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Controlling Your Dog in Public - 5 Social Norms

Controlling Your Dog in Public – 5 Social Norms to Follow

Your emotional support dog is your friend, your guardian and your kid, all in one. And as a dog parent, you’re responsible for controlling your dog in public – how your dog reacts to certain circumstances, how people approach your pet and how your walk turns out.

Emotional Support Animal

Emotional Support Animal : Your Friend in Need

Emotional support animals are not just pets but the support that you might need in your life. Emotional support animals provide comfort and relief to people suffering from mental disorders such as anxiety, depression etc.

Online Emotional Support Animal Certification

What is Online Emotional Support Animal Certification?

If I had to give you the simplest of answers then there is nothing known as emotional support animal certification. It is a scam run by various companies to make you give them money so that your animal becomes a part of some kind of a registry, which is not required under the law. The first thing that you need to understand is that the emotional support letter is given to you and not your p

Need an Emotional Support Animal

4 Signs That Indicate You Need an Emotional Support Animal

Emotional support animals are an integral part of therapy. In most cases, an ESA can offer more benefits than conventional treatments. Having a dog and cat for mere emotional support is very effective for people of all ages and mental health issues. The government realizes the potential of ESAs as a part of therapy which is why there are laws allowing mental health patients to get a certification for their dog or cat and keep them as a legal ESA

Emotional Support Cat Letter

Can a Cat Get An Emotional Support Letter?

Even though dogs are often considered ideal ESA’s, their feline counterparts are amazing as an emotional support animal. They are silly, majestic, and adorable but they are often overlooked for not being as cuddly as their doggy counterparts. An Emotional support letter however is given to you the human,