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ESA Letter

Essential Facts You Should Know About An ESA Letter

Owning a pet is much different from owning an emotional support animal(ESA Letter). Owners can sometimes leave their pets home while they get to their day-to-day activities because their health does not depend on it. That is not the case with emotional support animals who provide their handlers with a certain kind of presence that seems to ease away their mental health concerns.  Emotional support animals are the ones you can turn to when you n

Get ESA certification

How to Get an ESA Certification?

You cannot always rely on medications to avoid having depressive, anxious feelings. At times, you need constant support. A presence that provides emotional support. This is where an emotional support dog comes in. The United States allows mental health patients to use animal companionship as a way to aid treatment. These are called emotional support animals. Based on your preferences, you can have an emotional support dog, cat or any other domes

Add-Ons You Need As An ESA Owner

Add-Ons You Need As An ESA Owner

Are you suffering from any mental health issues like depression or anxiety? If yes, then you are not alone. You will be surprised to know that 21% of U.S. adults suffered from mental illness in 2020.   That’s a huge figure, right?   Mental illness is one of the common mental health conditions, affecting your mental and physical well-being. If left untreated, it can wreak havoc on your overall health and can take a big toll o

ESA Letter for Housing

ESA Letter for Housing

Emotional Support Animal Letter For Housing Thousands of patients suffering from mental, emotional, and psychological conditions find support in emotional support animals. These animals, untrained and usually domesticated, become part of the treatment of these patients through ESA letters. When it comes to living under the same roof and being exempt from pet restrictions a patient must apply for an ESA letter for housing.  In this guide by My

Can a Physician Write an ESA Letter?

A physician can write an emotional support letter, provided he/she is licensed and authorized to do so. If your family doctor is taking care of your mental health conditions, he/she can write an ESA letter for you. Thus, for those who are comfortable talking to their family doctors, there’s no need to talk to an unfamiliar doctor to get emotional support animal letters. Click here to learn who can write an ESA letter.

Who Can Prescribe ESA Letter

Who can write an ESA Letter?

The health benefits of Emotional Support Animals are not hidden. More and more people have chosen to get them for their mental health concerns. People experience reduced stress, depression, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, and more just by being close to animals. Some have said these animals have helped improve their blood pressure and reduce their cholesterol level. Although these benefits seem general, those with serious mental or emotional co

Emotional support dog

11 Best Emotional Support Dogs

These dog breeds tick all the boxes for the ideal emotional support dog—they're beautiful and cuddly but most importantly, they're completely dedicated to your comfort and pleasure. What is an emotional support dog? Emotional support animals (ESA) give comfort and attention and can be of any animal kind. We're most familiar with dogs as the principal animal in this position. When individuals care for their dog, whether it's feeding, grooming,

Train your dog

How to Train Your Dog for Emotional Support?

Emotional support dogs are expected to have some basic characteristics. They must be friendly, active, easy to train, obedient and more. While some of these characteristics are natural, some of these need to be inculcated in them.   A dog might naturally be friendly and active, but you must train them to be obedient and supportive, especially if you want them to be your emotional support animal. They even require potty training. This can


How Many ESAs Can You Have?

Is it possible for someone to own more than one emotional support animal? Yes, it is very possible as long as you have the necessary documentation. It is also possible to get different species of emotional support animals for example, having a cat and a dog at the same time. The Federal Law in the United States, ADA (Americans Disability Act), understands that some people need more than one ESA to help them manage their mental disability. For t