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Manage Depression With An ESA

Learn to Manage Depression With An Emotional Support Animal

Life is like a roller coaster. It can take you up or down. Gives you the thrill. It scares you and even makes you puke. This is when an emotional support animal comes to your rescue

So it definitely can get difficult to cope up with life and the problems that come along. You might have your seat belt buckled in but still, you may fall.

There are moments in life when nothing seems to be right. Its as if you are standing at the edge of a cliff with no where else to go. Everyone and everything seems to be against you. This is depression. Everyone has bad days, everyone has those low moods time to time but when this becomes a daily feeling you may be suffering from depression. 

Hey, open your mouth, show me those teeth.

They are lovely, then why are you hiding them?


Let everyone around you know that today you are stronger than you were yesterday. It only takes one to stop those tears. 

Depression is just a state of mind. If you think you have it? Don’t worry! There is a beautiful solution for you. An emotional support animal can be your savior.


It is a mental illness that negatively affects your way of thinking and behaving. It is serious yet so common. You feel empty, sad, angry and lose all hope. This is not just a bad day but a condition that could affect your daily life.

During this phase, you may find yourself losing your appetite, have trouble sleeping and even lose interest in activities that otherwise interested you. Depression can be caused due to various reasons. It may occur due to an event in life or a childhood trauma. It can also be genetic sometimes.

Managing depression clinically can be hard. Two pills after breakfast, one pill after lunch and three before retiring to bed.

Is this the answer?


Pills may suppress your emotions but it doesn’t give you the happiness you need. The answer may have four legs and a tail. Let’s see.

Emotional Support Animal

Yes. Emotional Support Animal is your answer. Basically, ESA means any animal that brings emotional comfort to a person. These animals need not be trained like service dogs but they offer love and support to their owners.

Animals have this unique ability to provide unconditional love and support to people. This characteristic of animals was picked out by physicians and mental health professionals and used to treat people suffering from mental illness.

Getting an Emotional Support Animal can help you combat depression very effectively. If you own a pet then you know what I am talking about. These animals are probably trained before being born to be such innocent beings. I wonder sometimes that humans may have the power of logic but animals are superior beings in context to what actually matters in life.

Benefits of having an Emotional Support Animal

  • Mental & Physical Contact: Animals provide that mental touch to the person he so desires. Their presence has a soothing effect on the person.
  • Distraction: They are a great distraction when life is making the grind harder.  
  • Companionship: They are the best partners a human could ask for.
  • Social Quotient: Animals helps an individual engaging with others.
  • Optimism: They are living walking fur balls of positivity.
  • Stops Medication: They relieve a person from the addictive medication.

Depression is hard. It makes life look a lot harder. Let an animal in your life and he’ll fill all those empty spaces to give you a life that is worth living for. Getting an Emotional Support Animal isn’t difficult as well.

All you need is an ESA letter.

Get yourself an animal and see how an animal can teach you the meaning of life which we can never comprehend on our own.  

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We should know these important points as to how can pets can help us with depression.