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Emotional Support Dog Registration

What is an Emotional Support Dog Registration & ESA Letter?

Emotional support dog registration and ESA letter solve the same purpose, they are synonyms. Yes, they both are the same thing and solves exactly the same purpose; registering your ESA dog with the government.

Many websites are running this fake propaganda that something named emotional support animal registration exists even. Most of these bogus websites are telling people that they are going to provide the registration for free. Well, they are not, they will steal your personal data instead and nothing else.

What is The Scam?

The whole thing started with the availability of an ESA letter on the internet. And People obviously like millions of other important things are still quite unaware of the topic of ESA. The internet scammers decided to take advantage of this and they started stealing people’s data. Let’s now understand what ESA is and why your dog does not need an emotional support dog registration.

What is Emotional Support Animal?

An emotional support animal is first of all not a service dog. They are not trained and they are not extra help, per se. Service dogs usually help people with alternative specialties, like leading the path for a blind person.
Another thing that distinguishes service dogs and emotional support animals are the fashion sense. ESAs do not usually wear a jacket or anything.

On the other hand, it is mandatory for the service dogs to wear an indicatory jacket. Emotional support animals are animals that a psychologist will assign to a person suffering from a mental health issue.

The Housing Laws

Several laws knitted by the USA government is safeguarding your emotional support animal rights. However, emotional support dog registration is not one of them before the mentioned laws.

These laws demand the person to have a specific emotional support animal letter/recommendation from a licensed psychiatrist for keeping ESA. One of the ESA protection laws is the Fair Housing Act.

FHA says the owner, building manager and or landlord have to make reasonable accommodation for ESA. They do not need any emotional support dog registration. Until or unless you have an ostrich or horse as an ESA, the Fair Housing Act is saving you.

For Flying with One

American law is even making sure that you will be able to fly with your emotional support animal.

Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), is the law for it. Thanks to ACAA, you will be able to make it fly with your ESA sitting in your lap. You just have to make sure that there is enough space at your seat for your ESA. Space because if you are flying with a large animal. Therefore, if you tell them like 48 hours prior to your flight, then they will not have a reason to don’t let you fly.


We have discussed the laws, about Emotional Support Animal, nothing does it say that you need to register them. Emotional support dog registration is a bogus scheme and a smart citizen like you, must not fall for it.

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