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Best Dog Breeds For Women Suffering From Postpartum Depression

When it comes to pets and pregnancy, superstition, common wisdom and science seem to be on different ends. Is having a dog around a pregnant woman not good for her health? Can raising a dog prepare for the coming baby? Will your pet help manage anxiety and stress once the baby arrives? Should you consider getting rid of your ESA after the baby is born? 

We are here to help you sort the truth out from fiction. Not just that, we will also help you with the best breeds you can have as your emotional support animal in case you are suffering from postpartum depression. To begin with, let’s break down each question and examine it closely. 

ESA with babies

Dogs and Pregnant Women 

While you need to be a little cautious, the myth that dogs endanger the health of babies and pregnant women are complete nonsense. If you keep proper sanitation and cleanliness, there is nothing else to be concerned about. Rather, patting your dog can help release hormones that are responsible to induce calmness in the nervous system. 

Preparing For Your Baby

A lot of people wonder if caring for a pet will prepare them for their upcoming baby. While having a companion animal can help reveal reliability and enhance bonding, a baby is a lot more work than a dog. Even a high-need dog does not require the attention and supervision as an infant. 

Managing Postpartum Depression With an ESA

Animals, especially dogs have proven to provide therapeutic benefits for people suffering from mental health conditions. Research and anecdotal evidence suggest having an emotional support animal can help women fight postpartum depression and live a quality life. 

Is an ESA Safe For The Baby

Are you considering getting rid of your pet because your baby is about to arrive? Take a back seat because it is not a good idea. Actually, letting them stay in your house is better. There are certain things you can do to make the transition easier for your pet. 

Here are the Best Dog Breeds for People With Postpartum Depression

Almost all dog breeds make great emotional support animals. However, some dog breeds are better at helping manage mental health than others. 


emotional support dog

They are amazing! Ask anyone who has one. They are gentle, smart, active, and loving. In terms of being emotional support animals, they are one of the best breeds out there. They have a great sense of smell which helps them understand changes in body hormones. 

When a woman gets pregnant, she goes through a lot of hormonal changes which can be detected through their body odor. And beagles can sense that easily which prompts them to show more attention than usual.  



This is another member of the hound family. They can be best described as laid back and smart pooches. If you are looking for a companion that sheds you unconditional love and care, Basset hound is the dog breed you should get. 

Like Beagles, they too have a great sense of smell. They detect chemical changes in our brain chemistry and comfort us whenever we are feeling low. When suffering from postpartum depression, having a companion as loving and caring as Basset proves to be very therapeutic. 

Labrador/ Golden Retriever

ESA for postpartum depression

They are known to be the friendliest dogs on the planet. The Retrievers are a type of breed that will lick you to death. With medium to large size, both the breeds share similar temperaments and personalities. 

They are active, playful, well-mannered, easily trainable, and obedient. They are one of the best breeds to get when suffering from postpartum depression because they are very caring and comforting. They are active and will be your happiest distraction from all the discomfort in your life. Also, they are great family dogs. 

Ease Your Postpartum Depression With an ESA

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Final Thoughts

Parenthood is a blessing. It is a very glorious moment in our lives. Having an emotional support animal can help you find balance and mental health when you are going through this stage in your life. If you are suffering from postpartum depression, consult a health professional who can help you cope up with this mental illness. 

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