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Emotional Support Cat

Major Reasons Why You Should Get an Emotional Support Cat Today

Living with a cat can improve your life. Studies show that they provide the ultimate relief from common mental illnesses such as stress and anxiety. Cats are easier to care than dogs, making them perfect companions for people living alone. They don’t need to be taken for walks every day, although many people enjoy taking them outdoors. These are some reasons why many people prefer making cats their emotional support animals. In this post, w

Emotional Support Dog for Kids

Learn How an Emotional Support Dog Can Help Kids With ADHD

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a chronic condition that affects a lot of children. This condition is also known for persisting into adulthood. But studies have shown that an emotional support dog can help children deal with the symptoms associated with ADHD. An emotional support dog can be extremely helpful to children with ADHD in many ways. And today, we are going t

Make Living Easier With Your ESA

Tips To Help Make Living With Your ESA Easier

Once you have moved into an apartment courtesy of your ESA letter online. There is often the pain of having to acclimatize your emotional support animal to living the great apartment life. A dog is an animal full of abundant energy, and small spaces can be quite constricting to their existence. But tough does not translate to impossible. Plus, who doesn't love to stay with a furry four-legged

Emotional Support Dog Can Help With Social Anxiety

Learn How an Emotional Support Dog Can Help With Social Anxiety

There’s no doubt that dogs are amazing companions. They are cute, adorable, loyal, and offer unconditional love to their human friends. But did you know that an emotional support dog can also help you deal with social anxiety? An emotional support dog can help you deal with various mental health conditions. You can talk to your ESA dog for hours and share everything you have on your mind and feel relaxed. These pooches can

Airlines Rules to Ban ESA

New Rules Allow Airlines to Ban ESA From Flights: Here’s What You Need to Keep in Mind

The US Department of Transportation has issued new guidelines regarding emotional support animals. The guidelines clearly state that as soon as the law takes effect, ESAs will be treated as pets. This also means that the pets will travel in the plane’s cargo, for which the airline authorities can charge fees from the pet owner. So, in this post, we will discuss what this means for ESA owners and what’s in store for ESAs on flights. 

Pros and Cons of Banning ESAs on Airplanes

Pros and Cons of Banning Emotional Support Animals on Airplanes

Based on a number of factors and incidents, the Department of Transportation has decided to ban ESAs on a plane free of charge. Now, airlines have the discretion to prohibit an ESA from entering the plane cabin or ask the owner to pay the pet fees and put their pets in the cargo. How will this change affect you as an ESA owner? Decide by reading the pros and cons of this new rule.

Holidays Emotional Support Animal

Beat The Holiday Blues With Your Emotional Support Animal

If you are dealing with the holiday blues, there’s a way to lift up your mood and add a little bit of cheer to your day. Just turn your head around and look at the furry creature by your side. That’s right, your emotional support animal is here to make your holiday blues disappear. Let’s take a look at how you can make it possible. 

New Regulations For ESAs

US Government Rules Out New Regulations: No More Flying Perks For ESAs

The US Department of Transportation recently ruled out a new law that prohibits the emotional support animals from flying with their owners charge free. 

The United States is one of the many countries that offer special perks to mental health patients with emotional support animals. Apart from housing rights, ESA owners were given the leverage to fly with their pets in an airplane cabin without extra costs. But, with the recent changes, ESAs will not fly for free in an airplane cabin.

Emotional Support Dogs on Instagram

Five Emotional Support Dogs on Instagram to Inspire You to Get an ESA Letter Right Now!

Hey, Instagram isn’t just for Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and likes. In fact, this social media platform today is filled with some really cute and funny pet pups that are being loved even more than these pop and rock stars. And you got to trust me on this-these canines aren’t famous just for being cute, but also for loving and supporting their hoomans with their mental health condition. These ESAs on Instagram are actually setting some extreme pet-pup goals today.

emotional support cat letter

Are Felines an Ideal Candidate for Emotional Support Cat Letter?

Cats are an ideal candidate for an emotional support animal. They can provide you the love and comfort that you need for better mental health. Get your Emotional support car letter and get the constant emotional support from your cat everywhere you go.

emotional support animal letter

ESA and Mental Health: How Are They Connected?

Animals can provide emotional support. They might not do it intentionally but there are a number of factors at play during the interaction between you and an animal that triggers happy feelings and calms the mind. Even if it is for a moment, the impact is real and can be felt.

Emotional support animal letter Cat

Can a Mental Health Physician Deny an Emotional Support Animal Letter?

A mental health doctor or a family physician can deny an ESA letter. And we can put the blame on the blurry lines between the doctor and an ESA patient requesting a letter which makes it difficult to blame any one particular for ignoring mental health needs.  But, you can make sure that you get a legit ESA letter by ensuring a few points.

Thanksgiving ESA

4 Ways to Keep The Holiday Spirit Alive Post Thanksgiving With Your ESA

Emotional Support Animals are not just your partner for low times, they are also the perfect company to cheer up the atmosphere. And I’m sure that they can serve the same purpose as the decorations and a Christmas Tree. So, I have a few ways that can help you spend time with your ESA and maintain the holiday spirit.