possible with their environment in your presence. Make your way to an obedience class if things seem to go out of hand.

The First Floor is Your Friend

If you are going to be living in an apartment, try to get the first floor. You need to make frequent trips to the outside. An apartment on any other floor would hinder the speed at which you would be able to make your way to the streets with your pooch.

Take into account your legs and your pooches bladder, and you will both want to stick as close to the ground as possible.

Balcony Potty To The Rescue

If by any chance, you are unable to get a first-floor apartment, not all is lost. You can still go in and create an in-house bathroom for your dog. Just get some faux grass and fix it up in the balcony for late-night bathroom calls that your dog might have.

Always Keep Money On Hand

Your dog could be a model for good behavior, but you should consider that there is a definite possibility that he is going to go ahead and destroy something in the apartment. An apartment has everything located in such close quarters that this becomes more of a surety than a possibility.

Dogs are excellent companions to have, but at the same time, they are animals who need constant love and attention. Make sure your house is dog-proofed before bringing them in. Try to find a home with a yard as much as possible, you and your dog both will be better off living in the suburbs. But if that does not happen and an apartment is where you end, know that these tips will for sure make living in the apartment much much easier.

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