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Holidays Emotional Support Animal

Beat The Holiday Blues With Your Emotional Support Animal

Soon the holiday season will come to an end. The containers full of Thanksgiving leftovers will finally be empty, the decorative lights will come off and the Christmas trees will get back in storage. Friends and family will return to work and the entire landscape will become dull again. For people who have been in isolation during the holidays, the view out of the window will lack the cheerfulness of the last few weeks. 

If you end up feeling this way, remember that you are experiencing holiday blues. And honestly, considering the way the first half of the year turned out, knowing that the holidays are ending will make me a little sad too. But does it mean that you have to deal with the low feeling? Not really.

There’s a way to lift up your mood and add a little bit of cheer to your day. How? Just turn your head around and look at the furry creature by your side. That’s right, your emotional support animal is here to make your holiday blues disappear. Let’s take a look at how you can make it possible. 

How Does an ESA Help Improve The Mood?

Do you know why your pets can be emotional support animals? That’s because dogs and cats can affect your mood and mental state in a positive way. The science behind it is usually related to the levels of neurotransmitters in the body.

When you feel stressed or anxious, your body has higher levels of cortisol and lower levels of happy hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin. If you can alter these levels, you will feel better automatically. But, you can’t do that yourself. You will need some help. Medications are one way to do it. Or you can ask the help of your furry friends at home. 

Playing with dogs and cats adds a sense of comfort. Their touch and presence have a positive impact on your mental state. You feel like you have someone to rely on. The interaction also creates a chemical change in your body. Your oxytocin and serotonin levels increase and cortisol levels decrease. As a result, negative feelings significantly reduce. This is one of the reasons why medical professionals use animal-assisted therapies. 

Beat The Holiday Blues With Your Emotional Support Animal

Get Your ESA Letter From Certified Professionals

Qualify for an ESA letter today and take advantage of the housing benefits with your furry friend.

Pre Qualify Now

So, if you haven’t already got your emotional support friend, you can get an ESA letter to get your pet certified and tag them along with you. And at the moment when your mind is clogged with holiday blues, your ESA will come to the rescue again.

What Can You do to Beat The Blues With Your ESA?

There is no lack of activities that you can try with your ESA. From going on walks in the warm afternoon sun to playing in the backyard, you can do anything you like. But, if we focus on your state of ongoing holiday blues, I have a few options that you can try with your ESA. 

Spend Quality Time Watching Animal Movies

emotional support animal

Whether you are in isolation or not, spending quality time with your pet is always a great idea. The best way to make that possible is by grabbing a bowl of popcorn and watching the best animal movies together while being tucked in your warm bed. If you live in a society with a no pet policy, you can still watch movies with your pet. All you need to do is get an ESA letter and have your furry friend by your side at all times. 

Cook Treats For Your ESA

ESA letter

What do pets love the most besides their owners? Delicious treats. And you can make it special by preparing one in your kitchen. Choose a recipe online such as the sweet potato fries and start cooking. You can also engage your pet in the process. Let them smell the treat while it cooks and wait for the delicious result. 


emotional support animal

With the holidays ending, it will be time for you to lose all that holiday weight. But, don’t worry. All you have to do is put on your workout shorts and mask and get your ESA along. You can go on hikes or have a small run around the park. If you want to try something fun, you can play fetch with frisbees or make agility tunnels for them. This way you and your pet will get the physical exercise that you need as well as spend time together. 

Train Your ESA


When you get an ESA letter, you don’t need to have a trained pet. But, you can try training them some basic etiquette to behave better in public. Since it takes time and effort, you can give it a go right now. From training them to obey commands to fetching things, you can do anything with a bag of treats and some love. 

It’s time to get your ESA closer and bid adieu to your holiday blues. So, choose your favorite activity and give it a go. I’m sure you will feel the difference instantly. 

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