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Emotional Support Animal Letter

How Emotional Support Animal Letter Can Be Beneficial in the Long Run?

Emotional support animal certification, emotional support dog letter, ESA letter for travel/housing, emotional support animal letter. Somehow articles, newspapers, electronic media are filled with reports concerning emotional support animals, lawsuits, fake ESA letters. And this list is growing exponentially every passing day/ Although millions of mental health patients wish to seize this opportunity in their favor. But, a lot of confusion on the account of ESAs often makes them take a backseat. However, there are some important questions that one needs to answer before applying for an ESA letter.

  • Will an ESA improve your condition?
  • Will they enhance your physical health?
  • Do ESAs require any additional training?

So, one must have a brief idea about the importance of pets as emotional support or aid. For your information, pets are officially and scientifically proven as an aid for mental well being. There is definitely not a single doubt about that.

Research Findings- Pets Are Invaluable Support For Mental Health

Besides certain blogs or articles, a lot of research is also supporting the idea of pets being a helpful aid in mental health issues.
To confirm this fact, here is a study that interviewed patients with mental health conditions such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or PTSD.  It pointed to the fact that pets definitely offer a sense of “ontological security” which supports the idea of stability, continuity, and meaning to lead a life.  

Another study published the results found by the CDC that itself encourages to have a pet for children. They revealed that having an emotional support dog by your side,  wards off any negative energies. 

Research Review by Dr. Brooks and Team

The team searched about nine medical databases that screened more than 8000 articles and narrowed the outcomes for around 17 papers. The findings were related to the therapeutic effects of different animals such as cats, dogs, hamsters. Finches, and even goldfish on the mental well-being. 

This review confirmed that participants were able to receive certain relief in their mental health symptoms and that pets were definitely helpful. “Pets provided acceptance without judgment, giving unconditional support, which participants were often not receiving from other family or social relationships,” said Dr. Brooks.

She further added that patients experience a strong sense of identity, self-worth that seems to somehow go missing in such patients. She supported the idea of including animals into patient care plans. Because the patients were able to open up more than otherwise. 

So, if you are thinking of opting for an emotional support animal letter, it will benefit you in many ways. 

To add a little more information in your kitty, here are some good reasons that will help you understand whether or not going for an ESA letter will be a good idea. 

  • They Magically Clear Out Every Stressful Trigger

Petting and spending time with your ESA helps to take off any load. Even in cases of bottled up emotions. They improve the levels of hormones that make you happy and contended at the same time. 

  • They Increase The Efficacy of Ongoing Medications

Pet ownership not only improves mental well being. But, it is also seen that it positively affects physical health as well. Resulting in improving the chances of ongoing medications to work more effectively. 

  • Pets Influence Long Life Post Any Traumatic Events

Having a dog or any pet by your side improves the chances of adding life to years after undergoing any major health disorder such as heart attack. 

  • Presence of Pets Triggers The Release of “Feel-good” Hormones

Levels of serotonin and oxytocin that are naturally termed as happy hormones are present in higher amounts in the presence of emotional support dogs or any other type of pet for that matter. 

So, if you are thinking to apply for an emotional support animal letter, it will work wonders for you. As it will give you access to all the privileges stated under the federal guidelines. 

In short, a country, where 1 in every 5 adults is reported to have experienced mental health problems in any given year, solely depending on medications, seems not a good idea at all. Lifestyle changes are important. But, having a companion by your side at all will transform negatives into positives considerably.

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